August 10, 2018

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Creamy Celery Apple Soup in a white bowl.

Creamy Celery Apple SoupCombine fresh celery, apples, and onions to make this delicious cream soup. This page contains a recipe for making yummy creamy celery apple soup.


Hand pouring laundry soap into cap next to a pile of folded towels.

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent Separates?Making your own liquid laundry soap is not only economical, but you can control the ingredients used. However this DIY laundry product tends to separate. Shake or stir before use and you are good to go. This is a page about what to do when your homemade liquid laundry detergent separates.


Bottle of WD-40.

Cleaning WD-40 Residue?Dish soaps such as Dawn are the perfect cleaner to remove the residue left by WD-40. This is a page about cleaning WD-40 residue.


Clear nail polish on white background.

Use Clear Nail Polish to Mend Nylon ScarvesClear nail polish has long been used to stop the runs in nylon stockings. Using it on a scarf should be just as successful. This is a page about use clear nail polish to mend nylon scarves.


clip on shoulder bag

Repairing the Strap on a Leather Shoulder Bag?For shoulder bags with metal clasps and rings holding the strap onto the purse, there are a few ideas on this page for repairing the metal hardware. This is a page about repairing the strap on a leather shoulder bag.


Damage caused by Murphy's Oil Soap on a wooden cabinet.

Wood Cabinets Damaged By Murphy's Oil Soap?If the finish on a cabinet is compromised it is possible for cleaners such as oil soaps diluted with water to seep under it. If this has happed to you there are some ideas for solutions in this page.


washing machine

Washing Machine Not Spinning During Wash CycleAutomatic washers spin as part of the wash cycle prior to the rinse and spin cycles. If your machine is not spinning there may be an issue with the lid switch. This is a page about washing machine not spinning during wash cycle.


Inside of microwave.

Finding a Replacement Microwave Glass Tray?The glass trays in microwaves can get broken requiring you to find a replacement. Depending on the age and model of your oven this may be easy or a challenge. This is a page about finding a replacement microwave glass tray.


Chicken legs with cranberries and oranges.

Cranberry Orange Mustard ChickenCranberry and orange flavors meld well in many recipes such as quick bread, fruit drinks, and now let's try them for preparing chicken tenderloins. This page contains a recipe for cranberry orange mustard chicken.


Wedding glasses decorated with flowers and rhinestones.

Gluing Beads Onto a Wine Glass?Beads that are glued to a glass should be sealed with an acrylic product, such as a matte medium to keep them in place. This is a page about gluing beads onto a wine glass.


Woman spraying a glass table while looking at her cat.

Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray?Trying to keep cats off furniture and other inappropriate places can be tough. Try mixing water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Some essential oils can be used in place of the vinegar. This is a page about homemade cat deterrent spray.


Hand in pink glove wiping floor tiles.

Floor Wax Not Sticking to Tile?If the wax you are trying to apply is not sticking evenly or thoroughly, make sure that the floor is properly cleaned prior to applying a new coat and that the wax is intended for the type of tile you have. This is a page about floor wax not sticking to tile.


Mother and daughter with rollers and fake mustaches.

Parenting JokesParenting is a serious business, but sometimes you need a bit of humor to relieve the day to day intensity of caring for your children. This is a page containing parenting jokes.


Pitcher and glass filled with ice tea on an outdoor table.

Removing Iced Tea Stains From Plastic PitchersRubbing with salt or baking soda are two easy ways to remove tea stains in containers. Bleach can also be tried. This is a page about removing iced tea stains from plastic pitchers.


Angel doll with feather wings.

Cleaning the Feathers on an Angel Doll?Use a small brush and salt to gently clean the feathers on dolls and figurines. This is a page about cleaning the feathers on an angel doll.


Butcher paper wrapped gifts embellished with paper snowflakes and dried orange slices.

Thrifty Holiday Gift WrappingSave money and get creative with your holiday gift wrapping by reusing items you already have, such as brown paper bags, colorful paper napkins, and tissue paper. This page contains ideas for thrifty holiday gift wrapping.


Face of an old porcelain doll.

How to Remove Ink from a Porcelain Doll?Care should be taken when trying to remove stains such as ink from a porcelain doll. This page contains several suggestions for how to remove ink from a porcelain doll.



baked Summer Squash Lasagne

Summer Squash LasagneI had a big summer squash, leftover turkey breast, and leftover cheese. I decided to try putting them together lasagne style, and was pleased with the results. The squash replaces the noodles, so it is low in carbs. You can vary the cheeses, meats, and seasonings. I had basil and kale, so I added them in as well. If I had have ricotta or cottage cheese I would have used that, too.


Chicken Egg Rolls on plate

Chicken Egg RollsEgg rolls are so yummy with any kind of veggies and meat that your taste buds desire. These are chicken egg rolls with their own dipping sauce. They're pretty quick once you get the insides prepped. They can be served for a nice lunch, snacks, dinner or for tv sport get togethers. When I've served them to many as part of a pot luck, everyone grabs these up right away! Everybody loves finger foods.


bowl of Soup

Coconut Chicken SoupThis recipe of mine is based around one of my favourite Thai soups, Tom Kha Gai. Since my easy-to-get-to local shops don't carry lemongrass, galangal, or kaffir lime leaves, I've made substitutes that do a great job of mimicking them (until I can get out to the proper shops)! I hope you give this a try.


Baked Fish with Mango Jalapeno Relish on dinner plate

Baked Fish with Mango Jalapeno RelishThis is a super simple recipe for your busier days. It's got just a handful of ingredients, but looks and tastes like you went well out of your way. The spiciness from the jalapeno really challenge sweetness of the mango, but work well together when smothering the baked fish. I used a whole trout here, but you can use any fish you like.



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Removing Mold Smell from Books?I moved and the boxes got wet. Many books were destroyed, but some like my grandmother and great-grandmother's cookbooks are okay but smelly. What do I do?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?The bathtub cracked in my bathroom. I have tried to repair it, but it won't hold. I don't have any money to buy a new tub and the floor needs replacing now. I got injured very badly and lost my job after my leave time ran out.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm going to be 14 in a couple months. I have 20 people on my list to come, boys and girls. What should I do that isn't girly or babyish?


Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest - stamp on back of chest

Value of a Murphy Cedar Chest?I just purchased a cedar chest. When I got it home, I saw it was labeled "Murphy 7265 Made in the USA". I've tried googling the model number, but nothing comes up. Is my thrifty find worth something?


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Identifying Tiny Black Biting Bugs?Are there bugs that actually live in your clothing? Supposedly, they are black specks that are all over the dwelling, then they turn into what looks like skin and literally attack and bite the body and live in all clothing as well.


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H20 HD Steam Mop Replacement Water Tank?Where can I purchase a H20 HD steam mop water tank?


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Eating After Having Teeth Pulled?I had 3 top teeth pulled 2 days ago. Is it safe to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made on safe bread?


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Back Child Support and Social Security?My husband just got back a lump sum payment from SSA, but he is behind 10,000 or more in child support. Will child support take out what is owed for child support and give him what's left?


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Removing Morning Glory from a Lawn?How do I rid my lawn of morning glory vine? I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.


What Breed Is My Dog? - light brindle and white Pit

What Breed Is My Dog?What type of Pit Bull do I have and how big will he get?


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Can't Center the Needle on a Vintage New Home Sewing Machine?I recently purchased a vintage New Home sewing machine, model 552. I love it except, the straight stitch is to the far left, therefore, I can only sew with a ZZ foot. Is this the feature of this machine? Why doesn't the needle position to the center. I can not use other feet that require center position.


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