January 8, 2018

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Blue star shaped flowers.

What is This Plant? Tweedia caeruleaThis native of Uruguay and Brazil is a small shrub or vining plant with clusters of sky blue flowers. It is a member of the milkweed family. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (Tweedia caerulea).


Avocado Tree Seeding Outside

Planting an Avocado Tree Outside?If you don't live in a warmer winter climate then it might be best to plant your avocado tree in a pot that can be moved inside during the winter. Otherwise, in the proper climate follow the planting instructions with attention to light and soil requirements. This is a page about planting an avocado tree outside.


Reflector globe.

How to Make Recycled Garden ReflectorsUsing your creativity and some fairly inexpensive or even recycled materials you can make some unique garden art reflectors. This is a page about how to make recycled garden reflectors.


A illustrated bottle of super glue.

Removing Super GlueWhen crafting or repairing an item it is possible to accidentally get the glue on clothing, the work surface, and elsewhere. Depending on where the glue is there are a number of safe methods for trying to remove it. This is a page about removing super glue.


Banana Peel

Banana Peels for Removing WartsSome sources support using a banana peel to cover a wart at night until it disappears. This process can take some time, up to three weeks. This is a page about using banana peels for removing warts.


Conserving Energy Sign

How to Conserve Small, Medium and Large Amounts of EnergyWith the rising cost of some forms of energy, depleting resources, and continued pollution you may want to look at ways you can save energy. There are a number of easy to follow suggestions on this page. This is a page about how to conserve small, medium, and large amounts of energy.



Finding Pet Clinics in Tulsa That Take Payments?Finding pet clinics in large urban areas that take payments may require some virtual legwork. You might start with the local animal shelter. This is a page about finding pet clinics in Tulsa that take payments.


old blanket

Repairing a Worn BlanketDepending on the extent of the wear there are a few things you can try to repair a worn blanket. If the damage is small, try darning or patching. If it is more extensive, you might consider affixing the worn blanket to a backing fabric and even stitching around the holes for added strength. This is a page about repairing a worn blanket.


Pup tent with blue tarp for dog shelter.

Temporary Outdoor Dog ShelterSetting up a temporary dog shelter that outdoor pets can use in inclement weather does not have to be expensive. This is a page about setting up a temporary outdoor dog shelter.


Freshly baked loaves in different shapes and sizes.

Herb Bread RecipeAdding your choice of herb(s) to your homemade bread recipe allows you to make specialized breads for certain meals. This page contains herb bread recipes.


Homemade Strawberry Collars - collar around base of plant

Homemade Strawberry CollarsBy altering a plastic pot scrubber you can make a very effective collar for your strawberry plants, thus protecting the leaves and berries from too much moisture which can lead to fungus damage. This is a page about homemade strawberry collars.


A cookie Pan used as a Indoor Dog Relief Station

Using a Cookie Pan as Indoor Dog Relief StationA paper lined cookie pan, with sides, can work well for small dogs as a relief station. Keeping the paper changed will keep your pet coming back. This is a page about using a cookie pan as an indoor dog relief station.


Cat Scratching

Cat Keeps Scratching Its Eyelids?If fleas are not present, then an inflammation of the eyelid, known as blepharitis, may be the cause of this behavior. A trip to the vet for a diagnosis is probably in order. Warm cloths may help until you get an appointment. This is a page about cat keeps scratching its eyelids.



Locating Printer ManualsBuying used printers can save you money. But they may come without the user's manual. A quick trip the the manufacturer's website often allows you to download the manual. This is a page about locating printer manuals.


A tub of popcorn as a stress relief.

Make a Stress Reliever TubFill a covered plastic container with popcorn kernels, sand, or dried beans. Running your hands through this medium can help reduce stress. Give it a try. This is a page about how to make a stress reliever tub.


Adult Pool Party

Favors for Adult Pool Party?Making party favors is easier if you have a theme, but even without one you can tailor them to the type of party or season. This is a page about favors for an adult pool party.


Pillows covered with scarves.

Giving a Throw Pillow a New Look With ScarvesWrap and tie either new or recycled scarves around throw pillows to give them a second life as part of your home decor. This is a page about giving a throw pillow a new look with scarves.


