March 20, 2018

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A bouquet of edible flowers on a wooden table.

Creating a Bouquet of Edibles from Your GardenUse herbs, flowers, stalks, and leaves from your veggie garden to create a beautiful, edible bouquet. This is a page about creating a bouquet of edibles from your garden.


Ostomy Supplies on a table

Finding Free or Low Cost Ostomy SuppliesThis is a page about finding source for free ostomy supplies. If you are low income or without insurance, it can be hard to obtain affordable ostomy supplies. Here are some suggestions for finding low cost or free supplies.


Homemade Basil Tomato Soup on a wodden table with grilled cheese sandwich in background

Homemade Basil Tomato SoupThe slightly sweet flavor of basil is a nice complement to that of your fresh or canned tomatoes in these yummy soups. Add grilled cheese sandwiches or a salad and lunch or dinner is served. This page contains recipes for homemade basil tomato soup.


Smoked Salmon Crostini Appetizers on serving dish

Smoked Salmon AppetizersSmoked salmon lends itself to being incorporated into a variety of delicious appetizers. This recipe is excellent when served on slices of bread or even chips. This page offers a recipe for making smoked salmon appetizers.


Woman crafting at her craft table

Creating Your Craft RoomMost crafters dream of having a dedicated room for their workspace. While we may not all be lucky enough to have an entire room there are still lots of good ideas for setting up a defined space. This page contains some great suggestions for creating and stocking your craft room or nook.


Close up of sewing machine needle

Kenmore Sewing Machine Needle Is Not Centered?This is a page about kenmore sewing machine needle is not centered. It is important for the needle of your sewing machine to be in the proper place so that your seam allowances will be accurate. If you have found that your needle is misaligned, here is a tip for adjusting it.


Socks hanging on a line drying

How to Line Dry SocksThe general consensus for hanging socks to line dry is to clip them on by the toes. This is a page about how to line dry socks.


Beads and Buttons sorted in a wooden compartments

Sorting Craft Beads or ButtonsSorting beads and buttons by size and color are a normal part of working with these craft supplies. There are some neat ideas in this page about sorting craft beads or buttons.


A service dog in a yellow vest.

Finding Assistance with Service Dog Fees?This is a page about finding assistance with service dog fees. Often citizens who need the assistance and companionship of a service dog may not have the income to afford the fees necessary to register their dog. Check in your state, as some have special programs to help with the costs.


Caterpillar on a a green leaf

Identifying Caterpillars?Being able to identify the caterpillars found around your home and garden can help you differentiate between those that morph into useful pollinators and those that are more destructive. This knowledge will enable you to decide what to do about them. This is a page about identifying caterpillars.


Woman holding picture frame she has purchased

Decorating With Thrift Store FindsYou can find great deals on decorator pieces for a small price tag at your local thrift store. This is a page about decorating with thrift store finds.


Pickled beets in a jar with a halved beet on the side

Instant Pickled BeetsPickled beets will be ready in minutes with this quick and easy recipe. This is a page about instant pickled beets.


Can't Remove Morphy Richards Bread Maker Pan  - bottom of pan

Can't Remove Bread Maker Pan?Not being able to remove the pan from a bread machine makes it essentially useless. One possible cause may be warping of the pan. A call to the manufacturer may prove useful.


Beef Stew in white bowl on wooden table

Pressure Cooker Beef StewPressure cookers give you all the flavor that you get from long cooking in a fraction of the time. This page is about making pressure cooker beef stew.


Closeup of Shredded Potatoes.

How to Make Shredded PotatoesIt's easy to shred and precook raw potato rather than purchasing frozen prepared shredded potatoes. This is a page about how to make shredded potatoes.


Sponge Cake slices stacked on a plate

Recipes Using Sponge CakesSponge cakes can serve as the canvas for a wide variety of tasty desserts. Topped or layered with fruit and cream, chocolate, and more makes for a easy but elegant dessert for your family or guests. This is a page about recipes using sponge cakes.



Chickpea Sprout and Cucumber Salad

Chickpea Sprout and Cucumber SaladHere's an easy way to get some healthy foods in you! It involves sprouting which can be fun.


Apple Blueberry Pie with Hearts in pan

Apple Blueberry Pie with HeartsYou can roll out 1 pie dough a bit thinner and use the extra pieces as hearts on top. Less dough and you still get to enjoy delicious apple blueberry pie. Serves perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.



A bottle of homemade raspberry red wine vinegar.

When Life Gives you Lemons (or Raspberries)There is quite a story behind this little bottle of raspberry wine vinegar. About 12 years ago we bought a house in Slovenia with a vineyard- an actual vineyard of about 60 vines. We were very excited by the prospect of growing our own wine until we realised we didnt have a clue how to care for the vines or make the wine.


Pancakes on a plate.

Add Chia Seeds to PancakesTo make your pancakes a little healthier, you can add chia seeds. Chia seeds are a superfood. They have super antioxidants, plant based omega 3, plant based protein, fiber, etc. You do not taste the chia seeds at all.


