May 29, 2018

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Cleaning the inside of a freezer.

Getting Rid of Maggots in a Freezer?There is nothing yuckier than finding maggots in your freezer after a power failure. You can use boiling water and bleach to kill and clean your freezer. Get more tips on how to get rid of maggots in a freezer on this page.


Homemade Mayonnaise with ingredients on a wooden table

Easy Mayonnaise RecipeMaking homemade mayo is super simple and allows you to tailor the flavor to your liking. This page has recipes for easy mayonnaise.


Fried shrimp cakes on a plate with a clear dipping sauce.

Making Shrimp CakesShrimp cakes are a great alternative to crab cakes. These are a crispy and delicious appetizer.


Man cleaning his tongue with tongue cleaner

How to Clean Your TongueRemove bad bacteria and avoid bad breath with good tongue hygiene. You can clean your tongue with a tongue scraper, a toothbrush or even a spoon. Get tips on how to clean your tongue on this page.


Close up of a slice of lemon, with one drop coming down.

Using Lemon Juice to Get Rid of AntsAnts don't like the smell of lemons. You can use lemon juice to deter ants in your home. This is a page about Using Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Ants.


Baked sweet potato cut into cubes with in the skin.

Baked Sweet Potatoes RecipesSweet potatoes are nutritious and delicious. They make a perfect side dish or snack. This page contains baked sweet potatoes recipes.


Chili with cheese and chives on wooden table

Quick and Easy Chili RecipesChili can be a quick and easy dinner especially if you used canned beans. This page contains quick and easy chili recipes.



Spiced Tomato Chutney in jar

Spiced Tomato ChutneyThis is a vibrant, tart and spicy chutney that brightens up any meat or rice dish. I even like to use them with my eggs in the morning. Like most chutneys, this lasts in an airtight container for months. This is a spicy version. If you'd like it a bit tamer, cut down on the Serrano pepper.


Spicy Taco Beef Mix with Corn and Beans

Spicy Taco Beef Mix with Corn and BeansYou don't have to buy pre-packaged taco mix, you can make your own with spices you may already have at home. This is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.



Making a Collage Folder - clippings

Making a Collage FolderWhen you have 8 x 10 photos printed whether it may be in a store or online, they come in a folder. I always keep these folders because they come in handy with storing pictures, documents, papers, etc.


Choco (Siamese) - seal point cat

Choco (Siamese)She was given birth by a feral cat 4 years ago. I communicated with her mother until she trusted me. There were only 4 kittens total. Choco, her mom, brother, and sisters live happily with me now. They got neutered and had all their shots. This is a family that will always play together and stay together. 


Señor Fat Fat (Mixed Breed Cat) - cat wearing a lion headpiece

Señor Fat Fat (Mixed Breed Cat)He's the offspring of my daughter's tortoiseshell cat, Annabelle. I strongly suspect he's my childhood dog reincarnated. My dog Tori loved to have the spaces between her toes on her front paws rubbed. I discovered about a year ago that Señor Fat Fat also likes having his front paws rubbed but not his back paws.


Planting Seed in the Garden - man using the planting stick in the garden

Planting Seed in the GardenThis is a new version of a pipe for planting seed in the garden. The old version of my idea was posted last year on May 3rd.



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Where to Sell a 1962 Midge Barbie Doll?I have a 1962 Midge Barbie and two cases full of clothes and accessories even Ken clothes and his accessories, but not the Ken doll. Some of the clothes are worn and some are in excellent shape for their age. Where could I sell this wonderful collection?


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Value of a Clemson Reel Mower?I would like to find the value of a Clemson e16 model push reel mower.


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Value of Encyclopedia Brittanica?What is the value of a two volume set of the Encyclopedia Brittanica with tiny print accompanied by a magnifying glass?


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Value of a 1961 Webster Dictionary?I have a 1961 Webster illustrated dictionary and want to know its value.


Finding a Lost Dog

Finding a Lost Dog?My 5 year old German Shepherd recently ran away maybe 3 days ago and it was during a storm and he's terrified of storms. We have 10 acres of land, but we can't go through it all because it's mostly woods. I am very worried because a lot could've happened between then and now.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?We are low income and need our roof repaired. We have a leak right now. I am afraid it will continue to get worse. We just about make our bills as it is. I am at my wits end. Where can I find help?


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Eating and Drinking After Having Teeth Pulled?I just had 4 of my front teeth pulled on the 23rd and was just wondering when can I eat normal food. I have no pain. Also when can I drink out of a straw?


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Value of a Betty Jane Carter Porcelain Doll?An Angelica, Betty Jane Carter doll was donated to the DAR to sell for the Safe Place in Olympia. Would you give me an idea of what this doll is worth? She is in her original clothing, down to the shoes, and in excellent condition. I doubt she was ever played with at all.


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John Deere Mower Won't Restart After Loud Pop and Smoke?I have a ride on John Deere lawn tractor and had the mower on and went to move something, so I put the parking brake on, but left the mower on. When I got off it did the emergency shut down. So I got back on and went to start it and there was a loud pop, smoke, and now it will not start.


