June 4, 2018

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Blackberry Jam in a jar next to fresh blackberries

Blackberry Jam CakeThis delicious cake combines delicious blackberry jam, cocoa and spices, then it's topped with a simple icing. This is a page about blackberry jam cake.


Chipped Beef on toast on a red plate

Recipes Using Chipped BeefChipped beef is thinly sliced beef that has been pressed, salted, and dried. It can be used in numerous recipes from dips to casseroles. This page contains recipes using chipped beef.


meat nuts and eggs on a wooden table

High Protein, Low Sodium Recipes?Really restrictive diets can make it hard to have a good variety of recipes you can prepare. Here are some suggestions if you are in need of high protein, low sodium recipes.


Puppy getting shots at veterinarian

Puppy is Sick After Getting ShotsWhile a puppy may be a bit sick after getting shots it is best to check with your vet to see if it is normal for the specific vaccination given. Otherwise a return visit may be in order. This is a page about puppy is sick after getting shots.


Hand in pink rubber glove scrubbing tile wall.

Removing Double-Sided Tape From Ceramic Tile?This is a page about removing double-sided tape from ceramic tile. Double-sided tape residue can be hard to remove. Here are some tips for removing double-sided tape from ceramic tile.


Pink house shaped bird feeder in an apple tree.

Repainting a Metal Bird Feeder?This is a page about repainting a metal bird feeder. Over time metal bird feeders can rust. With proper prep and a final clear coat, you can give the feeder a new look and it will last for many more years.


Binder clips to keep a shower curtain liner from billowing.

How to Keep a Shower Curtain from BillowingMany of us have had this problem especially if you don't have a cast iron tub and a magnetic curtain. One solution would be to weigh the bottom down with something sewn into a new hem.


Someone sifting flour onto a table top.

Choosing Between Self-Rising and All-Purpose Flour?When a recipe calls for flour, you should use all purpose wheat flour unless it calls for self rising. This is a page about choosing between self-rising and all purpose flour.


Blue cake with blue and pink snowflakes.

Winter Birthday Ideas?This page contains winter birthday ideas. Whether you want to have a party or just casually celebrate your birthday, winter can be a hard time to do that. Here are some ideas if you want to avoid the cold weather and still have fun.


A hanging Christmas tree made from a piece of cardboard cut in a spiral.

DIY Hanging Cardboard Christmas TreeThis is a page about making a DIY hanging cardboard Christmas tree. Here's a fun project that can be customized in endless ways. This hanging cardboard tree is easy to make and can even be decorated with lights and ornaments.


Silver earring in a woman's ear

Can Silver Earrings Cause Skin Irritation?Typically if you have an allergic reaction to sterling silver earrings it is actually the trace nickel in the metal. You can try coating the posts or cleaning them. This is a page about "Can silver earrings cause skin irritation?".


Shrimp and veggies being cooked in a wok

Zesty Shrimp and VeggiesThis recipe is full of flavor and wonderful veggies. It can easily be customized to contain your favorite vegetables too. This is a page about zesty shrimp and veggies.



Fork Printed Flower Birthday Card - finished design glued onto card base

Fork Printed Flower Birthday CardUse the prongs of a cake fork to stamp beautiful flowers for a summer birthday card.


Up-cycled Clipboard - back of notebook with clips showing

Up-cycled ClipboardThis clipboard is primarily made from a cardboard envelope/folder and shopping catalogs. It is a cute up-cycled clipboard with lined paper for everyday notes.


finished Coconut Frosted cupcakes

Best Coconut FrostingI love this frosting because the coconut flakes are added on top when served, keeping it crisp, flaky and fresh. The ganache in this recipe is delicate enough that it allows the coconut to shine.


Gift Iris - iris photo in a circular frame presentation

Gift IrisIris are so beautiful. I never thought I would see an ugly one. I visited an iris farm where thousands of different iris were growing. I saw several ugly ones. One was a slimy, limey green, covered with rust colored freckles. Still, an ugly iris is pretty rare.



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Uses for Mason Jars?My favorite pasta sauce comes in a mason jar. Well, as you can imagine, I have a lot of jars. I really want to do something with at lease some of them, and would appreciate any suggestions you guys have.


