May 14, 2018

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Chocolate bar dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars RecipeCheesecake and chocolate are combined in these delicious bars. This is a page about making chocolate chip cheesecake bars.


Red Rose with green leaves in the background

Homemade Rose Start Up TonicMake this easy tonic and feed it to your roses for blooms all summer long. This page has information about homemade rose start up tonic.


Casserole with potato, sausage and onion.

Sausage and Potato CasseroleAdding sausage to a potato casserole makes a side dish into a starring main dish for brunch or dinner. This is a great way to use up leftovers.


A coyote standing in a field.

How to Get Rid of Coyotes in Your YardCoyotes can be problematic even in surburban areas. Keep these pests out of your space to protect your pets and property. This is a page about how to get rid of coyotes in your yard.


Pea soup in a black bowl

Pressure Cooker Pea SoupMake split pea soup in a flash with a handy pressure cooker. This page is about making pressure cooker pea soup.


Eggplant And Zucchini Casserole on a wooden table with olive oil and other ingredients around dish

Eggplant And Zucchini CasseroleEggplant and zucchini are a natural pairing, both growing in similar climates and common in Mediterranean cooking. This is a page about making eggplant and zucchini casserole.


Herbs and fruits in chilled water care and glasses

Healthy DIY Vitamin WaterUse seasonal produce and fresh herbs to make the best tasting water. It will save you a ton of money vs buying expensive vitamin water.


Chicken Tortilla Soup in a bowl with a lime wedge

Healthy Chicken Tortilla SoupThis healthy version of a Mexican restaurant staple is filled with veggies. This is a page about making healthy chicken tortilla soup.


Strawberry syrup being poured over a scoop of ice cream.

Fruit Flavored SyrupsSugar syrups flavored with fruit are popular in coffees, sodas and desserts. This page is about making fruit flavored syrups.



A finished notebook that is bound with yarn instead of a spiral spring.

Use Notebook Spring to Sew Spiral NotebooksIts always hard for lefties to write with spiral notebooks. Plus, I hate those springs as they get distorted over time inside my bag. So, I got used to removing the springs and replacing it with yarn.


Photo of router information

Take a Photo of the Back of your Modem/RouterWhen I plug something into the wall under my desk, I want it to stay there. But when the internet guy hooked my stuff up, he had very little cable that day. That makes it really hard to "turn it around/backwards to see the numbers". Even then, I would have to see things upside down.


Two packages of shredded parmesan blend cheese with expired expiration dates.

Free Expired ItemsI went to Sprouts today and an item on my grocery list was parmesan cheese for a baked chicken dinner. I came across this brand called BelGioioso on sale for $2.99. Sounds great because there's parmesan cheese as well as 3 other cheeses so I could make pizza too, but when I checked the expiration "best by" date, it had already passed, 7 days ago!


Phalaris Strawberries and Cream variety by rocks.

Phalaris, A Family of Beautiful GrassesPhalaris, sometimes called 'Ribbon Grass', 'Reed Grass' and 'Canary Grass', is a genus of grass which, except for Antarctica, can be found growing worldwide. We know from this, the grass will grow under a large variety of conditions.


Brown sugar stored inside an airtight container.

Airtight Container to Keep Brown Sugar SoftI have seen questions on ThriftyFun asking how to soften hardened brown sugar. I believe the secret to keeping brown sugar fresh and soft is storing it in an air tight container.


A sign at the grocery store with free fruit for kids while shopping.

Free Fruit for KidsIf you're going shopping with your young ones, several grocery stores have free treats or fruit for your kids.


A plate of cooked turkey bacon.

Cooking Turkey Bacon in the OvenI love turkey bacon. I recently found I had 4 packages in the freezer and decided to get them all baked up today. They are great for BLT's, salad, grilled cheese and more. Low in fat and cholesterol, they are a great alternative to regular bacon. Once cooked, you can put them back in the freezer for quick meals and snacks.


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Tea Tree Oil for Bites and BlemishesTea tree oil (melaleuca) has been miraculous stuff for me and the friends I've recommended it to. Just a dab on a mosquito bite knocks the itch out immediately and heals the bite.


A container of boxed macaroni and cheese ingredients in the pantry.

Consolidate Food to Save Pantry SpaceI have a big pantry. That said, I also share it with clothes, crafts, and things to sell. So, when I can, I try and make things like food take up less room. I put little things inside bigger things and those inside other things, etc. One thing that always helps me is to consolidate things that are alike to save space.


A row of small empty mason jars with prescription medication bottles.

Mason Jars for Storing Daily MedicationI have tried this and that, and finally found the best way to take my medications. They have mini mason jars for 2/$1.00 at the Dollar Tree. This is 7 jars, one for each day. I have a big "I" on the top to remind me to take my insulin in the AM.


