May 21, 2018

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White Earbuds on wooden background

How to Clean EarbudsEarbuds need to be cleaned frequently to remove skin oil or ear wax. Wiping with alcohol pads is a good cleaning method of choice for the job. This is a page about how to clean earbuds.


Above ground pool.

Installing Sand for a Pool BaseThis is a page about installing sand for a pool base. Putting down a good sand base for your pool will help prevent punctures to the liner from sharp rocks. It also makes for a smooth pool bottom.


Foster mom with her tow children

How to Become a Foster Parent in CanadaBecoming a foster parent is a great way to help children who have been orphaned or removed from their family. Each country has its own rules and procedures for becoming a foster parent. This is a page about how to become a foster parent in Canada.


Dark cat getting ears cleaned with a q-tip.

Treating Cat with Ear MitesThis is a page about treating cat with ear mites. Ear mites are highly contagious and will cause your cat quite a bit of discomfort. If left untreated, these tiny mites can lead to serious ear infections. While some people try to treat ear mites with home remedies, it is best to seek professional treatment to avoid damage to your cat's ears.


bottles of cooking oil

Substituting Oil for Butter in RecipesMany cooks can substitute cooking oil in recipes that call for butter with little change to the original recipe. This is a page about substituting oil for butter in recipes.


Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) in a pot on a wood floor

What Is This Houseplant? (Pachira Aquatica)The money tree or money plant is a common name for Pachira Aquatica. They are also known as Malabar or Guiana Chestnut and many others. This houseplant is native to Central and South America.


Girl with dyed dark blue hair

Dyeing Hair Dark Blue?Fashionable hair color choices like dark blue are becoming mainstream in all walks of life. This is a page about dyeing hair dark blue.


Mourning Dove on a log

Dove PhotosThe names dove and pigeon are used interchangably for this bird. The family name is Columbidae or Columbine. This page contains dove photos.


Wood window flower box.

Lining Wood Window BoxesWindow boxes add a lovely floral touch to your home's exterior. To keep the soil from leaking through the joints and the wood from rotting there are a variety of liners to choose from. This page offers a number of good suggestions for lining wood window boxes.


Fish cooked in banana leaf

Cooking Fish in Banana LeavesMany cultures cook fish inside banana leaves as bananas are grown in tropical climates worldwide. This is a page about cooking fish in banana leaves.


Hermit Crab on a white background

Hermit Crab PhotosHermit crabs are a popular pet but also can be found at many beaches and seashores. This is a page about hermit crab photos.


Cat laying on a vet table getting it's ears checked.

Using Peroxide to Get Rid of Ear Mites?This is a page about using peroxide to get rid of ear mites. It is best to use a solution that is intended to treat ear mites. If left untreated, ear mites can cause ear infections that can lead to serious damage. Avoid using products such as peroxide, without first consulting a veterinarian.


A sealed Johnny Crash "Neighborhood Threat" cassette tape, still sealed in plastic.

Finding the Value of Johnny Crash Cassette Tape?The Los Angeles heavy metal band, Johnny Crash released their debut album, Neighbourhood Threat in 1990, when cassette tapes were still commonly used. This is a page about finding the value of Johnny Crash cassette tape.


Strawberry salad with a balsamic dressing.

Balsamic Dijon and Shallot Dressing RecipeClassic French flavors including shallot and Dijon mustard come together in this light salad dressing. This page contains a recipe for balsamic dijon and shallot dressing.


Woman having dye come through her blond hair

Blonde Hair Dye Reviews?Getting a true blonde color can be tricky without a lot of overprocessing and there are many types of blonde dyes available. This is a page about blonde hair dye reviews.


Close up of pulpier martin bird on a branch

Purple Martin PhotosThe purple martin is a North American swallow and is very fast and agile. This is a page contains purple martin photos.


Close up of a mattress.

Drying Out a Wet Mattress?There is a good chance of mold or mildew if a mattress is not dried thoroughly. This is a page about drying out a wet mattress.


Fresh Mint Punch in glasses with lime slice

Fresh Mint PunchMint is a favorite addition to many summer drinks, including this punch with ginger ale and lemon juice. Here is a recipe for making fresh mint punch.


Black laptop keyboard

Clean Laptop Keys With an Interdental BrushHere is a non-dental use for those little brushes designed to clean between your teeth. They can be used to carefully clean around the edges of laptop keys. This is a page about clean laptop keys with an interdental brush.


Icicle on a tree branch.

Icicle PhotosWhile we may not always be thrilled by an ice storm or heavy snowfall, icicles are the upside to such weather events. Trees, clotheslines, and roof eaves are the perfect beginning palette for these natural glistening pieces of artwork. This page offers several icicle photos.