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My dog was diagnosed with parvo a few days ago. We have been keeping her at home and steadily been giving her 10cc of Pedialyte about every 30 minutes and diluted chicken broth every once in a while. She is showing little improvement from yesterday and we do not feel like we are doing enough.


Identifying a Houseplant - tree like houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?This is an inherited tall houseplant or indoor tree. It has leaves, usually six, that grow from one stem and all connect to a larger trunk that is tan and coarse. It reminds me of my small umbrella plant, but I thought I would ask here.


Value of a Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll - poor quality photo of doll with long curly hair

Value of a Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll?I received a Cathay Collection porcelain doll when my grandmother passed away. It's number 1400 of the 1-5000 collection. There is an engraving on the neck that has the letters NISI. Just curious to know how much it may be worth.


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Unclogging a Drain Line with a Disposal?Garbage disposal works well, but doesn't drain as water is still backed up in sink. I tried a plunger, ice, and then disconnected the t-line which was clear. The water drained from the sink into the bucket. So the clog is past the t line. Now what do we do?


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Finding a 60s Textbook Series About Immigrants?I am trying to find old copies of a text book series from the 60s called "The _____ Built America" with the names of different immigrant groups (Irish, Italian, Jews) in the title. The point of the books was to honor the contributions different immigrant groups made to our country in the 20th century.


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Older Dog Pooping and Peeing Inside?My 11 year old Rottie is pooing and peeing indoors all the time! Initially I thought it was because he was protesting about not being allowed upstairs anymore. I'm a bit strapped for cash and really don't want to take him to the vet (and am scared of what they may say/find).


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SSI and Child Support?Social Security has stopped my child support. The letter says child support can not take SSI/SSD money for child support! They still have not approved his Social Security disability. He has been waiting 9 months, and got the letter about child support being stopped a month ago.


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Identifying Tiny Black Jumping Bugs?Tonight I noticed a teenie tiny black bug on my bathroom floor. I squished it and saw another, then another, and noticed quite a few of them crawling everywhere. As I was trying to squish them I realized they started jumping to get away.


Identifying a Tiny Bug

Identifying a Tiny Bug?Over the past week, I've been seeing these super tiny bugs in my bedroom. I first noticed one as it was crawling on my face. After that I saw them mostly crawling across my phone screen every once in awhile. I've already ruled out that they're bedbugs or fleas. These little things also do not bite or fly.


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Lightening the Color of Sheer Curtains?Is it possible to fade my purple sheers to a muted or dusty purple?


Value of Betty Carter Dolls - three animal dolls

Value of Betty Carter Dolls?Can you please tell me how much these Betty Carter dolls are worth?


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Cat Drinking Water from a Rusted Pitcher?My cat has anemia. She only wanted to drink water from a rusted water pitcher. I started giving her water in an iron skillet and now that is the only "bowl" she will drink water from. Is she getting iron from the water and if so, would it be too much? I do notice she is getting better!


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Intex Premaire Airbed Won't Deflate?My Intex Premaire airbed won't deflate. It has a built-in electric pump, but when it is on 'Deflate' it blows out air for 30 seconds then stops. Is there any way I can fix it or take the pump out to look at it?


Pillow and Throw Business Name Ideas

Pillow and Throw Business Name Ideas?I am new to the flea market industry. I will be selling decorative and custom made pillows, as well as throws, table runners, and place settings. I was selling handbags and am now working under the name Belles Bags which worked perfectly, but my products are changing and I will no longer be selling handbags.


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Hiding a Spare Key on Your Car?Does anyone know of a safe, yet accessible place to hide a spare car key under the hood, or any other place that can be gotten to while locked out? I don't like the idea of a magnetic box because all someone has to do is pull it off the car.


Value of a Simon Bros. Thimble Columbian Exposition 1892

Value of a Simon Bros. Thimble Columbian Exposition 1892?My mother has a Simon Bros. Columbian Exposition 1892 thimble and wanted to find out a realistic value for it - the photo is an example only found online.


Identifying Tiny Insects

Identifying Tiny Insects?I have little tiny almost microscopic insects in my kitchen sink and on the counters. I just noticed them 2 days ago. I'm in Louisiana, it's 103+ temp. I got a good zoomed in picture. They look like ants when zoomed. What are they?


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