November 29, 2017

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Christmas Cactus

Dividing and Repotting a Christmas Cactus?This is a page about dividing and repotting a Christmas cactus. If your Christmas cactus has outgrown its pot, one solution is to divide it and repot the plants. This is also a great way to make an inexpensive gift for someone special.


Dog Being Scolded for Urinating on Rug

Dog Urinating in Other People's Homes?This is a page about a dog urinating in other people's homes. A number of things could be causing a house trained dog to begin urinating in someone else's home. It could be that they are marking their territory because they smell the odor of other dogs. It could also be due to anxiety of being away from the familiarities of home.


14 Year Old Girl with Her Boyfriend

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 14th Birthday?This is a page about gift ideas for boyfriend's 14th birthday. If your boyfriend is turning 14 and you are at a loss for what to buy him, here are a few ideas.


Fish in an aquarium

Treating a Fish with Pop-Eye?This is a page about treating a fish with pop-eye. A number of things can cause pop-eye in fish. It can be caused by poor water quality, injury to the eye, or even a bacterial infection. There are antibiotics available at the pet store for treating it. It can also be helpful to do more frequent water changes and use aquarium salt along with the antibiotics.


Fresh mint

Making a Simple Mint Insect RepellentThis is a page about making a simple mint insect repellant. Mint can easily be grown at home and is an effective repellent for some pests. Here are some tips for how to use it as an insect repellent.


Installing mosaic tiles

Installing Tile Over a Laminate CountertopThis is a page about putting tiling over laminate countertop. While it is possible to install tile directly onto a laminate countertop, it does require some prep work so that the tiles can properly bond to the surface. Here are some tips for how to install tiles onto a laminate countertop.


Used rub in small container

Removing VapoRub from a Plastic Bowl?This is a page about removing VapoRub from a plastic bowl. Dawn dish soap or a long soak in vinegar and water may help clean the bowl. However, you may not want to reuse the bowl for food in the future. Plastic is very porous and you may be unable to clean the bowl thoroughly enough for it to be safe.


Woman biting her nails.

How Can I Stop Biting My Nails?This is a page about how to stop biting your nails. Nail biting is a common habit that can be hard to break. Many people begin biting their nails as children and it can continue into adulthood it you don't find an effective method to break the habit.


A hand holding a large hedge apple.

Can You Eat Hedge Apples?This is a page about whether you can eat hedge apples. Hedge apples are generally not considered edible. The juice inside the fruit and stem is a skin irritant. They do however make an interesting addition to home decor.


Man Scratching his Leg

Stopping the Itch from Chigger BitesThis is a page about stopping the itch from chigger bites. If you end up with chigger bites from being outdoors, it is important to throughly wash your skin and your clothing with warm water and soap. This will help you get rid of any chiggers that may still be on your skin or clothing. Over the counter ointments are generally very effective in relieving the itching. Here are some other home remedies to try.


Spreading peanut butter on bread

Making a Peanut Butter and Onion SandwichThis unique sandwich combines the nutty flavor of peanut butter with a sweet onion.This is a page about making a peanut butter and onion sandwich.


Pine cones in the fire

How to Make Pine Cones with Colors When BurnedThis is a page about how to make pine cones with colors when burned. Creating your own pine cones that make colorful flames when burned is possible, but you will need to obtain various chemicals to produce each color. Many people advise against burning pine cones in your fireplace because the creosote they produce can build up in your chimney.


Spraying Herbal Insect Repellent on Skin

Herbal Insect RepellentHerbal insect repellents can be an effective alternative, if you are looking to avoid chemicals found in store bought repellents. Here are a few recipes to try.


Birthday Cake with 4 Candle

4 Year Old Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 4 year old birthday party ideas. Whether you already have a theme or have no ideas at all, here are some great ideas if you are planning a birthday for a 4 year old.


Potatoes boiling in water.

Uses for Potato WaterPotato water can be used in making potato bread, gravy, and even enjoyed as a beverage. It can also be added to your pet's food and used to water plants (if unsalted). This is a page about uses for potato water.


Hand touching light switch near outlet.

Outlet Doesn't Work When Light Is On?This page contains advice for when an outlet doesn't work when the light is on. Sometimes an outlet, that shares wiring with a light switch, doesn't work properly when the light is turned on. As with all wiring and electrical issues, it is best to have an electrician look at it. If left unfixed, it may lead to a fire.


Painted Wood Floor

Removing Paint From a Wood FloorThis is a page about removing paint from a wood floor. For small amounts of paint, scraping off any excess paint, then use rubbing alcohol can be effective in removing paint from wood floors. However if there is a lot of paint, you may have to sand and refinish the flooring. Here is some additional advice about removing paint from wood floors.


A smiling chihuahua/pinscher mix

How Much Does an Adult Chi Pin Weigh?This is a page about how much an adult chi pin weighs. A chi pin is a cross between a chihuahua and a miniature pinscher. Both of these are toy breeds, so when crossed, they tend to maintain a small size. They typically weigh between 5-15 lbs and stand about 8-12 inches tall.


Vacuuming water out of carpet

Carpets in Mobile Home Are Wet?This is a page about finding the cause of carpets being wet in a mobile home. It is important to locate the source of the moisture, before serious damage is done to the carpets or floor of the mobile home. It may be coming from the outside of the home or from inside.


