April 10, 2018

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Closeup of used cardboard boxes piled up.

Finding Free Cardboard BoxesBoxes are so useful for storage and moving but they can be very expensive to buy new. This is a page about finding free cardboard boxes.


Two women with cleaning supplies in an apartment

Bidding on an Apartment Complex Cleaning Job?Cleaning an apartment complex is different than cleaning an individual home. This is a page about bidding on an apartment complex cleaning job.


Pita bread stuffed with tuna salad.

Recipes for Tuna PocketsTuna is delicious served hot or cold and can be combined with so many different flavors. This page contains recipes for tuna pockets.


Beige sofa set with wood accents.

Paint Color to Coordinate With Beige SofasIf you have light colored tan or beige furniture, you might be struggling to decide what paint color to use. This page has advice for paint color for beige sofas.


Small blue container of cleaning wipes

Saving Money on Cleaning WipesCleaning wipes make small messes easy to clean up on the go. However, they can become costly. This is a page about saving money on cleaning wipes.


Woman folding freshly washed clothes

Washing New ClothesWhen you first wash bright or dark new clothing, there can be dye transfer. It's best to wash them separately at first. This is a page about washing new clothes.


Man repairing ceiling that has a hole

My House is Falling Apart?Sometimes, repairs get ignored too long and can cause unsafe conditions. This page contains advice if your house is falling apart.


Bright kitchen with orange cabinets.

Paint Color Ideas to Brighten KitchenKitchens can often be small and dreary. An easy way to brighten the space up is by using colorful paint. This page contains paint color ideas to brighten kitchen.


Building with the word "Bank" on it.

Emigrant Direct Bank ReviewsIt's best to do research when selecting a financial institution to manage your money. This is a page about Emigrant Direct bank reviews.


Pork ribs on a cutting board.

Pork Rib RecipesPork ribs are a favorite for summer barbeques and potlucks. This page contains pork rib recipes.


Hand using cloth towel to clean a wooden table

Alternatives to Paper TowelsPaper towels can be costly and feel wasteful as they can only be used once. Keep the paper out of the landfill by investing in an alternative. This page contains alternatives to paper towels.



baked Colorado Pie

Colorado PieThis delicious pie freezes well, if there are any leftovers! You can vary the vegetables used. You can use frozen, canned or fresh vegetables. I used ground turkey instead of beef, and added some seasonings because turkey is blander. I will write the recipe as I got it. I used pre-made pie crust to save time.


Pork and Shrimp Spring Rolls

Pork and Shrimp Spring RollsSpring rolls make a perfect healthy appetizer or snack. Not to mention, making spring rolls at home is relatively easy, affordable and you can make a lot! The spring rolls here at our local restaurants average $5 to $6 for 2 spring rolls. For our light lunch, we all had 5 rolls each. Had we bought them at the restaurant, that would have been a crazy price! Even after making 20 rolls, we had a lot of noodles and rice paper left for future use.


Strawberry Pineapple Jam

Strawberry Pineapple JamA pound of strawberries were on sale at Sprouts for .99 cents. We bought a bunch and decided to make some homemade jam with just 4 ingredients. This was our first time and it was a success! Tastes delicious and healthier than store bought. Since the strawberries and pineapple are sweet, you don't need a lot of sugar.



A trampoline playspace with no people.

Toddler Time for Discounted RatesAt select locations, there is "toddler time" where you and your toddler can jump/play at a discounted price - generally this is the time when bigger kids are in school and adults are at work. This is a great time to bring your toddler because it is much safer as there won't be any rough play generally and everyone is of the same age.


Planting seedlings in a small container.

Pre-season PlantingStart your seeds in plants already growing in the house instead of using many small cups for starting your plants ahead of the growing season. Just plant them right along with other plants you have growing in the house. When they get big enough to transplant, you can move them into other containers or directly into your garden.


Stuffing from a pillow being fluffed up.

Refilling a PillowI wanted a smaller pillow that adjusted more to me. I cut my pillow into two pieces. Then I pulled out the stuffing. Once the filling was out, I cut and pulled apart the filling into little poufs about the size of my hand. I put these poufs back in the pillow.


A plate of raw hamburger patties, with a hole in the center of each one.

Add Hole When Grilling HamburgersWhen grilling hamburgers, press a hole in the middle and the hamburger will cook more evenly.


Alligator Clothespins - clothespin alligators

Alligator ClothespinsThis is a fun and easy way to turn regular old clothespins into little biting alligators. Using a couple shades of green and dotting techniques will give these little guys their osteoderms, also known as alligator bumps! This is a great craft for all ages!


