July 29, 2018

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Moses in the Cradle plant.

What Is This Houseplant? (Tradescantia spathacea)Tradescantia spathacea is a house plant that requires bright sunlight and very little water. It is also known as boat lily, Moses-in-a-basket, Moses-in-the-cradle and oyster plant.


Trinkets on a table with price tags.

Planning an Indoor Yard SaleIf you live in an apartment or where the weather is too inclement for an outdoor sale, consider having an indoor yard sale. Just keep the sale items clearly marked and separate from personal property not included in the sale. This is a page about planning an indoor yard sale.


Field of orange poppies.

Orange Poppy PhotosPoppies are available in a variety of colors. Orange is less commonly seen (excepting California poppies). Some orange poppy blooms are exquisite and may call to be added to your garden. This page contains orange poppy photos.


Canister vacuum on a wood floor.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews?Many consumers like to use a canister style vacuum, especially if they do not have carpets throughout the house. Finding a good one is aided by reading reviews by owners of models you are interested in or for finding brands you have not considered. This page contains canister vacuum cleaner reviews.


British shorthair cat stroked by a woman

My Cat Has DandruffIf your kitty has dry skin there are a number of home remedies you can try. Make sure that there is not an underlying medical issue when you next see your vet. This page contains several treatments, from food additives to topical ones that can help when my cat has dandruff.


Folded white towels on a white sheet.

Using Peroxide for Laundry WhiteningWhiten your laundry with hydrogen peroxide rather than bleach. It also works particularly well on protein stains such as blood. This is a page about using peroxide for laundry whitening.


Closeup gouge for wood on carpenter workbench.

Name Ideas for Hand Crafted Wood Home Decor Business?You want your business to be a success; one of the important components of getting it started is choosing a good name that identifies its focus and is memorable. This is a page about name ideas for a hand crafted wood home decor business.


Dog with a carrot in it's mouth.

Best Multivitamins for Dogs?Typically healthy dogs do not need a multivitamin, especially if you are feeding them a quality food. Your vet is a good source for determining if your dog needs supplements and can recommend Rx or over the counter options. This is a page about finding the best multivitamins for dogs.


Shih Tzu puppy on a kitchen scale.

Best Weight for a Shih Tzu?This is a page about best weight for a Shih Tzu. Each breed has its own ideal weight from puppyhood until it reaches its adult weight. The Shih Tzu's adult weight should be within the range of nine to 16 pounds (four to seven kilograms). Keeping your pet at its ideal weight helps to ensure good health.


Pug dog licking his nose.

Treating a Cut on a Dog's Tongue?If the cut is not severe enough to visit your vet, give water and soft food. You can also try rinsing out your pet's mouth regularly. Luckily minor cuts heal quickly. This is a page about treating a cut on a dog's tongue.


White clothes drying on the line.

How to Remove Bleach Odors from Clothing?Often the smell of bleach will remain in your laundry even after the final wash and rinse. There are products such as Anti-Chlor that you can buy or give, vinegar, baking soda, and airing out a try. This is a page about how to remove bleach odors from clothing.


Clean white bread machine on wooden counter.

How to Sanitize a Bread Machine?Cleaning a bread machine involves two steps. First remove the bread pan and wash thoroughly. For the interior you can use a warm soapy cloth that is wrung nearly dry, then rinse and repeat as needed. An older or second hand one may require some elbow grease as well. This is a page about how to sanitize a bread machine.


Anxious looking cat on a white carpet.

Remedies for Anxiety in CatsJust like their human companions, cats can exhibit anxiety over various changes in situation, including the death of a furry friend or a move. With the proper anti-anxiety medication, after all else fails, they will typically return to their normal kitty self. This is a page about remedies for anxiety in cats.


Picture of a man outside washing a window.

Clean Windows With Joy Dishsoap and AmmoniaA little dish washing liquid added to water and ammonia work well to clean and leave you with streak free windows. This is a page about clean windows with joy dishsoap and ammonia.


Dog at the vet.

