June 5, 2018

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Bull dog on pavers.

Stopping a Dog from Peeing or Pooping on Pavers?Dogs can be trained to use a designated spot in the yard. If your pet is peeing or pooping on your pavers, clean them with a product such as Nature's Miracle to remove odors and then retrain her to go where you wish.


A window decoration made from a Christmas card and bows.

Christmas Card and Bow Window DecorationBy cutting out circles from your old Christmas cards and gluing a bow to the plain side you can create these cute window decorations. This is a page about making Christmas card and bow window decorations.


White yarn dog.

Pattern for Yarn Dog That Doesn't Use a Wire Hanger?Trying to find the old pattern for making a wireless yarn dog can be daunting. This page contains a few leads you can try. This is a page about the pattern for a yarn dog that doesn't use a wire hanger.


Dog laying down at night

Dog Needs to Potty in the Middle of the Night?Puppies like children often need to pee or potty in the middle of the night. This need will diminish as your dog gets older. Some foods with a lot of fillers can produce larger or more frequent BMs and drinking water too late at night can be a problem. Also check with a vet for possible urinary tract infections. This is a page about dog needs to potty in the middle of the night.


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Using Dawn for Fleas on CatsMany pet owners use Dawn to bathe their pets when fighting fleas. While this method does work, it may leave your pet's skin quite dry. If you have concerns check with your vet before using this flea control solution. This is a page about using Dawn for fleas on cats.


Bull dog in diaper.

Dog in Heat Peeing a Lot?It is normal for a dog in heat to pee frequently, including spotting. She is leaving a calling card to attract male dogs. This behavior usually stops with the end of her cycle. This is a page about a dog in heat peeing a lot.


Gray cat with a cone around its neck.

Finding a Home for a Sick Cat?It can be difficult to find a home for cats and kittens with chronic and/or contagious diseases. This page contains some useful tips and recommended agencies that can help in this situation. This is a page about finding a home for a sick cat.


Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Mix tied to a tree

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Mix PhotosThese two popular large dog breeds are often found in mixed breed pets. This page contains Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix photos.



serving dish of stew and bowl of rice

Lamb and Herb Stew (Ghormeh Sabzi)This has been one of my favourite Persian stews since I was a little kid. There is truly nothing like it. This is another one of those recipes people ask for my instructions on often and it's best I put it up here with pictures for everyone get use out of. This is my late grandmother's recipe, taught to me by my mother. You can use beef in place of lamb, or just make it vegetarian.


Twisted Donuts on plate

Twisted DonutsI have here some leftover pre made dough which is a mixture of yeast, milk, salt, sugar and flour. My oven is full so I have to transform this dough into something that I could fry and serve.



Daisy Duke (Terrier Mix)

Daisy Duke (Terrier Mix)I came across Daisy when she was about 3 weeks old underneath my truck on a busy street very late at nite. I had to literally crawl under my truck to get her she was shaking so much. I got her into my truck on my lap and she jumped up in my arms, kissed me, then curled up in my lap and went right to sleep.


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Cleaning Picture Frame GlassJust remove the glass and place on a towel. Then take a Mr Clean eraser. Wet it down and start cleaning the glass. You can wring the water out some then rewet and wring out again as needed. When all the dirt and grime is all gone, then take a clean dry eraser and go over the glass to dry and remove all the streaks. It makes the glass clean and sparkling.


Present Topper from Cupcake Liners

Present Topper from Cupcake LinersNeed a quick present topper? You can make one out of cupcake liners. You'll have yourself a one of a kind present topper and it also helps cover the flaws of your box too (if you have one like mine).


Red, White, and Blue Star Window Decor

Red, White, and Blue Star Window DecorI love decorating my big window with stuff that hangs from 12 pieces of yarn. For Valentines Day, St. Patty's, Easter, and spring, I had hearts, shamrocks, eggs, and birds. Now that summer is almost here, this!


Pepper (Schnauzer)

Pepper (Schnauzer)She was originally my grandmother's. My grandma told me that Pepper and I are perfect for each other. She insisted that I take Pepper because we were meant for each other. She was right. I never knew I could love an animal so much. She's been my everything since she was 3 years old.



What Is This Houseplant? - leafed out cutting

What Is This Houseplant?I bought this little plant at my local garden centre and the price label just says "green plant". It's a cutting of a much thicker branch which has also been cut off at the top and sealed. Its leaves are long and fairly thin, and vary between different shades of green and a deep purple.


Removing Hair Dye Stain on Wall - streaky stain on wall

Removing Hair Dye Stain on Wall?How can I remove this stain? I tried using the Kroger alcohol and it's not working. What else can I use to remove black hair dye from my wall?


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Entire Circuit Not Working?We lost power to one of our circuits. We changed the breaker, but there is still no power. There is power to the breaker. Can the problem be a bad outlet if its the first one in line coming from the circuit?


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Removing Permanent Marker on Jean Jacket?I got water resistant black marker on my jean jacket and can't get it off. Any tips about how to remove it?


What Breed Is My Lab Mixed With? - black dog with white on chest

What Breed Is My Lab Mixed With?My dog is a Lab, but we don't know what he is mixed with. He is a full grown and weighs 38 pounds.


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Value of Encyclopedias?I have 3 sets of encyclopedias. Mother's encyclopedia copyright 1942, World Wide encyclopedia copyright 1935, and The Wonderland of Knowledge encyclopedia copyright 1964. The Wonderland set also has year books dated from 1965 to 1972. How much are each of these sets worth?


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Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Beeping Intermittently?I have 4 hard wired smoke detectors (5 mos. old). Last night they activated and beeped 3-4 times then stopped, then again about 30 min. later beeped one time (temp in house was 70F). My husband checked and there was no smoke or fire.


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