Purple and blue hair bow.

Manuals for Brilliant Bowmaker Ultimate Kit?This is a page about finding manuals for Brilliant Bowmaker Ultimate Kit. Whether the manuals were missing when you bought this bowmaker kit or you missed placed them, here are some tips for finding replacement manuals.


Broken garden path.

Repairing Stepping Stones?This is a page about repairing stepping stones. Decorations can sometimes fall off of stepping stone. An adhesive such as E6000 can be used to reattach these items.


Closeup of vinyl car upholstery.

Removing Plastic Stains on Vinyl Car Upholstery?This is a page about removing plastic stains on vinyl car upholstery. Sometimes the extreme heat inside a car can cause color transfer on plastic type materials. Here are some suggestions to try, prior to seeking professional help.



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Blue Magic Metal Cleaner to Restore Darkened Stainless SteelWe have a new RV that we live in. I used Lime Away to get rid of some hard water deposits and it blackened and my stainless steel faucet. After much ado I tried the Blue Magic metal cleaner. It works; all I can say is it works, it works, it works!


Use Hairdryer for No Residue Label Removal - jar with label an hair dryer

Use Hairdryer for No Residue Label RemovalMost of the time, I can remove a label from a jar or plastic container by using the hairdryer to heat the label. It loosens the glue and makes the label easy to lift and peel off.


Vintage Mixed Media Framed Roses - ready to hang and display

Vintage Mixed Media Framed RosesI am in the process of adding a few new elements to my home décor. The challenge is to try and upcycle old items, without breaking the bank in the process.


Nina (Chipin) - tan and brown mix breed Chihuahua and Min Pin

Nina (Chipin)We got her from the SPCA in 2010. She loves to go for rides.


Using Bird Cages As Outdoor Planters - closeup of impatiens potted plant

Using Bird Cages As Outdoor PlantersI never really liked the the idea of caged birds, but love the intricate designs that bird cages bring.


Gift Book Filled with Goodies - finished gift box

Gift Book Filled with GoodiesI was able to repurpose a teal box lid into a gift book box filled with goodies (present) for a friend. A little pick me up gift since she was feeling down, it's a little spa/pamper kit - face masks and lip glosses.


Making a Flower Pen - pink edged flower pen

Making a Flower PenMake girly pens with materials you can see at home or at work. This craft I'm going to make is made with some things I found around at work while I waited for the break time to be over.



Value of English Staffordshire Serving Pieces - tea or coffee pot in blue and white pattern

Value of English Staffordshire Serving Pieces?I have several pieces, platters mostly, that are clearly marked "English Staffordshire - Blue Nordic", Genuine Hand Engraving, J & G Meakin, England. Just wondering if these pieces are common or worth selling.


Differentiating Between Silver and Silver Plate - ornate silver handled basket bowl

Differentiating Between Silver and Silver Plate?I have some of my great grandmother's silver serving pieces that have different markings on the bottom. One says EG PLATO EPNS with a crest below and Made in England below the crest. One reads Assay Canada, EP COPPER Lead Mounts 1001. Another BIRKS No. 38. Most have the EBNS, Made in England. Any ideas?


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Electric Blanket Control Flashing on P Mode?My SCE electric blanket flashes on P mode. I cannot reset the controls.


Value of a Mersman Library Table - table in garage

Value of a Mersman Library Table?I am cleaning up this Mersman Bros., Brandts CO. find. What is the value? This table seems shorter than other library tables I have come across.


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Collecting Back Child Support Owed to Deceased Mother?My father paid all of his child support to my mother who had passed away in 2012. Someone recently told me that there is a list with my mother's name on it for child support back pay and they could not contact her to give her the money they were holding.


What Kind of Snake Is This? - fuzzy snake photo

What Kind of Snake Is This?I live in Mullins SC. I found two of these snakes. What kind are they?


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Remedy for Green Hair After Dyeing?I dyed my dark brown hair with a bleach dye. Then it turned yellow, so I added blue and now it looks green. Someone help please it's ugly.


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Boyfriend's Birthday Present Ideas?My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in July. I know it's far away, but I want to be a couple months in advance because I know I will stress out if I wait. He loves dirt bikes, Fortnite, and anything active.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a John Deere L100 riding mower. The battery is good. I had the solenoid checked by a John Deere service center. It checked good. I replaced 3 safety switches. I put a screwdriver on the big posts of the solenoid, starter motor will activate.


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Finding a Vet that Takes Payments?Every year our cat Marley seems to get itchy around his neck. He's an indoor cat, and is never allowed outside. I know we don't have fleas in our home. We would like to find a vet that would accept payments if possible.


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