April 30, 2018

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100% Vegan stamp next to knife and fork

The Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian?Vegetarians sometimes eat fish and eggs. They often eat dairy products. Vegans do not eat any animal products. This is a page about the difference between vegan and vegetarian.


brown volumes on shelf

Finding the Value of Caxton Encyclopedias?It is rare for encyclopedias to have collector value. This is a page about finding the value of Caxton encyclopedias.


A birthday cake with candles that show the number "18".

Name for Birthdays When Your Age Equals Birth Year?As long as you are under 100, at some point your age will match the year you were born. This page contains information about the name for birthdays when your age equals birth year.


Bacon being cooked with slices of bread soaking up the grease.

Making Hungarian Greasy BreadHungarian greasy bread is known by many names but consists of bacon grease dripped on bread then usually made into an open face sandwich topped with vegetables. This is a page about making Hungarian greasy bread.


A collection of witches brooms, for Halloween.

Making Witches BroomsUsing pretzel rods as the handle, many different versions of this cute Halloween treat can be made. This is a page about making witches brooms.


Two boards surrounded by sawdust.

Use Sawdust as Cheap Wood FillerWhen you need to fill in damaged areas of wood furniture, you can use glue and sawdust as a filler. This is a page about use sawdust as cheap wood filler.


A convection oven on a white background.

Recipes for Galloping Gourmet Convection OvenSmall countertop convection ovens cook foods faster and with less oil than traditional ovens. This page contains recipes for the Galloping Gourmet convection oven.


Dog biscuits on a cooling rack.

Peanut Butter Dog BiscuitsMany dogs love peanut butter and they are a healthy flavoring for homemade dog biscuits. This page contains recipes for peanut butter dog biscuits.


Dog laying on a bed with a cone on its head.

Caring for My Dog After It Has Been SpayedFollow the veterinarian's instructions to care for your dog after she has been spayed. This is a page about caring for my dog after it has been spayed.


Butter Pecan Cake topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Butter Pecan Cake RecipesA delicious, rich cake to make for a special occasion or a special treat. This page contains butter pecan cake recipes.


Frosted white cupcakes.

How Do I Prevent Cake Frosting From Melting?Your cake must be cool before you frost it so the icing does not melt. This is a page about how do I prevent cake frosting from melting?



Pink Bloom (Orchid) - closeup of orchid bloom

Pink Bloom (Orchid)Orchids in full bloom. This is my view daily in my office. This photo was taken with my iPhone 7 and a macro lens as the plant sits near a window.


Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store Thread - loaded rack

Repurposing a Dishwasher Baby Bottle Rack to Store ThreadI am always looking for something to make my craft supplies easier to store, find, and use. I spotted this at a local thrift store and scarfed it up.


Shu (Snow Bengal) - cat on cat tree

Shu (Snow Bengal)From a local breeder, as a kitten. He likes to harass my other Bengal, Ming. Or sit on the sofa with me and watch Live PD. Seriously, that's his favorite show!


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Donate Cloth Items to SPCA or RescueI have done volunteer work for the SPCA in my younger years. Many little lost or surrendered animals are scared, sick, or hurt. They do not understand being in a cage and being around all of the animals that are barking. These animal shelters will take blankets, stuffed animals, etc.


An orange stuffed bear with flowers on its stomach.

Why Do We Keep Keepsakes?We all have memories, some of them good, some bad. Our keepsakes are most likely associated with the good memories. And they're sort of like Christmas. Every day Christmas would be no joy. It's the year long anticipation that makes it so special. And so it is with keepsakes.


Laundry Detergent Drawer Sachets - drawer sachet made with powdered detergent inside a coffee filter

Laundry Detergent Drawer SachetsI did a post some time back showing how I soaked the cotton tips of Q-tips in my favorite cologne, put them in a small plastic bag and put the bag in my drawers. Well, this does work, but to a limited degree and only for a short time.


Bandana Butterfly - finished bandana butterfly

Bandana ButterflyHere is a way to make cute butterflies using bandanas. I came up with this idea after thinking how pretty and colorful bandanas are just like butterflies.


Saving Little Plastic Balls for Crafting - roll on deodorant ball

Saving Little Plastic Balls for CraftingHere are two ways to get 'nearly' free little plastic balls for crafting.


Oil and Food Colouring Marble Art - examples of the finished pages

Oil and Food Colouring Marble ArtThis is a fun way to marblize paper with food colouring and oil, using no harmful chemicals. Since oil and water don't mix, the food colouring only stains the paper where the oil doesn't settle, creating beautiful and exciting scenes. This is a fantastic and low-cost craft to do with kids.


Yellow In My Garden - yellow flowers including pansies

Yellow In My GardenYellow is not my favorite color. It should be. I have it everywhere this spring. It sorta grows on you, I think.


Baby's Toy Cube Card - glue rhinestone to center of flower and add a strip of washi tape to the top and trim ends

Baby's Toy Cube CardI have been invited to a friend's stork tea. The couple is expecting a gorgeous little princess, and I want to take a card that will be a reminder of the joy their little bundle will bring.


Stir Fry Jumbo Shrimp with Curry

Stir Fry Jumbo Shrimp with CurryThis is my take on Indian inspired stir fry jumbo shrimp with curry dish, pairs perfectly with rice.


Clematis 'Elsa Spath' - light purple clematis bloom

Clematis 'Elsa Spath'My first clematis to bloom this year is 'Elsa Spath'. I wish I had added something to last year's picture for size reference, because this year's blooms are twice as large.



