May 20, 2018

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Hand adjusting the thermostat.

Heating Your Home With a Corn FurnaceBurning shelled corn in a proper furnace can save you money. This is field corn with a low moisture content and usually used to feed livestock. This is a page about heating your home with a corn furnace.


Pop-up tent trailer.

Connecting Front Door on 1973 Jayco Pop Up Tent Trailer?Getting a copy of the tent trailer owner's manual can help you get direction on how to connect the door. This is a page about connecting jayco pop up tent to aluminum front door.


Close up of begging of Cross-stitch

"A Message From Heaven" Cross-stitch Pattern?Sometimes trying to find a pattern to use for creating a cross stitched project incorporating a poetic phrase can be difficult, especially if you are unsure of the actual wording or source. This is a page about "A Message From Heaven" cross-stitch pattern.


Rag rug closeup.

Cutting Material for a Rag Rug?According to many crafters, when you are cutting the fabric for your rag rug project, cut it lengthwise. Although cutting on the bias may reduce fraying it can cause the fabric to stretch more. This page contains some tips for cutting material for a rag rug.


Heater vent in a vehicle.

1994 Ford Ranger Heater is Not Working?Check the thermostat, fuse, and coolant level. It could possibly be a plugged heater core. This is a page about 1994 Ford Ranger heater is not working.


Preschool classroom.

Montessori Preschool Name Ideas?You want the name to be easy to remember and a positive expression of your theme, when choosing one for your preschool. This page is about Montessori preschool name ideas.


Cucumber Beetle on a leaf

Getting Rid of Cucumber BeetlesYou can use a commercial powder product Sevin or you can use an homemade less toxic spray concoction to help control this beetle. This is a page about getting rid of cucumber beetles.



Cactus Flower - white flower tinged with pin on the ends of the lower petals

Cactus FlowerI was immediately drawn to this flower because of the contrast of the delicate blossom next to the sharpness of the prickles beside it. To me, it was a metaphor for life. The blossom also seemed to pull one into its deep center. This was shot in Pasadena, CA.


Babygirl  - grey and white dog with a Kong

Babygirl (Pit Bull)We got her from a breeder when she was 6 weeks old. We picked her out from all the other little brothers and sister. She was so friendly and happy to be held.


DIY Screen Printing - dual heart design on black shirt

DIY Screen PrintingI love making my own designs for shirts and bags, but I don't like paying the price for custom printing. There's something super charming about being able to hand draw and print your own things. The design is dedicated to my mother, a heart with a big heart, so I've made us matching shirts!


Salmon on dinner plate

Soy Citrus SalmonI learned this quick and super delicious pan-fried salmon technique from my mother. Sprinkling the fish with a bit of flour before frying it not only gives it a crisp exterior, but it also lends to making a nice pan sauce when soy and citrus juices are added. The result is a tender piece of fish with a nice crunch and full bodied flavour. You can use any citrus fruit you like.



Identifying a Porcelain Doll - older doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I might end up posting more, but so far this doll seems to be the only one I have that does not have a mark on it. I have checked for tags, imprints, etc. I checked the feet too. Does anyone know of this doll?


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Value of a Thomas Kinkade Fly Fishing Print?I recently bought a Thomas Kinkade Fly Fishing print. It is signed and numbered, but with an I/P notation. I know what that means, but cannot find the value of "it doesn't get much better " international print anywhere. Can you help? It is the larger sized print.


What Is This Houseplant? - dark green flat leaves at the top of narrow roundish stems

What Is This Houseplant?I got this house plant from a garden centre. It had a label with the species on it, but they took it off at the checkout. I would really like to know what type of plant it is :)


Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest  - tapestry covered top chest with wheat pattern on the front

Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?I have a tapestry covered lid Murphy cedar chest with the number 7273 on it. It has a wooden engraved wheat design on the front and two handles. I bought in the 1980s.


Is My Dog a Full Blood Pit Bull? - brindle puppy

Is My Dog a Full Blood Pit Bull?I have a quick question. I won't be holding anyone to any answers, just curious. Does this 9 week old pup look like a full Pit? She sure does when she yawns, but sometimes I see Boxer.


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Dog Peed on Owner's Bed?My female Pom, a 5 year old ex-puppy farm girl, just peed in my bed in the night. She has no health problems and is the only pet. I've had her 2 years and she has settled in very well, but when I got out of bed to get some water, she went to where I had been sleeping and peed.


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Discontinued Village Wallpaper?I'm looking for Village wallpaper #5813421. It has an off white background with cranberry colored dots all over it.


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Using Coffee Grounds on Mandarin Orange Trees in Containers?I am trying my luck at growing 6 mandarin orange trees from seed inside my home. So far they seem to be doing good, the tallest one is about 24 inches and the smallest is about 18 inches. I am about to transplant them into larger pots and am wondering if used coffee grounds would be good for them.


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Encouraging a Dog's Coat to Grow Back After Shaving?My son's girlfriend shaved his 10 year old Chow's hair down to the skin. How can I get it to grow fast? I put vitamin E on it and give her salmon oil, but doesn't really look like it growing!


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Repairing a Coachmen Pop-up Camper?How do I repair a pop up camper where the canvas is sagging on the sides?


Value of an Ornately Carved End or Bedside Table

Value of an Ornately Carved End or Bedside Table?I am curious about the value and where this is from. It is 19" tall.


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Reason for a Dog's Sudden Death?My dog seemed fine in the morning when we let her out and back in. We ran some errands and when we got home she was stumbling, her tongue was hanging out and was really blue, and her gums were blue as well and she couldn't breathe. My husband carried her to the car and I rushed her to the vet, but she died when I got there.


Identifying Tiny Brown Bugs

Identifying Tiny Brown Bugs?I keep finding these bugs in my room and I have no clue what they are. Can someone help me please?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I'm opening my childcare with the name of Tiny Angels Daycare. Does anyone have suggestions on a slogan?


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Slogan for Kompletely Klean Cleaning Business?I am needing help coming up with a slogan for my business. The business name is Kompletely Klean. It specializes in post construction clean-up.


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Dog Recovering from Parvo Not Eating or Drinking?I have an 8 week old Great Dane. He just overcome parvo. He's been on fluids and antibiotics through an IV. He's back up and walking and has had normal stools. He even wags his tail. But he will not eat or drink anything.


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?He's supposed to be a full blood Pit. His dad was a blue and mom an American Pit. I'm just here for opinions I know I should get him DNA tested, I am just asking opinions tho.


Donating Vaseline - a stack of Vaseline jars

Donating Vaseline?I have learned that when Amazon ships you a wrong order, they will not ask you to return the order if it is a low priced item.


Imperial Wallpaper Border - blue topped floral border with a scalloped bottom

Imperial Wallpaper Border?I am looking for old Imperial wall border lot #01311. It was from around 2002.


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Substituting PS99 for Crisco in Buttercream Frosting?Have been thinking of trying PS99 instead of Crisco in my buttercream. Would I use the same amount? I use a half cup with each single batch. I am having some separation issues lately.


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