May 15, 2018

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Bamboo wind chime in a backyard

How to Make a Bamboo Wind ChimeBamboo is a traditional material for wind chimes, making a soothing sound as they move together. Add this motion and sound to your garden or patio.


Baby Zebra Finch in someones hands.

Caring for Baby Zebra FinchesRaising baby finches is rewarding, but it can also be a time-consuming task as they need regular care until they are grown. This is a page about caring for baby zebra finches.


Clean white bathroom sink.

Protecting Your Bathroom When Dyeing HairIf you are saving money by dyeing your hair at home, be sure to cover your surfaces to avoid difficult stains. This is a page about protecting your bathroom when dyeing hair.


Close up of a Hawks face.

Hawk Photos and InformationThis page contains hawk photos and information. These majestic birds are beautiful and intelligent. Here are some amazing photos of hawks from all over the United States.


Bedside table with book lamp and glasses

Organizing Your Bedside TableIt's easy to get a nightstand cluttered with all the things you may need through the night. This is a page about organizing your bedside table.


Soldier smiles while typing on a computer.

What Agencies Give Laptops to Veterans?This is a page about finding agencies that give laptops to veterans. There are numerous services that Veterans can utilize after they are out of the military. The best way to find out more information is to contact the Veterans Administration.


Cheesy Tuna Noodle Casserole

Cheesy Tuna Noodle Casserole RecipesA classic Midwestern comfort food classic, tuna noodle casserole topped with lots of cheese. This page contains recipes for cheesy tuna noodle casserole.


Putting pills into a weekly organizer

Traveling With MedicationIf you are going on a trip, you need to make sure you have your medication refilled prior to going. It is recommended to bring your original packaging with you to avoid any problems.


A white mark on a vinyl floor.

How to Remove a White Mark on a Vinyl Floor?This is a page about removing a white mark on vinyl floor. Here are a few suggestions to try, for removing white marks on vinyl flooring. You want to avoid damaging the finish in the process, so be sure to test anything you try in a small area first.


Empty finch nest on a shrub.

Baby Finches DyingSometimes baby birds don't survive long and it can be hard to know what to do to prevent it from happening again. This is a page with advice about baby finches dying.


The potatoes on a white background

Uses for PotatoesPotatoes are a favorite ingredient for many cultures but what else can it be used for? This is a page about uses for potatoes.


Marbled Chocolate and white Chocolate cake

Chocolate Upside Down Cake RecipesChocolate cake is nearly everyone's favorite flavor and this upside down version will not disappoint. Make this rich cake for your next celebration.



Barbecued Chicken on plate with potatoes and broccoli

Barbecued ChickenFor many years, we have enjoyed cooking outside on our Holland Grill, especially during the hot summer months. It cooks much like an oven with no open flame so cooking this chicken in a pan works great. It can also be baked in the oven as well.


Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage (Xoi Lap Xuong) on plate

Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage (Xoi Lap Xuong)This is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes, called Xoi Lap Xuong which translates to Sticky Rice Chinese Sausage.


Caramel Apple Crisps on plate

Caramel Apple CrispsEnjoy the flavour of caramel apples? These rose-shaped dessert cups are full of caramel and apple, and only have a handful ingredients in them. They're so easy to put together and they won't weigh you down. You don't need special tools or techniques to make these super pretty rose-like goodies; I even used my toaster oven!



Monogram Initial Picture Frame Art - finished T initial frame art piece

Monogram Initial Picture Frame ArtI made this monogram initial picture frame for friend who is expecting. I thought it would be a nice simple pre-Mother's Day gift. This technique can be used for party accents, weddings, and home decor.


Clematis Niobe - beautiful red flower with dark edges

Clematis NiobeEver since I've had this flower, I wondered about the meaning of its name, but never bothered to find out. Today, I checked. I was pleasantly surprised.


Movable Reading Card - consonant and vowel game

Movable Reading CardI came up with this idea when I observed my little boy struggle with his reading. I created an improvised reading tool to make it easier for him to read and pronounce the sounds of different letters.


Pugchee (Chihuahua Mix)  - brindle dog with treat bone

Pugchee (Chihuahua Mix)We got Pugchee when she was about 8 weeks old. She loves licking a thin layer of peanut butter out of the center of a hollow bone. Her face always has a sign of pure pleasure on it and she never leaves even a hint of peanut butter inside the bone.


Pretty Botanical Centerpieces - several bottles and potted plant

Pretty Botanical CenterpiecesHere is a super pretty and inexpensive centerpiece for Mother's Day, bridal showers, or a natural wedding table.


A pink watering can being used as a planter.

