June 3, 2018

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Top view of a bowl of chicken congee.

Congee RecipesThere is a breakfast in China as popular as our bacon and eggs. It consists of cooked down rice and any veggies or meat that you have on hand. This page has congee recipes.


Blue eyeglass frames on white background.

Changing the Color of Eyeglass FramesWhen you want a different look for your glasses, you can carefully paint your frames with finger nail polish or permanent markers. This is a page about changing the color of eyeglass frames.


White Soap dish on white background

Recycled Soap Dish IdeasThere are a variety of containers that can be fashioned into a soap dish. This is a page about recycled soap dish ideas.


Close up of a slice of cherry pie.

Cherry Pie Supreme RecipeUsing canned pie cherries, cream cheese, and a pie shell, you can easily create a fabulous pie. This page has a cherry pie supreme recipe.


Candle centerpiece with apples roses and sprigs of fir.

Centerpiece Ideas Using CandlesCandles are a beautiful addition to a centerpiece, as long as you are careful when using flammable materials and the hot wax. This is about centerpiece ideas using candles.


Man making funny face holding lit light bulb

Light Bulb JokesYou just never know how funny the act of changing a light bulb can be. This is a page about light bulb jokes.


Gloved hand with spray bottle.

Reusing Spray BottlesThere are many kinds of spray containers that can be repurposed for other liquids and many different uses. This is a page about reusing spray bottles.


A wooden jar filled with lip balm and a pink flower on a wooden background.

Using Lip BalmWhen your lips are chapped or dry, lip balm can be very soothing. It can also be helpful to moisten finger tips and in other ways. This is a page about using lip balm.


Woman in green dress deadheading a rose.

Pinching Off Dead BloomsMany flowering plants will continue to flower if you remove spent blossoms. This page is about pinching off dead blooms.


Coupon code on a phone

Get Restaurant Coupons by EmailWhen you join restaurant birthday and email clubs, you will receive special offers and coupons in your inbox. How to get restaurant coupons by email.



How to Turn Pants Into Shorts and a Bag  - tote bag and shorts

How to Turn Pants Into Shorts and a BagTurning a pair of pants into a pair of shorts and a matching bag is fun and easy to do. I've had these eccentric pants for decades and I thought it was time for a change as the days warm up.


grilled Pork Shoulder Steak

Pork Shoulder SteakWhen you hear of pork shoulder you probably wouldn't think of pork shoulder steak, but it's really delicious! Pairs perfectly with rice and side of pickled vegetables.



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Avocado Tree Has Two Main Stems?I have an avocado tree that I grew from a pit, it is like a year old, but has two stems. Should I cut one or leave it like that?


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Suggestions for Serving Cold Sautéed Salmon?Recently, someone gave me a beautiful salmon steak. I quickly sautéed the fish in coconut oil. It tasted OK, not really good. I refrigerated the rest. Tonight, I tasted the chilled fish. It was much better cold, but still, it had that 'fishy' taste.


Getting Rid of Tiny Orange Flying Biting Bugs Outside

Getting Rid of Tiny Orange Flying Biting Bugs Outside?I have microscopic orange flying biting bugs around my pool. I've noticed many people asking questions about these. We've tried everything over the last few days. They seem to go away then come back. This is zoomed in quite a bit. You cannot see their legs or wings. I want them gone and will use any chemicals necessary.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I am having trouble coming up with a slogan for my family home daycare Kenyada Kids.


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Keeping Neighbor's Dog Out of My Yard?My neighbor has a Bull dog. I mean we tried to be nice and she just barks. She nipped one of my dogs and our black Lab almost got into a fight with her. We are about to buy an air-soft gun or something just to keep her out (we don't have a fence) and it would not be worth putting one up for just one dog.


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Keeping Flies Out of Cat Food Outside?I have over ten cats plus kittens we feed out side, but the flies are so bad they won't eat and are losing weight. I have put fly strips, sprayed apple cider, everything, and gets worse!


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Name Idea for a Cleaning Service?My name is Andrea. I am currently looking for a perfect name for my new cleaning service I am soon to start. I am a single mom of a beautiful little girl & looking to make my own hours for more time to be spent with my daughter. I have come across a few names for the company, but still not ready to settle.


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Sewer Pipe Repair for Low Income Homeowner?I am a single lady with a very low income and am disabled. I noticed that I have a cracked sewer pipe in my basement. How can I get assistance in having this repaired soon?


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Kitten?I have had my boy kitten for about a month now. I brought home a girl kitten yesterday she's a little skittish and the two don't get along well. I have the oldest in the bedroom with food and an extra litter box and the kitten in the other room with her.own stuff.


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Roots of Weeping Willow Too Close to House?How do I repair the roots of a weeping willow when they are too close to the house?


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Treating a Kitten for Worms?I have a new kitten we got the kids. My father-in-law said she got up off the back of the couch and there was a wet spot and a worm there. How can I tell what kind of worm it is and how to get rid of them? I was reading and I saw fleas can pass worms and we have fleas pretty bad.


Getting Rid of Small Black Ants

Getting Rid of Small Black Ants?They look like small black ants that like sugar. I find them where small trace of sweets left on the table or counter. They're not around fruits, I tried leaving opened fruit, but no dice.


Value of Ashley Belle Porcelain Dolls - doll in fuzzy white suit

Value of Ashley Belle Porcelain Dolls?How much are Ashley Belle Keepsake collectible fine bisque porcelain dolls worth?


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Removing Labels from Prescription Bottless?I have a huge garbage bag of prescription bottles that I need to remove the labels. Is there a fast way to remove labels when there is a high quantity?


Unidentified Eggs On a Lily Plant - tiny white eggs on plant

Unidentified Eggs On a Lily Plant?Anyone know what laid these eggs on my outdoor lily plant? I live in Florida. If it's something beneficial, great. But if it's not, I'd like to know before they hatch! I will appreciate anyone's help who may know. And if I should get rid of them will appreciate any good ideas how.


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Preventing Condensation Inside a Metal Mobile Home?How do I prevent condensation on the inside of a metal mobile home roof in very hot weather?


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Low Cost or Free Vet Care?Are there any vets or organizations that provide immediate help with medical procedures. My dog has a foxtail in his ear and I can't afford the procedure. I took him to a vet and they want $380?


What Breed Is My Cat? - short haired tabby colored cat

What Breed Is My Cat?Does anyone know my cat's breed?


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Gaining Trust of a Stray Mama Cat?I have been feeding a stray who I thought was pregnant, but I think she had her babies. She lives in my neighbor's yard with about 16 or 20 other strays. I have yet to see any kittens, is there any way to get her to show them to me?


Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree - trunk with no branches

Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree?This mini weeping cherry tree was not so mini so I cut air branches off. Will it grow and if not can I use tree hormones?


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