Dog tag saying Thank You Veterans

What is the difference between the American Legion and the VFW?This is a page about what is the difference between the American Legion and the VFW. The ability to join either the American Legion or VFW, is dependent on where and when you served in the military. Additionally, Merchant Marines can join the American Legion but not the VFW. Here is more detailed information about the criteria for joining both.


Tee tree oil in a small vial with tea tree leaves

Tea Tree Oil as Insect RepellentThis is a page about tea tree oil as insect repellent. Some people find tea tree oil to be an effective insect repellent. One thing to keep in mind is that it can be toxic to pets, so you should avoid using it for your pet both topically and orally.


Water pump for well.

How to Prevent Well Water Odors on LaundryThis is a page about preventing well water odors on laundry. Vinegar can be an effective remedy if well water is making your laundry smell bad. Here are some other tips to help you achieve fresh smelling laundry.


Vintage chalkboard

Fixing a Chalkboard That Can't Be Written On?This is a page about fixing a chalkboard that can't be written on. If you find that you can no longer write on your chalkboard, you can try cleaning it with Dawn. Here are some other tips to help recondition your chalkboard.


Heart Shaped Gift Being Given

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend's 19th BirthdayThis page contains gift ideas for a boyfriend's 19th birthday. Maybe your boyfriend is hard to shop for or you are just out of ideas. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful.



Tiger Lily (Tabby) - gray tabby on colorful afghan

Tiger Lily (Tabby)This is Tiger Lily my daughter's kitten baby on a crocheted afghan I sent to her, instead of a hug, because we don't live in the same country at the moment.


Thanksgiving Leftovers Monte Cristo Sandwich

Thanksgiving Leftovers Monte Cristo SandwichI am always trying to think of new ways to use up leftovers from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The first round of heating up leftovers is always exciting but it seems like there is more moaning and groaning from round three and on. This Monte Cristo sandwich something I started this year. All the leftovers are packed between a couple slices of bread, battered, fried and dusted with powdered sugar. It is so good, we are all looking forward to my Monte Christmas sandwich around the corner!


Christmas Pinecones - decorated pinecones

Christmas PineconesBoth immature green pinecones and old dried pinecones make for great mini Christmas trees. They look so cute with cotton as snow and beads and necklaces as ornaments. They make cute little centerpieces. This craft is great for all ages.



Value of an AMI Continental 1 Jukebox

Value of an AMI Continental 1 Jukebox?I have an AMI Continental 1 jukebox in great working order. I am unable to find a price range for this, can someone help?


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Changing a Breaker to One With a Lower Amperage?How do I change a 60 amp, 220 breaker to 20 amp, 110 breaker in my breaker box?


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Kenmore Sewing Machine Won't Pick Up Bobbin Thread?I have a Kenmore sewing machine. It seemed to be working great until I changed the thread to top stitch thread and I put it in the bobbin too. Now it won't pick up the bobbin thread when using this thread. I changed the needle to a top stitch needle, but it did not help.


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Bath Bomb Business Name Ideas?I'm just starting a business. It is a bath bomb business and I'm looking for a business name for my company. I would like to use the number 730 in it, which is my birthday.


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Slogan Ideas for Family Daycare?My family daycare name is named CBT. What slogan is suitable please?


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Agencies That Help Repair a Home After a Fire?I am looking for some help, supplies, workers, or even funds to help my sister and her husband. They purchased a home here in Muncie, Indiana and then went back to Florida to begin the moving process. In the meantime, lightning struck their Muncie home before they could purchase insurance.


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Restoring Luster to Mersman End Tables?What kind of wood and laminate was used in making Mersman tables and how can I get the luster back?


Autism Center Name Ideas - company logo

Name Ideas for Early Learner Autism Center?I'm looking for a cute, catchy name for a center serving children ages, 2-10 years old with autism. We will be doing applied behavioral analysis (ABA). We are located in central Ohio.


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Intermittent Dashboard Lights in Malibu?I have a 2013 Chevy Malibu, my dashboard lights go off then come back on, during that time all of the meters go haywire until the lights come back on. This happens sometimes multiple times in a row. My interior lights don't go out or dim, what could possibly be the problem?


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Caring for Dogs With Parvo?I have two dogs with parvo. They're about 6 months old. I've been to the vet, just yesterday, and got antibiotics and IV injection for only one. The one who did not get the injection has been really uncoordinated today, but is drinking a lot of water now. He's really tired.


Using Older Body Lotion - bottle of lotion

Using Older Body Lotion?I got an Avon lotion from my mom's store. When I checked, the manufactured date is 2004 2007. Should I use it? I didn't find the expiration date.


New Paint Not Sticking to Old Paint - white painted door

New Paint Not Sticking to Old Paint?We are trying to paint over the existing paint and although we have rubbed it down the paint isn't going on.


Living Room Curtain Color Advice - view of room

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I need to find curtains for my living room. I am not sure what color to go with. I have a dark gray couch with a chocolate love seat. One accent wall, sky blue, and a red shag rug. I will go with longer curtains to give the illusion of a bigger window.


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