Floral Art Greetings Card - card standing on a table top

Floral Art Greetings CardThis is a simple floral picture, drawn with pens and coloured with watercolour paint, that can be framed or made into a greetings card. It's a lot easier than it looks.


A soft shammy to use instead of paper towels.

Saving Money on Paper TowelsI was one that enjoyed using my sewing machine a few years back. At this moment it sits in the closet. I am unable to use it due to pain in my hands. I was working on changing my life to become better with waste and money saving.


Twelve Apostles (Dietes Iridioides) - long leafed plant in pot with pretty white and purple flowers

Twelve Apostles (Dietes Iridioides)I love these small flowers. They have a slight fragrance that you really have to put your nose on to smell. I wish they would last more than one day. It's easy to miss the blooms.


A recycled hydrogen peroxide bottle with a Clorox label.

Reuse Peroxide BottlesPeroxide is a great disinfectant with a lot of applications. It also removes a lot of stains, particularly organic stains such as blood. I buy the larger bottles as I use it quite often.


A broken picture frame underneath another frame that has had the glass replaced.

Reusing Picture FramesI had a picture frame that fell, shattering the glass but leaving the frame intact. I decided to save it and repurpose it for something. In the meantime, an inexpensive dollar store frame cracked, but the glass was fine. Both frames were the same size. I discarded the damaged frame and glass, and now put the good glass and frame together. Now I only had to discard one frame instead of both. The picture shows my new wood picture frame and the broken other picture frame.



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Re-dying Hair That Came Out Too Red?I dyed my hair about 3 weeks to a month ago. It turned out a really bright red. I did not like it at all so tonight I just dyed it again trying for brown. It turned out even worse than before and it wasn't supposed to be red. Can I dye it again tonight?


Gray Paint Color Advice to Coordinate with Burgundy Carpet - peek of carpet and chest of drawers

Gray Paint Color Advice to Coordinate with Burgundy Carpet?My bedroom has burgundy carpet and a bed that is gray (medium gray. I would like a lighter gray for walls. What type of gray paint is light, but has no blue tones?


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Business Name Ideas for a Home Decor Shop?A friend and I are planning to open a shop and it's very hard to think what sort of name should we use. Any suggestion(s)? We are planning to open a home decor shop where most of the items will be a limited edition.


Value of a Leonardo Collection Figurine - ballet figurine

Value of a Leonardo Collection Figurine?I have been looking online for this piece and I can not find it. It is from the Leonardo Collection item number 1337. This is all the info I have. I have a huge ballet collection and for insurance purposes I was asked to do an itemized list with each piece with name, description, and price.


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Discontinued Graham and Brown Wallpaper?I'm looking for one roll of Julien MacDonald illusion pink wallpaper by Graham and Brown. The pattern number is 104110 and it's pink and gray and was stocked by B&Q.


Value of a Rock-Ola Jukebox - orange and white juke

Value of a Rock-Ola Jukebox?I have a 1940 series d Rock-Ola. I got it at an estate sale. I'm having a hard time finding this model or others like it. The coin mechanism was pulled out of it. Other than that everything works fine. I am looking for an estimated value and recommendations for a repair shop in Dallas, Texas.


Is My Dog a Full Blood Dachshund or a Chiweenie? - dog laying on blankets

Is My Dog a Full Blood Dachshund or a Chiweenie?I got him as a stray and to this day I've told everyone he's a full blood Dachshund. He tied up with a Chihuahua and they have puppies so I researched Chiweenie dogs and now it has me pondering if he isn't a Chiweenie himself.


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Coping With the Loss of a Pet?My dog Tyson died on the 26th of March this year. He was nearly 13 and a large dog so it was expected, but still hurts. Then nine days later my Jack Russell, Nellie, died of a broken heart. I have buried my dogs next to each other. How does my family get over this? It's like my house is empty now.


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Name Ideas for Home Decor Business?I am starting an online page for home decor products inspired from madhubani style painting of Bihar. So what should I name my business?


Identifying a Bird

Identifying a Bird (Towhee)?Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is?


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Repairing Water Damage to a Wood Table Top?I laid a woolen jumper flat on a double folded towel on my dining table. To my dismay this morning I found it had left a huge wet area and the varnish has lifted and feels abrasive and there are white water marks. Could anyone advise how I can repair this?


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Slogan for a Childcare Business?I am starting a childcare nursery with the name "Happy Cubs". Kindly suggest a suitable slogan/tag line to go with it.


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