January 2, 2018

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backyard swimming pool

Tiny Orange Biting Bugs Near Pool?If you have issues with tiny, orange bugs around your pool, you aren't alone. It isn't easy to enjoy your pool when you are being bitten by bugs. This is a page about tiny orange biting bugs near pool.


A slice of Holiday Kahlua cake on a white plate.

Holiday Kahlua Cake RecipeThis page contains a holiday Kahlua cake recipe. The rich flavors of dark chocolate and almonds pair perfectly with the Kahlua in this yummy cake recipe.


Changing Air Conditioner Filter

Freshening Your Air Conditioned AirThis is a page about freshening your air conditioned air. Here are some tips about freshening up the room, while running your air conditioner.


Gas Stove

Painting Gas Stove Burners?This is a page about painting gas stove burners. If the paint has worn off of your burners, you can use special paint to refinish them. Here are some tips for restoring your gas stove burners.


Dog Looking in Garbage Can

Keeping Dogs Out of Garbage CansKeeping the neighborhood dogs out of your trash can be frustrating. However, the cost of a animal proof can may be a worthwhile investment. Here are some ideas about keeping dogs out of garbage cans.


soya sauce added to rice

Mushroom Fried Rice RecipeThis quick and easy fried rice is full of flavor. It uses just a few ingredients and is a great way to use up leftover white rice. This page contains a mushroom fried rice recipe.


Bear with a heart sign Be Happy.

How to Make Plywood Yard ArtIf you can trace, paint, and have an electric saw such as a jig saw then you can create some fun yard art using plywood and exterior paints. This is a page about how to make plywood yard art.


A portable wall pencil sharpener

Making a Decorative Portable Pencil SharpenerThis is a page about making a portable pencil sharpener. If you don't want to permanently attach your wall-mounted pencil sharpener, here is a more portable solution.



cut pan of Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean BrowniesYou can have a healthier alternative brownie. This recipe is kid approved and perfect for both adults and children. A great recipe to make for parties, and school events. A nice dessert treat can be these fresh baked brownies served with vanilla ice cream.


A bowl of mushroom and wild rice soup cooked in an Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup (Instant Pot)If you have recently gotten an Instant Pot, you might enjoy making this soup. It was very easy to make and turned out great. This is a vegetarian version but I'm definitely going to make one with beef broth and meat. It would be like a Stroganoff soup. Yum!



A green glass filled with a red liquid on top of a 2018 calendar.

Happy Frugal New YearSome people dread resolutions but not me! I look forward to them because mine aren't all just negative. Instead, they are dreams and new goals to improve my life and my family's life!


Binder clips to keep a shower curtain liner from billowing.

Keep Shower Curtain Lining from BillowingI have a Dollar Tree shower liner. It's almost not worth it but my shower curtain is lace, so, for now, I have to have one.


A hanging Christmas tree made from a piece of cardboard cut in a spiral.

DIY Hanging Cardboard Christmas TreeEvery year is unique and so very year we tend to change Christmas trees. Having a kid at home inspires us to create new things especially on some occasions like Christmas.


Ribbon Storage - spools of ribbon in storage box

Ribbon StorageI store my ribbons in this Sterilite 6 Qt./5.7 L storage box container. You can purchase this container for $1.00 or less - at your local Walmart, Target, or Big Lots.


Karma and Numi (Maine Coon and Siamese Mix)

Karma and Numi (Maine Coon and Siamese Mix)We got Karma from the local animal shelter. He was about 2 years old at the time. There he was, pressed up against the cage door talking away. Although I did not want a longer haired cat, he won us over with his sweet, gentle self.


Sunset on the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian MagicI live near the Appalachian Trail and this is a picture from the summer of a sunset. I find it very inspiring being able to go look at places like this and get exercise at the same time.


Poured Paint Ornaments - multicolored ball hanging on flocked tree

Poured Paint OrnamentsThis is a fun and inexpensive DIY poured paint ornament that anyone can make. The possibilities are endless and every design will turn out different, unique, and one of a kind. My favorite is the galaxy ornament made with gold metallic paint and blue being more prominent.


A salmon cake added to a deli pasta salad.

Add Salmon to Pasta SaladI found a wonderful combination to put together, from the deli at our local Food City. I found that I could purchase a small container of rainbow pasta, and sprinkle pieces of the salmon on top, and it makes a wonderful, light lunch, and was very delicious!