Chicken and Noodles

Making Chicken and Noodles for 20 People?When cooking for a large group the first step is to calculate the average serving per person for the specific meal you are planning. This is a page about making chicken and noodles for 20 people.


Thorny Branch

Picking Up Thorny BranchesWhen working in your garden and pruning, you may need to collect up thorny branches, such as rose bush trimmings. There are several ways you can protect against being stuck. Gloves help, but a creative solution is to use a pooper scooper. This is a page about picking up thorny branches.


Border Collie Sheltie mix

Border Collie Mix PhotosBorder Collies make good family dogs, although they may, because of their herding background, also be quite protective and watchful around strangers. Mixes of this breed with other breeds can result in puppies with a wide range of physical characteristics and behaviors. This page contains Border Collie mix photos.



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Breaker Keeps Tripping?I changed my breaker from a 15 amp to a 20 amp. I was hoping it would fix it from tripping. It is still tripping. What else can I do?


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Value of Mersman 75 63 Table?It's a long coffee table with three posts on each end.


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Name Ideas for an On-line Bath Products Shop?I am opening an online business soon and I will be selling shampoo+conditioner, shower gel, lotion, etc. I am still struggling to find a suitable name. My name is Naetrisha and idk what to combine with or modified it to look more suitable.


Value of a Betty Jane Carter Musical Porcelain Doll - clown doll

Value of a Betty Jane Carter Musical Porcelain Doll?I own an original limited edition musical porcelain doll by Betty Jane Carter. She is in excellent condition and has the tag still on her. Her name is Nicki and plays 'Cabaret' #7758. I was wondering how much she is worth?


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Painting Over a Varnished Floor?How do I prepare to paint a floor that has been painted and coated with a varnish or polyurethane? It is in a historic building and the floors switch between cement and wood, but all were painted this way.


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Nelco Sewing Machine Jamming in Bobbin Area?I have a Nelco Sierra sewing machine that is jamming up in the bobbin area and won't sew. It just knots up. Why? How do I fix this problem?


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SS and Back Child Support?My daughter is 19, almost 20. Her dad died a few days ago. We are wondering if his back child support can be paid out of any Social Security he may have paid in over the years? My daughter is his only child and he was never married. Doesn't his Social Security go to her?


Value of a Mann Musical Porcelain Clown Doll

Value of a Mann Musical Porcelain Clown Doll?I have a Mann musical porcelain doll and want to know what it's worth. The reg number is PA1141. OH-12567


Do Rats Have Flatulence? - nibbled bar of soap

Do Rats Have Flatulence?I think I'm rid of rats for a while. Though they never got into any of my food stuffs, I occasionally still find evidence that they were here. And when I do, a thorough washing and then a soaking in bleach solution is in order.


What Kind of Snake Was This?

What Kind of Snake Was This?I had a snake come into my garage, fortunately my husband was able to kill it (while I freaked out). Can anyone identify it?


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Preventing Crunchy Rice in the No Peek Pork Recipe?On the no peek pork chop recipe, I want to use around 12 thin tenderloin slices and my rice is usually a little crunchy even being cooked for 2 1/2 hours. Will adding more soup, milk, or butter keep it less crunchy but more creamy?


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Older Dog Started Pooping on the Concrete?My dog has always been taught to poop and pee on the grass, but now she's doing it on the concrete. She's 13 years old. I'm thinking, maybe the age. Does anyone have any idea of what and why is this happening?


Value of a Mersman Table  - table open

Value of a Mersman Table?I have a Mersman table that opens up in the middle and has compartments inside it. It's labeled Mersman 7371. Year? Rarity? Value? It has a hidden secret compartment in it.


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My 7 month old puppy was diagnosed with parvo. The first 24 hours I gave her Pedialyte and chicken broth every hour on the hour. She does not have diarrhea and she is not vomiting. She was eating and drinking on her own the first night after a few hours of giving her Pedialyte. Now she has stopped eating again.


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Ideas for a Girl's 11th Birthday Party?It's my daughter's 11th birthday in a couple of week,s but we don't know what to do for it. She definitely wants to go out with about 5 other girls and do something different. She is definitely a girly girl, but we have already done the spa and makeup thing. She loves gymnastics and baking.


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George Foreman Grill Replacement Parts?I have the George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration, but my problem is the handles on 2 of the grills are broken. Does anyone know where I might find these replacement parts?


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