Low Cost Vet Clinics in Michigan?When you pet is in need of medical attention it can be very disturbing to find the cost prohibitive. Check with the local ASPCA for advice and try calling around for a vet that takes payments or offers some low cost options. This is a page about finding low cost vet clinics in Michigan.



baked banana uncut bars

Chewy Banana BarsLiving in Kentucky the markets are flooded a few times a year with bananas. My husband seems to go crazy and buys up half the store when he goes shopping alone. I have bananas coming out my ears. There are only so many bananas that you can eat before you just cant eat another one. Furthermore, during the summer the bananas get ripe, so quickly, I have no idea what to do. I've made banana fudge, banana jam, banana cakes, banana bread, frozen bananas and banana cookies.


plate with deviled eggs carrots and pickles

Boiling Eggs to Make Deviled EggsI use the bottom of my 58 year old double boiler for boiling eggs. During the first year of our marriage, I boiled some eggs in the top portion of the double boiler. Best I can remember, I set the pot on the eye and turned it on high. The eggs boiled alright but I think I must have forgotten them because when I went back in the kitchen, the bottom of the aluminum pot had melted and the eggs were sitting on the eye. It took me a while to learn how to cook.



Scrapbook Paper Key Cover - finished key

Scrapbook Paper Key CoverI have a lot of keys and get confused on what key is what. One way you can change your keys up is by using a little bit of Mod Podge and some left over scrapbook paper!


Solaris (Orange Tabby) - yawning cat

Solaris (Orange Tabby)I got her at a PetSmart's Adoption Center. Solaris likes to cuddle; a lot. When I am lying in bed at my computer, she lies with her paws over my arm and gently kneads on my arm. I have perpetual, tiny scratches on my left arm. Luckily, she doesn't flex those murder mittens too hard!


Flower Gift Wrapping - finished gift

Paper Flower Gift WrappingYou can use your gift wrap as a bow too! Just cut it taller then the gift, twist it and then form it into a tighter circular shape to look like a rose/flower.


Recycled Cardboard Ring and Yarn Dreamcatcher - hanging dreamcatcher

Recycled Cardboard Ring and Yarn DreamcatcherThis is a really cute dreamcatcher you can make for your wall decor, or to give as a present to someone special.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm going to be turning 15 in March. I don't know what to do because I have friends that are girls and boys and I want to do something good that can go into the night that both can attend. But I don't have any ideas so if you could help and it needs to be not too expensive.


Identifying a Houseplant - hanging green foliage plant

Identifying a Houseplant?I purchased a smaller version of this plant a couple years ago and for the life of me I can't remember what is was called. Can anybody tell me? It seems to grow best in lower light vs. bright light. As you can see it loves my north kitchen window. It fades out badly if the light is too bright.


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Choosing Easy to Clean Porch Furniture?What is the easiest porch furniture to keep clean that is still cozy and attractive? Are there any cushions that can be hosed off?


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Free Cross Stitch Pattern for Tennessee Volunteers?I am putting together a group of cross stitch patterns in a throw for a fund raiser for our junior league bowlers. I have some Alabama and Auburn teams from one I did a long time ago. We have many Tennessee Volunteers fans in our area too and I thought it would be fun to do one with this too.


Looking for Wayfair Wallpaper - dark pink garden trellis design on white background

Looking for Wayfair Wallpaper?I am looking for 2 rolls of this Wayfair design. Anyone know where I can find some?


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Name Ideas for a Keto Bread and Dessert Business?I am going to start baking and selling keto breads and desserts. I need a name before I can apply for a license. I really don't want my own name in there. I like religious names. I also like whimsical names and cute catchy names.


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Front Load Washer Not Spinning All of the Water Out?My front loader washer does not spin fast on the last spin to get the water out of the clothes.


Finding a Manual for a Brother Sewing Machine - older sewing machine

Finding a Manual for a Brother Sewing Machine?Do you know this machine's model number? There is a motor on the back that says "Brother model c" and the plate has the number 953305. On the front of the machine is a plate with what looks like 616143302. Any information would help me to then locate a manual.


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Breaker for Unused Circuit Keeps Tripping?I have a 15 amp circuit breaker that keeps tripping yet nothing is on related to that circuit. Parts of it go to an outside pond and 4 other outdoor outlets. The pond is unplugged; so again I have nothing running on any of the outlets. What could my problem be? A grounded wire that is buried?


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Homecare Business Name Ideas?I'm opening my own home care business and I can't think of a catchy name. I would like to use my name Daneen Banks. I feel like it's my destiny to love and care for people. I want to care for seniors and special needs kids.


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