May 3, 2018

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Peanut oil in 2 glass bottles with a plate of peanuts.

Using Peanut Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil?One major advantage to using peanut oil is that it can be used at higher temperatures than other oils. This is a page about using peanut oil instead of vegetable oil.


Eastern Tent Caterpillars in a tree

Eastern Tent Caterpillar Photos and InformationThis is a page about the Eastern tent caterpillar. The sure sign that you have an infestation of tent caterpillars is their silky webbed nests covering your trees. While it can make for an interesting photo, the caterpillars are quite destructive and can easily eat all of the leaves off of your trees.


Dill dip in a bowl with lemon and garlic.

Dill Dip RecipesCreamy dill dip is a wonderful complement to fish, lamb or chicken as well as pairing with veggies or chips as a cooling appetizer. This page contains dill dip recipes.


Strawberry shortcake on a plate.

Strawberry Vanilla ShortcakesThe addition of vanilla pudding to a strawberry shortcake recipe can create an extraordinary dessert. This page is about strawberry vanilla shortcakes.


Child Support agreement paperwork

Survivor Benefits and Child Support?This is a page about survivor benefits and child support. All of the rules and exceptions for survivor benefits and child support can be quite confusing. It is best to go directly to the Social Security office for assistant with your questions and concerns.


Hard boiled eggs being chopped into small pieces.

Making Eggs GoldenrodUse chopped hardboiled eggs to make this delicious sauce, usually served on toast for breakfast. This is a page about making eggs goldenrod.


Ginger Chicken Stir Fry in a bowl.

Ginger Chicken Stir Fry RecipesGinger and chicken is a popular combination in Chinese cuisine as well as in many other Asian countries. This page contains ginger chicken stir fry recipes.


Budding Potatoes on a white background

Keeping Potatoes From BuddingPotatoes want to grow when they are stored. There are a few things you can do to discourage the sprouting. This is a page about keeping potatoes from budding.


Doll and stuffed animals in a washing machine.

Cleaning DollsKeeping your childhood doll or doll collection clean is easy to do once you determine the best cleaning methods, depending on the materials used to make the individual dolls. This is a page about cleaning dolls.


Vacuuming up water on a carpet.

Removing Musty Odor On Flooded CarpetThis is a page about removing musty odor on flooded carpet. Assuming that there is no black mold growing under the carpet, you can try sprinkling it with borax and allowing to dry; then vacuum. It can also be pulled up and dried in the driveway. Fans will help it dry in place.


Pit Bull mix with big ears.

What Breed Is My Dog? (Pit Bull Mix)Mixed breed dogs can be wonderful companions. It can be interesting to see the different breeds reflected in their features. This is a page about what breed is my dog? (pit bull mix).


Dry cracked dirt.

Conserving Water During A DroughtThis is a page about conserving water during a drought. During drought conditions we are often required to get creative and conserve water. Reusing grey water, taking the car to a car wash, conserving water used for your lawn and garden all help. Consider implementing some of these practices year round.


A worn pink blanket.

Restoring a Childhood Blanket?Restoring a beloved childhood blanket is an important project. If you do not want to cut it apart and remake it anew, consider backing it with a piece of fabric and sewing the two pieces together to reinforce the childhood memory item. This is a page about restoring a childhood blanket.


Oats in a bowl

Making Overnight OatsHave oatmeal ready to eat in the morning. It can be made in the refrigerator while you sleep. This is a page about making overnight oats.


A vintage carved wooden bed frame.

Value of a Vintage Wooden Bed Frame?This is a page about determining the value of a vintage wooden bed frame. Vintage furniture may either retain its value or even increase in value, depending on the manufacturer, condition, and uniqueness of the piece.


smartphone illustration

Smartphone Tips and TricksThis is a page about smartphone tips and tricks. Here are some great tips for everything from protecting your smartphone to saving money and time with one.


Linguine and herb in a bowl

Linguine RecipesLinguini dishes can include anything from various cheeses to shrimp and veggies. Here are some yummy recipes to try. This page contains linguine recipes.


A saucepan with the contents being whisked and thickened.

Using Gluten Free Flour as a Thickener?Avoiding gluten can force you to look for ingredient alternatives with varying success. This is a page about using gluten-free flour as a thickener.



Crayon Etching - finished etching with other colors showing through the black crayon

Crayon EtchingTeach your kids with simple crafts even using their old crayons. What I like most about this craft is that the materials are easy to find and for me it's refreshing to the mind.


Use Paper Scraps to Enhance Cards - paper scraps to create 3D effects on greeting cards

Use Paper Scraps to Enhance CardsMy dear friends and I made 300 greeting cards to give to senior facilities. There were a lot of leftover paper scraps from all the shapes we were punching out. Instead of tossing them out, the leftovers ended up being a huge part of the stunning 3D shadowing of the cards by gluing them under other shapes of paper.


Out for a Swim (Canada Geese) - 2 adult geese swimming with their babies in the river

Out for a Swim (Canada Geese)It's that time of year again when we see the geese in our yard bring their new babies to show off. We live right on the river so we get a front row seat. They come up on our lawn and eat grass so they feel very protected here and we see the same families year after year, from babies to grownups.


DIY Cleaning Putty - homemade cleaning putty

DIY Cleaning PuttyThis is an awesome homemade putty that will help you clean hard-to-clean areas just by rolling it around in them. Try it on things like mini vents, small ridges in furniture, and many other tight spots. It just takes a handful of items you might already have at home.


My First Iris 2018 - copper red iris bloom

My First Iris 2018It was in design for a few years. I learned a whole new language. Those 'darling' designers used a lot of adjectives that to me, had little meaning.


How to Fix a Tent Pole - threading the elastic through the pole sections

How to Fix a Tent PoleDid the elastic in your tent pole get broken because your 4 year old "helped" you put up the tent by pulling and pulling and pulling on the end of the tent pole? Yeah me too! This is how I fixed it.


Lunchtime Bird Coloring Pages - bird with long curved beak

Lunchtime Bird Coloring PagesSometimes a day at work can just get too long. On days like these, some adult coloring during lunchtime is just what the doctor ordered. This trio of birds is ideal for days when you are feeling stressed out, and when you need a mini breather before carrying on with the rest of the day's work.



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Buying Dented Canned Foods?Where can I buy dented tin food for my charity like baked beans, corn, mixed vegetables, Bull brand fish and tomato mix?


Identifying the Leg Style on a Library Table  - dark wood, heavy trestle table legs, with lion feet

Identifying the Leg Style on a Library Table?Can anyone help me identify this style of leg or possible age range? It is on an old library or tressle desk/table.


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Compton Picture Encyclopedia Value?What is the value of a 1924 Compton Picture Encyclopedia?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is the 16th of May. So not far away and I still don't know what to do for my birthday. I'm going to invite at least 7 friends (girls). My mam said no sleepovers and she would prefer it if it wasn't in the house. Also it's going to be raining.


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Repairing a Leaking Garbage Disposal?There is water leaking from the strain relief plug on my garbage disposal. Will replacing the strain relief plug stop the leaking or should the whole garbage disposal need to be replaced? It is over two years old.


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