August 17, 2018

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Bruising after removing dip powder nails.

Bruising After Removing Dip Powder Nails?This is a page about bruising caused by removing dip powder nails. Dip powder nails are relatively new. Have you experienced bruising from wearing them or removing them? If so, you may find these tips helpful.


Close up of weed eater cutting grass.

How Much Should Lawn Maintenance Cost?The cost of services such as lawn maintenance are usually fairly consistent in local areas. The range will obviously depend on the level of service you require and the size of your property. Tasks in addition to mowing the lawn are typically added to a base fee. This is a page about, "How much should lawn maintenance cost?".


Washer and dryer in a small room with window.

Troubleshooting Electric Clothes Dryer Connection Problems?If the outlet or power cord for you dryer are not working properly this may be a job for a homeowner with some wiring skills, otherwise it is best to call a repair service or electrician. This is a page about troubleshooting electric clothes dryer connection problems.


Hand with a finger splint.

How to Make a Finger SplintYou can design a makeshift finger splint from a detergent bottle. Read on to find out how. This is a page about how to make a finger splint.


Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Brush RollThread, yarn, and hair can become tightly wrapped around the brush roll on your vacuum. Using scissors or a seam ripper can help make cleaning it easier. This is a page about how to clean a vacuum cleaner brush roll.


Flowers made from the bottoms of plastic bottles.

How to Make Recycled Plastic FlowersRecycled plastic bottle bottoms can be cut into flower shapes and then painted to be made into pretty floral displays. This is a page about how to make recycled plastic flowers.


A polypropylene bag that has been turned into a dog mattress.

Polypropylene Bag as Dog MattressRecycled polypropylene bags can be stuffed with recycled newspaper or other materials and made into an inexpensive dog bed. This is a page about using a polypropylene bag as a dog mattress.


Wood stove with fire roaring inside.

Felt Bottomed Ornament Stuck to Wood Burning Stove?If this happens to you, try soaking the felt until you can peel it off. Reheating it with a hair dryer to soften it might also work. This is a page about felt bottomed ornament stuck to wood burning stove.


A wreath with living air plants.

Making a Living Air Plant WreathAir plants can be attached to a grapevine wreath to create a lovely living wreath for your home. Spritz with water every week or so and you will have this living display for a long time. This is a page about making a living air plant wreath.


Knick-knacks on a Dusty Shelf.

Displaying Knick KnacksMany of us collect a variety of knick knacks. Depending on their type and size and the possible areas where you might display them there are a lot of possibilities for showcasing your collections. This is a page about displaying knick knacks.


Hand washing dark clothes.

Removing Bat Poop Stains from Laundry?You may need to use a brush and detergent or peroxide to remove these sticky poop stains. This is a page about removing bat poop stains from laundry.


Round pound cake topped with powdered sugar.

Blackberry Wine CakeThis is a page about blackberry wine cake. This simple cake gets all of its flavor from blackberry gelatin and blackberry wine. It is easy to make and is perfect for a potluck or special occasion.


Under side of brush with Q-tip between brushes.

Reusing a Pledge Pet Hair SweeperThis is a page about cleaning a Pledge Pet Hair Sweeper. This simple trick makes it so that this pet hair remover is not a disposable item. By removing the hair, you are able to reuse the sweeper over and over again.


Profile of a woman with a pony tail and blue dangling earrings.

Make Your Own Ear LiftsThis is a page about make your own Ear Lifts. Ear Lifts are a product designed to prevent your earlobes from sagging under the weight of your earrings. Here is an easy way to make your own and save some money.


A piece of zucchini bread on a plate, covered in plastic wrap.

Bread Made With Frozen Zucchini Not Rising?Frozen zucchini will need to not only be thawed and drained it is important to also blot it dry. Too much liquid can interfere with it rising properly. This is a page about bread made with frozen zucchini not rising.


Cat closing eyes as it gets a bath.

Preventing a Flea Infestation from a New Cat?Making sure your new pet is flea free is the best way to prevent their introducing fleas into your house. Failing in that this guide contains some advice for preventing a flea infestation from a new cat.


metal thumbtacks

Picking Up ThumbtacksThe button head style thumbtacks can be a hassle to pick up if you spill a container of them. This page contains a suggestion for using a sponge to gather them up.



Chilled Spinach Soup in bowl

Chilled Spinach SoupSpinach has been a fabulous superfood for ages. Just ask Popeye! It's packed full of vitamins, iron, calcium, and is an excellent pick-me-up when you need some energy. These hot summer days have me feeling a bit lethargic, so this chilled spinach soup really comes in handy. You can skip the entire chilling process if you'd like to have it hot, which is also phenomenal.


Dinner on plate

Black Bean-Cauliflower Rice-Mushroom MedleyI had half a bag of riced cauliflower left over, a can of black beans, and got a great deal on mushrooms. This was a very satisfying meal.



Popcorn Kernel Jar Secret Safe - cash inside the inner water bottle

Popcorn Kernel Jar Secret SafeNeed a place to hide your valuables? Try making my secret diversion safe that looks like a full jar of popcorn kernels! It costs about $1.00 to make, which is so much cheaper than diversion safes carried at spy and detective shops. Don't have popcorn? You can use: lentils, beans, bran flakes, etc.


Make Your Own Gutter Guard Sweeper - homemade gutter guard cleaning brush assembly

Make Your Own Gutter Guard SweeperI have been looking for a curved brush attachment to go on my 12 ft. extension pole to use to sweep the leaves off our gutter guards. I can't find one so I made one myself.


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Refurbishing Painted Metal SnapsI have a white snap front sweatshirt that the white paint wore off of the snaps and made the sweatshirt look shabby. I grabbed my witeout that you use for paper and applied a coat. It covered beautifully and now my sweatshirt looks new again



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Rights of a Person Holding a Power of Attorney?I have a durable POA or my mother. My brother has been holding her jewelry for her because she's in a nursing home. She has asked him to bring her jewelry to her and he won't. I have asked him several times myself. As POA what can I do?


Storing Homemade Chocolate Covered Wafers - chocolate candies

Storing Homemade Chocolate Covered Wafers?How do I store wafers dipped in chocolate as they get moist and are left with no more crunch. As it's rainy days where I stay. So, I can get rid of the moisture?


Value of an Antique Writing Desk

Value of an Antique Writing Desk?Do you know anything about this desk? Such as the age and value?


Identifying Tiny Black Bugs

Identifying Tiny Black Bugs?I have a very tiny black bugs coming from moisture in the kitchen (in the counter area next to the sink). Typically I have a problem on the very edge of the counter next to the wall, there is leakage between the wall and the cabinet and with poor caulk. I recently found this kind of bug crawling in that area.


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Growing an Avocado from Seed?My avocado tree is 6 months old now. I started growing it from a seed to be a houseplant, however, I'm not sure whether or not it can be. (Do I have to plant it outside?) I would hate for it to not be doing well. Do I just need to get it a large pot or do I have to plant it outside?


Keys Sticking on Coronet Super 12 Typewriter - electric typewriter  with the top case cover removed

Keys Sticking on Coronet Super 12 Typewriter?I have a Coronet Super 12 typewriter that I inherited from my great grandmother in 2008 when she died. It worked then, but I didn't have much interest in it. I would like to use it for journalling, but some of the keys get stuck.


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Freezing DIY Hair Masks?Can you freeze a DIY hair mask?


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Peach Jam Not Setting Up?I made peach jam yesterday and it still has not set. I used Sure Jel pectin and followed the directions. Is there anything I can do fix it?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I would like to know more about this porcelain doll. It has a globe-like marking on the back of the neck. It is 27 inches tall.


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