March 30, 2018

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Bathroom with Off White Tile.

Paint Color Advice for Bathroom with Off White Tile?This is a page about paint color advice for bathroom with off white tile. Choosing a paint color for a bathroom with off white tile is still dependent on considerations such as your color preferences, size of the room, and fixture color.


Close-up of Old Encyclopedias

Value of 1924 World Book Encyclopedias?This is a page about the value of 1924 World Book encyclopedias. Strictly speaking old reference books including encyclopedias typically have little value. It may be worth checking the internet for appraisers for antique or rare volumes. Crafters are another option, as the photos may be of interest.


Elderly basset hound eating from a dish of food

Feeding an Elderly Dog?As a dog gets older you will undoubtedly find that their diet may need to change. This is a page about feeding an elderly dog. Tooth loss and other medical issues make softer foods, such as canned pet food, or homemade meals a great option.


Slice of apple raspberry crumb cake on a white plate.

Apple Raspberry Crumb CakeChopped apples, raspberry jam, oatmeal, and ricotta cheese help make this a delicious cake, down to the last crumb. This is a page about making apple raspberry crumb cake.


Maple leaves on the grass under tree

Growing Grass Under a Large Maple Tree?Trying to grow grass in the shade of a large tree means finding the best variety for the location. This is a page about growing grass under a large maple tree.


Baked chicken in aluminum foil on wooden cutting board

Baked Chicken in FoilCombine chicken with potatoes, carrots, peas, or other veggies in a foil packet and bake. This is an easy way to prepare a delicious meal. This is a page about making baked chicken in foil.


Baked pineapple chicken wings on a plate

Easy Baked Pineapple ChickenThis is a page about easy baked pineapple chicken. Bake your seasoned chicken and pineapple chunks in a mixture of soy sauce and pineapple juice. Can be served with rice.


Raspberry Vinaigrette in mason jar with whisk, fresh raspberries and a salad

Raspberry Vinaigrette RecipeThis page contains a raspberry vinaigrette recipe. Raspberry vinaigrette is delicious on a tossed green salad. Try making this creamy version for tonight's meal.


Whole Baked Chicken on a white plate

Crispy Baked Chicken RecipesWith the right coating you can make delicious baked chicken with a crispy crust that is as good as fried chicken and generally healthier. This page contains crispy baked chicken recipes.


Woman showing her grey roots in her hair.

My Roots Are Too Light?This is a page about roots are too light. Doing a root touchup between colorings can sometimes have unexpected results.


white packing peanuts on black background

Finding Free Packing Peanuts?This is a page about finding free packing peanuts. Finding free packing peanuts may take a bit of searching. Freecycle is one option, also some retailers discard those received in their merchandise and may give you some for free.


Ship Shaped cookies and sailboat cake pops on a table ready for party

Nautical Theme Party Decorating IdeasThis is a page about nautical theme party decorating ideas. Decorating a for a party using a nautical theme is quite easy. Use shells as part of the decor. Try including pennants strung across the room. Craft stores are a good source of other decorations.


Roast Chicken on a white background

Make Roast Chicken Into Multiple MealsWhether you roast one yourself or buy one on sale, a roast chicken can be divided up and used for several meals. Using small portions of the meat is economical and works well for casseroles, main dish salads, and more.


Cut lemons on a cutting board with lemon juice in a glass bowl

Lemon Juice on Skin and HairThis is a page about using lemon juice on skin and hair. Lemon juice has long been used to lighten skin and hair, to cleanse skin and reduce dark spots, and to treat dandruff.



Pineapple Nice Cream in serving dish

Pineapple Nice CreamThis is a super healthy and delicious alternative to ice cream. There's no dairy or added sugar. The pineapple flavour is the star, and the smooth texture of the mango gives it its ice cream effect. For being 100% fruit, this dessert is a guilt-free and creamy delight!


Short Ribs on dinner plate

Pressure Cooker Short RibsTender, falling-off-the bone ribs is what you will get when you make this. I clipped this recipe a while ago: a Christmas gift of red wine and a sale on short ribs resulted in a great dinner tonight.



Wild Turkey Flock

Wild Turkey FlockThis is a flock of wild turkeys. The large birds were strutting around near the spring fed creek. They are content on the 40 acre property and wary of predators. The property is definitely a wild turkey paradise with an abundance of food, year-round creek water, and wooded forest shelter.


Sample Scrapbook Pages

Sample Scrapbook PagesI take old papers, junk mail, leftover spiral notebook papers, and magazines and use them to create art journals, or writing journals.


Fox Squirrel - pretty gray squirrel with light chest, reddish brown cheeks and dark face

Fox SquirrelThis was the first time I have ever seen a fox squirrel. They are larger than the gray squirrels we have in our area.


Air Dry Socks Using Laundry Basket Holes - socks hanging out of the holes

Air Dry Socks Using Laundry Basket HolesHere is a way to air dry socks and keep them together if they are still damp. Simply insert them in the laundry basket holes. You can also put other small laundry articles in them. Saves dryer energy and you keep pairs together!



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Curtain Color Advice?My living room walls are white with a complex grey trim. My furniture is a solid grey velvet with with navy blue and white faux fur throw pillows on it. What color curtains do I need to complete my look?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Locating the Source of an Odor in the House?I have an odor in my home that I only notice when I open the front door after being gone for the day. I can't identify it. My husband can't smell it. My house was built in 1959. It has wood floors and dirt below.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I am about to buy a full blooded Pit Bull puppy, but I have my doubts about the puppy's mom. The mom is supposedly a brindle red nose not registered and the dad is a APB registered blue nose Pit.


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Cat Started Pooping in the Shower?We don't make use of a litter box - we have a massive garden on a golf estate. My cats (brother and sister) have a cat flap and have been doing their business outside since they were kitties (they are 9 years old now). My male cat started pooping in the shower about 2 months ago.


Is My Dog a German Shepherd? - lanky black dog with large standup ears

Is My Dog a German Shepherd?The rescue place said she was pure bred Black German Shepherd, but she has big ears and a long nose. Also, she has a lot of white spots on her chest, arm pits, back, and hind legs.


Value of Wooden Bar from Thailand - bar and two stools

Value of Wooden Bar from Thailand?I got this in Thailand in 1970. We think it is monkeypod wood. We never sawValue of anything like it in Thailand at the time and can't find anything like it on the internet. It is in great shape and very heavy and quite stunning.


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Painting Over Grease Spots on Walls?Wax deposits were removed from the wall, but grease soaked into the wall surface and left small marks. Which now I don't accept emulsioning over. How can I remove the residue?


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