August 21, 2018

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Hair in curlers getting a perm.

How Soon Can I Get Another Perm?Re-perming your hair too soon can have disastrous results, depending on the condition of your hair and the type of perm used. Talk to a professional to determine how long you should wait. This is a page about, "How soon can I get another perm?".


Sour Cherry Upside Down Cake.

Berry Upside Down CakeUsing fresh or frozen berries you can bake up this alternative to the traditional pineapple upside down cake. This page contains a recipe for berry upside down cake.


Making a Fireplace Prop - painted container

Making a Fireplace PropUsing a large container, tape, and paint you can make a fireplace prop for your home, school, or organization. This page contains the instructions for making a fireplace prop.


Opened can of condensed milk.

Substituting Condensed Milk for Whole Milk?Condensed milk can be substituted for whole milk in some recipes. Since condensed milk contains a lot of added sugar it may not always be the best choice. Evaporated milk and water are another option. This is a page about substituting condensed milk for whole milk.


Woman and a toddler playing on the floor.

Activities for Babysitting a 2 Year Old?Having activities that are age appropriate can make your babysitting job that much easier and more fun for you and the child. This is a page about activities for babysitting a 2 year old.



Watermelon flipped on grill

Grilled WatermelonIf you haven't tried grilled watermelon yet, I beg you, please try it! It turns the common granular, sweet and juicy melon into some bizarre sweet and savoury, firm, meat-like treat that is beyond words. The great thing is, it's so incredibly cheap and easy to do! This is the simple-as-can be method, but you could try using different spices if you'd like. I urge you to try this on its own, though, so you can experience this incredible texture. If you don't have a grill, you could even bake it.


Simplified Bicol Express

Simplified Bicol ExpressBicol express is a traditional dish from the Philippines. The Bicol region is famous of its creamy texture and spicy flavor. This is a type of stew made from coconut milk, chillies, pork, shrimp paste and some other spices. This recipe I'm making is simplified with just coconut milk, chillies and some beans, but it still tastes the same.



Sadie Girl Militia (Beagle/Pit Mix) - closeup of light brown dog with yellow eyes

Sadie Girl Militia (Beagle/Pit Mix)Through a pet rescue called Marley's Mutts. She loves belly rubs and play wrestling with my 19 year old grandson Andrew.


Tin Can Unicorn Planter - flower filled can outside

Tin Can Unicorn PlanterThis is a cute project using an old tin can and a cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper. A bit of paint and glue will transform your junk into a mystical creature, carrying your pretty flowers. You can also use this as a pencil or makeup brush holder!


Bunch of Flowers Birthday Card - finished card with second flower layer added

Bunch of Flowers Birthday CardTurn basic craft material into a delightful birthday card. Decorated with flowers, this card is sure to make the recipient feel special.



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Cat Losing Clumps of Hair?We have been finding little clumps of hair. They aren't bloody or snarled. We can't see where they are from. We wonder if stress and depression might be the problem. We got a kitten two months ago and he's been good with her when they play. He is eating and drinking well, but seems sad.


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15th Birthday Party Idea?So I am turning 15 soon and I want a great birthday party this year. I want to invite lots of friends over to dance and have music and a photo booth. I have lots of trees that can be used to hang lights and stuff. Do you think that's a good idea or would people not have fun coming?


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Repairing a George Foreman Grill?The top plastic housing came apart from the grill on my George Foreman.


Identifying a Tiny Dark Brown Bug - bug on bedspread

Identifying a Tiny Dark Brown Bug?It is tiny and dark brown. It looks like some type of tiny beetle. I found it crawling right on top of my blanket on my bed. I've googled images of bed bugs and it doesn't look like one, but I would like find out what it is for peace of mind.


Identifying a Bathroom Bug - tiny black bug on the floor

Identifying a Bathroom Bug?Can anyone help me identify this bug? I only see them in the bathroom on the floor. I have lived in this apartment for the last 20 years and this is the very first time I have seen a bug. I will call an exterminator, but I wanted to try a DIY solution first.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I re-dyed my hair red about 3 days ago. I had dyed my roots and so far a don't like it at all and want to go back to my natural hair color of dark brown. It was a permanent hair color and I want to re-dye it with a permanent color.


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