Woven Egg Paper Mat - finished mat with strip ends trimmed

Woven Egg Paper MatTry this fun and easy craft project to do with your toddler. He/she can pick their favorite colors for the strips and weave.


A pastry blender being used to chop up hard boiled eggs for egg salad.

More Than Just A Pastry BlenderI use my pastry blender for many things, but my favorite is for making egg salad. Boiled eggs can be slippery when trying to use a fork to chop them up, using a pastry blender makes it easy and you can make it as coarse or fine as you like it!


A multimeter to test batteries.

Test Batteries with a MultimeterI was able to get a free digital multimeter with a coupon at Harbor Freight store. With the instrument, I can check batteries for voltage. You don't have to wonder anymore if a battery is good. I was throwing away batteries and they may have been still usable. Also I can check small flat batteries used in car remote controls and wrist watches.


A water glass full of water, being compared to a level.

Water Glass as Emergency LevelI use a glass with water instead of a level. It works. I was leveling up a stove and the glass of water, you can visually see how the level of the appliance is. I also can determine the level of how my camper is.


A toothbrush under a folded white washcloth.

Storing a Toothbrush for Daily UseWe have all tried several different ways to deal with drippy toothbrushes in the bathroom. Those old icky containers with holes in the top, where the water drips down and forms a scum. Then the ones in the medicine cabinet that cause rust on the metal. Well listen and learn from an old lady who has done them all.


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Unclog Your Bath Sink DrainFind the overflow outlet for the sink. Then cover the overflow outlet using duct tape or something similar. Get some water in the sink bowl and use a plunger. The tape over the overflow vents will stop air from entering as you are using the plunger. This will work for a bathtub.



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Name Ideas for a Bath Bomb Business?I'm planning on starting a bath bomb, candle, and bath scrub business. All that's left is to think of a name.


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Dog Bolting Rather Than Getting Into the Car?My Frenchie has taken to not listening and bolts after a car he thinks I'm in. Story, I let my Frenchie out of the house and tell him to get into the car. He runs to the car, I open the door and he gets in. Today he ran after another car and tried to get in when we left my wife's workplace.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - blond doll with white pinafore over pinkish blouse

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Somebody gave me this porcelain doll when I was very young. Unfortunately nobody can remember who gave her to me. After 20 years of her sitting on my shelf I started to wonder where she came from. She doesn't have any markings on her, but someone (I guess the previous owner) has written "B 8" on the back of her Velcro on her dress.


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Red Cedar Balls for Repelling Roaches?I am planning to move to Florida. In packing large boxes, is using Cedar Essence red cedar balls a great way to keep out cockroaches? Amazon sells quarter size cedar balls. If these keep out roaches as I pack, how many quarter-size balls should I use to keep out roaches to keep in storage until I find a home.


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Name Ideas for a Bath Bomb Business?My friend and I are starting a bath bomb business and are stuck on what to call it. We wanted it to be a short, snappy, memorable name and maybe with the word "fizz" in it. Our names are Evie and Freya, but we don't mind our names not being in the title.


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Name for a Glitter Tumbler Craft Business?I have been brain storming for the perfect business name and can't come up with anything that strikes me as a perfect name. I mainly make glitter tumblers, but sometimes do other crafts as well.


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Paying Off Payday Loans?How do I get out of big mess? Not thinking very clearly I got 3 payday loans in 20 days plus the 3 loans with another company. I now find myself owing 1340 in loans plus rent. I pay 2064 month with 1690 SSD.


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Growing Spider Plants Outside?I have spider plants in my yard. Should I cut away the dead shoots left from winter to make way for new green shoots?


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 15th Birthday?So my boyfriend's birthday is the beginning of May (he's turning 15) and we have been dating for 4 months so far. I have no idea what to get him. Also it's on a Monday.


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Value of a 1968 Ashley Bella Adela Doll?I have a 1968 Ashley Bella Adela doll still in the wooden glass case. It has never been taken out of the case with its certificate. The design number is 930/5000. I have been trying to find out how much she is worth. Can you help me?


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - plain top table with four legs from a central post

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I have a Mersman coffee table. The number on the bottom is 25-23. It is wood with a veneer top and has brass claw feet. Any idea when this was made? The value?


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Finding Parini Egg Cooker Instructions?I was given a egg cooker, but it has no instruction manual or measuring cup. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. How much water do I add and how many minutes for hard boiled eggs? And do I pierce a little hole in the top? Also what's the little egg shape thing on the side for?


Value of an 1855 Webster's
Dictionary - pages from dictionary, cover page an one with illustration of Noah Webster

Value of an 1855 Webster's Dictionary?I have an 1855 Webster's dictionary. The pages are in good condition, but the cover is worn. It is leather bound.


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Value of a Rockola 445 Jukebox?I am looking to buy a Rockola 445 jukebox in good condition. Can you tell me how much they sell for please?


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