Free PlantersBuying planters and containers to display summer flowers in can be expensive. I'm always looking for items around the house that can be repurposed as planters. I've repurposed tin cans, old shoes, boxes and numerous other items as planters. This year, I decided to use a watering pitcher that had a crack in the bottom.


House Finch Courtship - male feeding female

House Finch CourtshipThe first picture with the orange colored bird and the other, are called a house finches, and the "orange'ish" male is feeding the female, which at first I thought how cute it was to see a mommy bird feeding her baby.



Value of an Old Webster Pocket Dictionary

Value of an Old Webster Pocket Dictionary?I have 1942 Little Giant Webster dictionary self pronouncing pocket book that is still in decent condition, but you can definitely tell it's 80+ years old. I am curious about how much this book might be worth?


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed is he?


Are These Termites? - small brown biting bugs

Are These Termites?Yesterday, I was taking my dogs into the backyard when I saw this, whatever this is all over the outside walls and windows. I kept hosing them off only to come back an hour later to see them there like nothing happened. Now they're getting inside and they bite me whenever they fall on me.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?We rescued Riley and were told he was an English Staffy. However he doesn't look like one. What do you think?


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John Deere Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a John Deere ride on mower. The other day I got off the seat without putting it on park and it shut off and won't start. It turns over and has battery power, but won't run. It did that before and it started after a few days. What can I do?


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Finding Low Cost Veterinary Clinics?I would like information for places that can help with veterinary costs. My family and I are in a financial hardship and our cat needs an eye removed due to glaucoma. I am reaching out everywhere. If you know of any place that can help I really would appreciate it.


Finding Discontinued Wallpaper - floral wallpaper

Finding Discontinued Wallpaper?I'm looking for a couple of rolls of discontinued wallpaper. I don't have a number, but I do have a picture. I believe the brand is Waverly. What is the best way to get my request out there?


Identifying a Flea Market Find - some type of carrying case with 4 open circular compartments and a small drawer

Identifying a Flea Market Find?I recently found this at a flea market. I'm not as concerned with what it's worth as I am what it is. I would really like to know its original purpose.


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Graphic Design Business Name?I'm starting up a vinyl decal and heat printing business. I'm looking for a business name that is catchy, short, and unique. I have a military background so I would like to have something with my Army infantry background in it as well. Any ideas?


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Name Ideas for an Interior Decor Business?I want to start interior decor company. I urgently need name using words starting with R S K or A.


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I have a friend that needs help with the house and a AC unit that is free or cheap because they are on disability and have no extra money to fix the house. Please let me know what I can do to get it fixed and a AC unit.


How Much Is This Ashley Belle Doll Worth? - doll in box

How Much Is this Ashley Belle Doll Worth?This Ashley Belle doll is named Barbra. She says 1968. I have the certificate of authenticity. She has the logo on the back of her neck.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown dog on vinyl floor

What Breed Is My Dog?I adopted this dog and I would like to know what breed it is. It looks like a Chihuahua.


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Name Ideas for a Hair Care Butter?I named my essential care products business The Butterfly Effect. I'm making a hair butter and I'm having a hard time naming it. I'm using unique butters like cupacu and carrier oils like broccoli seed and I want to incorporate the fact that the ingredients are healthy and good for the hair.


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - two dogs on a blanket on the floor

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?I got her free and the owner told me it's an American Pit Bull Terrier. Can anyone help? Her ears are too big. She is the black dog.


What Breed Is This Dog? - black puppy

What Breed Is This Dog?Is it Husky or Pit Bull? It's only 5 weeks old. I have a pic of the litter also.


Identifying an Antique Porcelain Doll -  sitting baby doll

Identifying an Antique Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know the maker mark of this doll? My grandmother was given it by her mother and so on. I'm trying to find out how old it is etc.


Is My Dog a Full Blood Pit Bull? - black dog with white chest

Is My Dog a Full Blood Pit Bull?I was told this is a pure female black-nose Pit Bull, but I have a feeling she might be a mix?


Identifying Little Black Bugs

Identifying Little Black Bugs?I have been seeing these little black bugs on the walls, baseboard, and window seals. They are super small and very fast. Can someone help me figure out what kinda of big this is? The image I provided is zoomed in a good bit.


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Organization Business Name Ideas?Can anyone help me with a clever name for an organizing business? My initials are NA something I was thinking about.


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Getting Rid of Mite Sized Biting Bugs Inside?How do you get rid of these white brownish bugs/mites that look like lint, but bite and then brown ones you can't feel these only when they bite, but they look like pepper. They get into your skin. The white and brownish ones get on your hair, finger nails, toes, and heels & bite.


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Finding Discontinued Village Wallpaper Border?Where can I buy Village wallpaper border? It is a fruit pattern, pattern #5801780.


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