April 23, 2018

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Closeup of Sweet Gum Tree leaves

Problems With A Sweet Gum Tree?Many yards contain sweet gum trees and they can have issues with pests and disease. This page contains advice about problems with a sweet gum tree.


Dying hair with a brush and foil.

Home Hair Highlighting Kits?There are many hair highlighting kits that are designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. This is a page about home hair highlighting kits.


Cleaning supplies in cube shelves.

Storing LestoilIf you purchase Lestoil in quantity, be sure that you store it correctly for the long term. This is a page about storing Lestoil.


Woman Exfoliating her shoulder with coffee grounds

Exfoliating Tips and TricksUsing a gentle abrasive on your skin is a classic way to exfoliate and many different substances can be used to great effect. This is a page about exfoliating tips and tricks.


Cubed raw chicken on a white background

Cutting Chicken Into Uniform CubesWhen making stir fries or skillet meals, it can be important to have your chicken cubes be the same size. This is a page about cutting chicken into uniform cubes.


Fresh mint on a wooden table

Uses for Fresh MintSpearmint and peppermint are hardy herbs that can be grown outside for much of the year. This is a page about uses for fresh mint.



Bubble Art - closeup of bubble art

Bubble ArtBlowing a mixture of liquid soap, paint, and water through a straw make colourful bubbles that can turn a surface into beautiful art when popped. This is a craft I like to do with my little nieces and nephews, but I blow the bubbles so they don't accidentally ingest anything. This can also be done with water soluble food colouring.


In Memory of Boo (Mixed Breed) - white dog with black on face and ears

In Memory of Boo (Mixed Breed)We got him on Facebook, we fell in love at first sight. He liked to play with sticks, he'd chase them till he dropped if we would have let him. He loved his sticks, but we never could get him to bring them back.


Creme Caramel flipped on plate

Creme CaramelThis is a silky, soft custard pudding. Baking it in a water bath in a ramekin lined with caramel sauce makes for a luxurious treat. It may seem daunting to put together, but it's actually quite simple. You can also use this recipe to make small versions of this pudding inside of mini ramekins.


Wool Balls as Natural Fabric Softener - two wool balls in the dryer

Wool Balls as Natural Fabric SoftenerAbout a year ago, I transitioned into using wool balls - they are a natural laundry fabric softener. I purchased my wool balls on Amazon, but you can purchase them online, in select stores, or even make your own.


Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar Store - spray bottle of cleaner on porch

Awesome Cleaner from the Dollar StoreMy neighbor told me about Awesome for cleaning vinyl siding. She really liked it, so last year, when I was in Dollar General, I picked up a 32 ounce bottle of it for $1.00. I had not used it until this week when cleaning the porch, getting the wood ready for painting and new screen wire.


Cardstock Sheep Badge - brooch on black and white garment

Cardstock Sheep BadgeThis cute little sheep badge is made from cardstock. It's quite easy to make and a lot of fun. You can draw the eyes on if you don't have wiggle eyes and you can use a safety pin instead of a brooch back. For very young children to wear this you might not want to use a pin.


Lotion and Watercolor Art - orange and blue watercolor

Lotion and Watercolor ArtIt is nice to use pretty smelling lotion in the place of water when painting with watercolors. This makes the colors more pastel and the final art looks really nice ;)


Toddler Felt Ball Necklace - finished necklace on a table top

Toddler Felt Ball NecklaceHere is an easy to make and toddler/child safe felt ball necklace for you or your toddler to wear. Or a mommy/me matching necklace.


Another Wisteria Photo - beautiful wisteria flower

Another Wisteria PhotoMost of y'all know me by now. I get on a roll and it's hard to get off. I couldn't resist yet another wisteria photo.


Mile High Pansies - pansies in circular bed

Mile High PansiesI had a lot of disappointments in last year's gardening. I lost so many plants over winter. It's time for a few things to go my way!



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Cleaning Weather Stained Patio Stones?My concrete patio stones are discoloured from the weather, sun and rain. What would you suggest to clean them, without damaging the surrounding grass? Or maybe there is a paint option?


Bug Spray Left Yellow Spots on Hardwood Floor - damaged floor finish

Bug Spray Left Yellow Spots on Hardwood Floor?My daughter used ant spray behind her desk to kills some ants two weeks ago and now her hardwood floor has yellow spots. She tried Bona hardwood cleaner, Dawn dish detergent and hot water, but nothing is working. The yellow just comes back. Any ideas?


Age and Maker of a Porcelain Doll - red haired doll wearing a pinofore

Age and Maker of a Porcelain Doll?I was handed down this porcelain doll from my nan she had it her whole life. I was also wondering how old exactly the doll is as I'm not aware of where it came from originally or the maker of it, etc. I've done a bit of searching, but haven't came across any similar.


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Patterns for Making Doll Clothes with a Comb Knitter?I wanted to be able to knit and purchased the pocket knitters' combs. I am able to knit the "e" stitch, but would like to know if there are patterns or downloadable patterns or books for how to make doll clothing.


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How Do I Ask My Mum to Shave My Legs?I'm now 14 and have wanted to start shaving my legs for a long time now. I get way too nervous every time I try to ask my mum especially since I've been shaving my armpits using her shaver for years, but was too embarrassed to ask her about it. Now I'm scared that she'll ask about that as well.


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Taking Plants from the US into Mexico?Alright, this summer my family is going to Mexico, and we always go by car (in a truck). I'm going to be going by car from Texas to Mexico, and I want to take my Norfolk pine tree with me. But I don't know how to take it with me and make sure it's safe on the way, because the trip to Mexico from Texas is a day long.


Value of Porcelain Dolls and Figurines - porcelain child figurine

Value of Porcelain Dolls and Figurines?I have a vast collection of antique and vintage porcelain dolls and figurines. I was wondering about the current value of antique Dresden Lace figurines. Also a question regarding maker's marks. My question is how to find out the maker through a set of numbers?


Dyeing a Wedding Veil - wedding veil with rhinestones

Dyeing a Wedding Veil?I have a white wedding veil that I would like to dye a blush pink, but it has rhinestones on it. Will I ruin the stones if I dye it and what's the best dye to use on a veil?


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Getting Rid of Black, Brown & White Biting Bugs?I have bites all over me and bugs all over me. They stick to me and are annoying me. They are everywhere. I see them on my husband, but they don't bother him; they bother me. I can't wear certain clothes, because the white ones are all over it. They are in every room in my house.


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