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Get Gas Before the HolidaysTry to fill up your gas before the holidays. Gas prices usually increase by the holidays or holiday weekend, so don't delay and get your gas the last minute.


Nature Stick Christmas Tree Ornament - finished ornament on tree

Nature Stick Christmas Tree OrnamentThis is a fun kid friendly project especially for toddlers who enjoy collecting rocks and stick on walks. You can make a cute nature stick Christmas tree ornament.


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Portable Urinal for an Elderly ManI was upset about the "dribbles" on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet for years. Then I realized that if he used his portable urinal we could solve the problem and it did! He can fully empty his bladder while standing and pour the urine out without splashing or dribbling. I am so happy to have solved this problem - for both of us - because he really couldn't help it.


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Recycle Your Favorite CalendarsI save my favorite calendars from year to year and store the previous years in boxes. Since some of my favorite artist's calendar works can run from a few dollars to over $20, I pull out the previous years and don't spend any money on them again!


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Unsubscribe from Email Lists for the New YearA New Year's resolution of mine is to save money. Periodically I unsubscribe from email lists. I'm not sure how I got on so many lists, but I find I save time, because I don't have to sift through so many emails, and money, because I'm not tempted to buy anything.


A small seedless watermelon, cut in half.

Use Your Own Mind When Making PurchasesWhat is a 'benhad'? It's not the lowest soldier rank in Xerxes Persian army, nor is it the latest hair style craze by Lauri Pedaja. A benhad is simply a person who has been had by the system.


Sagittarius Adult Coloring Page - symbol and elaborate bow and arrow

Sagittarius Adult Coloring PagePersons born between November 22 and December 21 are said to be born under Sagittarius. Sagittarians are said to be independent, bold, and truthful.


The marina at the Glorietta Bay Park Promenade.

Glorietta Bay Park Promenade (Coronado, CA)Glorietta Bay Park Promenade also known as Coronado Community Center is commonly known for the amazing location, view and venue for your wedding, baby shower, birthday, event at a reasonable price. The view is incredible. You can visit here just for a stroll and the fresh air, too!



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Using a Digital Converter Box?I have two small digital TVs connected to an external antenna. Neither works very well alone (3 or 4 channels). However, when the signal is passed through a converter box reception is remarkably better 35 to 40 channels). Does that make sense? Does it mean that converter boxes are better quality?


Identifying a Houseplant - seeds

Identifying a Houseplant?My family has had this house plant for quite some time, yet we are unsure of what it is. I was hoping somebody could identify it as I want to grow another from the seeds, but without knowing what it is,


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Error Code on Lily Space Heater?I have a Lily space heater and it runs a few minutes and cuts off; then I get an E3 on the heater. I don't know what it means.


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Value of Ashton Drake Dolls?I have in excess of 20 Ashton Drake dolls, plus accessories. I acquired them over the years and they are still boxed (that's presentation box and outer box). I need a valuation and an outlet to sell.


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Making Extra Money from Home?Is there any legit ways to make extra money at home with no membership fees?


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Hydrogen Peroxide Left Yellow Stains on Cotton Skirt?I'm on vacation and got mud spots all over the back of my skirt. I put hydrogen peroxide on it and now it's all a deep yellow. I've been trying to get it out and it won't budge. What do I do? It's 100% cotton.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua?

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua?I got this pup from a friend. The mother is a short haired Chihuahua and I was told that the father is also short haired. She's 3 months old now, but I'm thinking she could be a mix. Is this possible or is this just a long haired Chihuahua pup?


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Winter Birthday Ideas?So I'm turning 16 on January 21st, but I have no idea how to celebrate. I hate parties so I'm not having one, but I want to hang out with my 3 friends as a celebration. However, I have absolutely no idea how to. I live in the North East so there will be snow, but I don't want to be in the cold.


Can Silver Earrings Cause Skin Irritation?

Can Silver Earrings Cause Skin Irritation?I have these silver earrings my boyfriend gave me and I wear them with no problems, but now my right ear has started breaking out. I'm not sure if it's because I have sensitive ears or what. I put some anti-itch cream on my right ear and I would like to know if that will help?


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Repairing the Pump in a H2O X 5 Steam Mop?I got a H2O X5 steamer and I need to know how to fix the pump. Where can I see an assembly diagram or photos of its components, or find out how to get a replacement unit?


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Soap in toliet?I dropped new bar of soap in the toilet and can't get it to flush. What should I do?


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Finding a Job with a Felony Charge?Need advice on who hires people with a crime on their record like a felony charge?


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