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Value of an Antique Webster's Dictionary?I was wondering what my Webster's dictionary is worth it was published in 1888.


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Buying Shower Power?I have been a Shower Power user for many years. When and where will I be able to purchase it again?


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Meaning of a Double Beddian Birthday?I was born the 19th day of 1959 (in May). I will be 59 on the "19th (1959). So what would that be 59 on the 19th (59) this year. A lot of number connections.


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Windshield Washer Not Spraying Properly?I have a 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara and I recently just had a bullbar fitted, but when I got it back I noticed that when I pull the trigger for the front windshield wipers no water comes out. Instead the water comes out on the rear and both front and rear wipers go off as well. Any ideas?


Identifying Anaglypta Wallpaper   - white vertical striped wallpaper

Identifying Anaglypta Wallpaper?Anyone know what wallpaper this is? It's not blarney marble as the pattern is different. I need 2 rolls for some repair work.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in a pink dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I am trying to know her name and any info I can get on her. I found her at an estate sale. She has no markings or anything to identify her. Can anyone help me?


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Animal Stole a Blueberry Plant from a Pot?Are squirrels capable of literally removing a plant from it's pot without leaving evidence of it ever being there? I had a blueberry plant disappear from my covered deck yesterday with no neighbors to blame.


Value of Broyhill Dressers - dresser with two doors concealing inside drawer and two visible drawers at the bottom

Value of Broyhill Dressers?I'm looking for the value or what I could sell them for. They are marked Broyhill Premier on the inside of a drawer, looks like it's etched into the wood. The long dresser at one point had a mirror with it I'm assuming as it has markings on the back that say mirror, but when I purchased these there was no mirror.


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Dash Lights Flicker When Truck Hits a Bump?I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500. My dash lights and the lights around my radio and heat and air knobs flicker at night when I hit a bump in the road, but the lights on my dash cluster are on durning the day.


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Easy to Make Trellises for Pole Beans?I want to make an easy trellis for pole beans. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that? Also, I need to make supports for zucchini squash. I have heard that you can use tomato cages for this. Will this work?


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Name and Slogan for Educational Materials Blog?I'm planning to start a blog and/or shop to sell learning materials and resources for early childhood educators to use, such as printables. I need a name and slogan for the blog.


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Stain from Vinyl Packaging on Hardwood Coffee Table?During my recent move, I left some vinyl packaging on a new coffee table while unpacking household goods. There is a stain left from the packaging. What is the best way to remove the stain and bring the table back to original sheen?


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Dye Color on Regrowth Hair Too Dark?I have used temporary box color for about 15 years trying to match my natural color of ashy light brown and cover grays. I have decided to let the gray come in. So with about 1-2 inches of regrowth, I asked my hairdresser to color it to my natural shade. It came out much darker than I had imagined.


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Keeping an Old Cat from Constantly Scratching Her Ear?I have a really old cat; going on twenty years now. When I first rescued her 15 years ago, she had a severe case of ear mites. We got that taken care of, but she wouldn't stop licking her foot and then rubbing her ear. It was an ingrained habit. Fungus developed. For the last 15 years, I've been treating her regularly for fungus.


Norfolk Pine Is Dying - lower branches turning brown

Norfolk Pine Is Dying?Can you help me keep my Norfolk alive? I've made a mistake by overwatering by litre my tree and the branches and needles are all becoming dark brown and weak. Can I save it?


Identifying a Flying Insect - round bodied insect with largish wings

Identifying a Flying Insect?It looks like a very tiny fly with a round body. Does anyone know what kind of fly this is? I live in Ohio.


Financial Help to Remove Black Mold and Repair Walls - mold inside bathroom walls

Financial Help to Remove Black Mold and Repair Walls?I am a 33 year old single mother of 2 children. We live in a trailer. Currently I am cleaning homes for a source of income which doesn't leave much after bills. Which is why I tried to do this myself. There was black mold behind the trim in the shower. I took it off and found much more than I can handle.


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Protecting an Antique Wooden Chess Table from Termites?I have a wooden antique chess table and recently found out there are termites in my house. I looked online and it says to use borax to keep the termites away. Now I'm concerned if I put that on the table and chairs it will destroy the wood. What should I do?


What Breed Is My Dog? - tan dog with darker legs and much darker ears and muzzle

What Breed Is My Dog?I have a 3 year old rescue who appears to be a toy Poodle and terrier mix. His coloring is unusual. His body is tan with white at his crown and down his back, gets more brownish as it goes to his paws, and his muzzle and ears are black. His tail is a mixture of tan and black.


Giving Away Empty Wine and Beer Bottles - bottles on metal shelves

Giving Away Empty Wine and Beer Bottles?I have well over 50 wine bottles and beer bottles that I need to get rid of. I'm in the Birmingham area. Most wine and beer bottles are green. The labels have been removed off of some. Any suggestions for donating or giving them away?


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Re-dyeing Hair Darker?I just dyed my hair yesterday and I want the same color, but darker. How long should I wait and should I just apply the the same color of bleach to it again and then let the color sit longer? I did 30 minutes.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is on the 13th of May, so it is only 13 days away, eeeeekkk. I'm not prepared, lol. Any suggestions on what I should do for my party? I might have a sleepover. Any suggestions on themes or food and stuff much appreciated.


Replacement Parts for a H2O Mop X5 EP2199-B

Replacement Parts for a H2O Mop X5 EP2199-B?We would like to purchase the main body of the H2O Mob X5 EP2199-B. Does anyone know where we can purchase one, we live in Western Australia. The main body was thrown out before it was checked for repairs.


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