Value of an RCA Record Player with 8 Track Tape Player - stereo console

Value of an RCA Record Player with 8 Track Tape Player?I have an RCA Victor Victrola record and 8 track console stereo. It is in great shape as it has been in our family cottage for 38 years. We are ready to sell it, but want to get a fair value for it.


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Growing Cat Grass and Catnip?How do you grow cat grass and catnip?


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70s Weight Watchers Frozen Dessert Recipe?A friend of mine was on WW back in the mid - late 70s. She did great. I remember her making a chocolate treat that you froze and it tasted like a chocolate bar with nuts in it. All I can remember is it contained crushed pineapple and some type of chocolate.


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Repairing an AT&T Electric Typewriter?I have an AT&T electronic typewriter, model 6500. I turned on the typewriter with the carriage locked, now it will not type. There is a little window where you can see what you are typing and the letters appear there, but it will not type.


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Reporting Neighbors Running a Food Business?I live in Vegas and all up and down my street there are people selling food right out of their trunks and the back of vans and other things. My neighbor sells food right out of her apartment. People are in and out at all hours of the night. What can I do to go about this situation.


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Value of a Vintage Craftsman Push Mower?I would like to find the value of a Yard-Man, Craftsman, Model No,123.8171. It is a vintage push mower.


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Removing Sticky Residue from a Couch Pillow Insert?I stored a large white inside pillow of a Crate and Barrel slip cover couch in my closet for a few weeks. When I went to put the pillow inside it's pillow slip cover, I noticed the pillow was very sticky in a four by two inch spot. I can't take the sheet off of the stuffing.


Avocado and Citrus Fruit Tree Health Problems - twiggy tree with few leaves

Avocado and Citrus Fruit Tree Health Problems?I live in southern Florida. My avocado is now only growing little acorn size fruit, that then drop, and leaves. The same is true of my citrus trees which are always covered with a black substance. This has been going on for the past 2 years. It is a shame as they were doing so well.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?So my birthday is in September, and I'm turning 14, but I can't do a pool party cause it'll be too cold for that and I can't do one at a hotel cause my mom doesn't have that much money. My parents want me to have fun, but they also want my two little cousins to have fun also. What should I do?


What Is This Garden Plant? - plant with small light purple flowers with yellow centers
What is this plant

What Is This Garden Plant?What is it? Is it poisonous? Should I be worried?


Mother Duck Seems to Have Abandoned Nest - nest in among iris plants

Mother Duck Seems to Have Abandoned Nest?What would cause a duck to abandon its nest full of eggs? Sas been sitting on the eggs for 4 days and she has not been seen for over 24 hours.


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Removing Burned Pan Odor from the House?I burned up an aluminum pan containing peanuts. The the aluminum bottom of the pan melted onto my glass cook top. How do I get the smoke and smell out of the house? I have a two story house and the odor is also upstairs.


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Identifying an Orange Star Plant?I have an orange star plant, I think! Mine is yellow; is it something else?


Value of Eleventh Edition
 Encyclopaedia Britannica - books on shelves

Value of Eleventh Edition Encyclopaedia Britannica?Can anyone tell me what they are worth? I have a full set.


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Toilet Won't Flush After Mixing Vinegar and Clorox Tablet in Tank?I poured vinegar in the tank of my toilet on top of the blue Clorox tablet. Now the tank won't flush even after I cleaned the gook it made in the tank. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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Value of a Rock-ola 7000 2 BX Jukebox?I need a roundabout value if anyone has a clue and is willing to help.


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Having Trees Removed for the Lumber?I have 4 very large oak trees and two very large pecan trees in my back yard that I wish to have removed. Is there enough value in harvesting them to entice someone to remove them at no cost?


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Transplanting Hydrangeas in Late Spring?We need to transplant 2 hydrangea bushes as they have grown so large and high they covered up our window boxes and other plantings last summer. We couldn't get to them until now and they do have leaves on them.


Value of a Mersman Tiered End Table - light wood table with an oval cutout in sides of top tier

Value of a Mersman Tiered End Table?I was given this piece of furniture by a neighbor who was moving and it's quite lovely. I believe it's a century modern piece, but I could definitely be wrong.


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Assigning Power of Attorney?I am 75 years old. My only child is my power of attorney. Does it need to be notarized? I have no assets, only Social Security.


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Repairing Rear Panel on a Pop Up Camper?We recently bought a 2003 pop up camper, but the wood on rear panel is completely rotted. The only thing holding the rear panel on is the spare tire. Is it possible to take the rear panel off and safely disconnect all wires? And what needs to be done to replace wood and re-secure the panel to the camper?


Value of a Mersman Lyre Lamp Table - vintage end table

Value of a Mersman Lyre Lamp Table?I have a Mersman 6651 and I'd like to know what it's worth please.


Value of a Mersman Table - white end table with single drawer

Value of a Mersman Table?I recently came across a Mersman 8716 table and was wondering if you could maybe help me with some information on it as far as age and value if possible.


Information on Heywood-Wakefield Chair - blue upholstered armchair

Information on Heywood-Wakefield Chair?I purchased this piece from the Salvation Army a few days ago to be placed either in my craft room or in my basement. When loading it into my vehicle I noticed the mark on the bottom. I tried their website and they no longer identify older pieces of their furniture.


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