A hand with blue glittery nail polish.

Paint Glue Under Glitter PolishI love the occasional glitter manicure, but when it's time to change to something more subtle, I seem to use up so much nail polish remover trying to get all the little bits off. A good way to avoid that is by painting a coat of white glue (like Elmer's) on the nails as a base coat.


Stray leaves from Brussels sprouts that have been cut in half.

Save Brussels Sprout LeavesWhen I prep brussels sprouts and cut them in half, the leaves would fall off. If you add up all the leaves, that's a lot to toss out. I save the leaves and incorporate them for other dishes.



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Finding the Title of an Older Horror Movie?I think it was called Mirror Mirror, but I don't know and can't find it anywhere. The movie has a mirror from the Amityville house and it shows you how you die. I know it's not any of the Mirrors movies and not Mirror Mirror with Karen Black. Dpes anyone know the movie I am talking about? Also where can I get it?


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Homemade Dog Food for Dog with Itchy Skin?My my 14 year old Shih-tzu licks profusely (paws, hind quarters), and scratches his ears. I have had him diagnosed by a vet who advises dry dog food only (skin sensitive that they sell). I would like to exclude the dry food altogether, but need a good recipe that is not too time consuming.


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Getting Rid of Ticks?What can be done to deter or kill ticks?


Filing an Insurance Claim After a Fire - Pokémon card collection

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Fire?When claiming a fire loss I have a book Pokémon cards in plastic sleeves. What is a replacement value of over 1000 cards? Do I look up every card? Will the smoke smell ever disappear? I am trying to negotiate with the insurance company myself. The cards can't be cleaned like most surfaces in my house.


Poulan Mower Won't Start - closeup of mower

Poulan Mower Won't Start?I have a 28R707 Poulan Pro riding mower. Sometimes the mower doesn't start when the clutch/brake is engaged. I pushed the pedal on and released it several times then sometimes the mower starts. Is there a linkage adjustment?


Removing Colored Receipt Dye Stain on Clothing - pink stain on t-shirt

Removing Colored Receipt Dye Stain on Clothing?A pink receipt got wet and the color ran on to some light yellow clothing. How do I remove the reddish pink color?


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Stretching the Waist of a Dress?How can I stretch the waist of a dress?


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Finding a Counted Cross Stitch Pattern for a Horse and Foal?I am looking for a pattern of a horse and foal in counted cross stitch, preferably 10x10 minimum size. I would consider a kit, but prefer just the pattern.


Value of a Seymour Mann Doll - blond haired doll wearing an apricot dress

Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?How do I find the value of an Ann doll, Collectors Guild Seymour Mann 1986 #383?


Value of an Ashley Belle Doll - in box

Value of an Ashley Belle Doll?I have an Ashley Belle doll named Carmen. The certificate states it is one of a kind. What is the value of this doll?


Old Female Cat Started Peeing on Clothing

Old Female Cat Started Peeing on Clothing?My 13 year old female cat has started peeing on my clothes on the floor, she even jumped up on to the laundry basket once, always on dirty clothes. I thought it was the sweat as we have just been through summer. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, so no litter box. I put one in the laundry room, but she still pees on clothes.


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Canning Tomato Sauce?I want to/need to can tomato sauce and have never done it before.


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Preserving an Autograph on a Jersey?So my 11 year old got his jersey signed at the Richmond Flying Squirrels by Aramis Garcia (catcher) and he is really scared if he washes it the signature will come off. So will it be safe?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with painted on face and hair

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I need to know what type of doll this is and what it's worth. It is unmarked, has molded painted hair with a point like kewpie dolls. It is wearing blue and white plaid with matching panties and a white apron. It has an open mouth, painted lashes, white shoes and socks, a round baby face.


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Daycare and Preschool Slogan Ideas?I am thinking of opening a daycare 24/7 business called Bright Beginning Academy Daycare and Preschool, but need a slogan. I am stuck and need some help! Thank you.


Dog Won't Eat - white puppy

Dog Won't Eat?I have a little poodle (1 and a half months old). Since it was brought to me it has been refusing to eat. It only takes in water. What should I do to make it eat? It refuses to drink it's milk and pellets too. What can I do to make this puppy eat? It hasn't eaten for the pass three days.


Name Ideas for a Kids' Language Workshop Business

Name Ideas for a Kids' Language Workshop Business?I am planning to set up a kids' language workshop for little people. I would like to receive any ideas for a short and interesting name which is easy to remember too.


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Value of 1953 Toro Mower?How do I find the value of a Toro mower made in 1953 that was used by the White House lawn service for mowing the lawn?


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