August 30, 2018

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Washing a burnt pot in a sink.

Why Do Pots Keep Burning After They Have Burned Once?If you have ever burned a cooking pot you may notice that it seems to continue to burn when used later. One possible reason for this could be that the pot has been warped creating an uneven heating surface. This is a page about, "Why do pots keep burning after they have burned once?".


Steam Iron

Steam Iron Won't Heat?When your steam iron stops heating you can try a bit of troubleshooting, but it may be time for a new one. This is a page about steam iron won't heat.


Sweet Potato Salad with avocado, olives and greens.

Sweet Potato Salad RecipeSweet potatoes used in a cold salad are delicious. They absorb the flavors well like other potatoes, but with a natural sweetness. This page contains sweet potato salad recipe.


Stacked wooded blocks.

Homemade Toy BlocksNot all homemade blocks are created the same. You can make wooden ones from scrap lumber, but what about using leftover cardboard boxes, stuffed and then taped shut. Other options are also fun to consider. This is a page about homemade toy blocks.


Silk Shirt

Cleaning an Oily Stain on SilkCare should be taken when cleaning silk. If you can not take the item to a professional cleaner this page offers advice about cleaning an oily stain on silk.


Bone Broth in a bowl.

Making Bone BrothHomemade bone broth is a good healthy base for soups and stews. It can be made on your stovetop or preferably in a slow cooker to minimize the odor. Here is a page for making bone broth.


Cupcake with 11 candle surrounded by balloons and streamers.

11th Birthday Ideas for Boys?Planning a party for your child usually starts with defining what they like to do. From there the possibilities begin to take shape. This page contains 11th birthday ideas for boys.


Close up of riding lawnmower cutting grass.

Riding Mower Won't Restart After Hitting Something?The impact of hitting or running over something with your riding mower may cause damage to the flywheel key, keeping you from restarting the mower. This part can be purchased and replaced to get your mower back up and running. This is a page about what to do when your riding mower won't restart after hitting something.


Close up of 3 sunflowers in a field.

Growing Sunflowers from SeedlingsIn many areas sunflower seeds can be sown directly in the garden in the spring To get a jump start gardeners often choose to start their flower seeds indoors and then transplant them outside. Make sure you have an area with good light when growing seedlings indoors. This is a page about growing sunflowers from seedlings.


Magpies on white background.

Getting Rid of MagpiesMagpies are deterred by certain smells and can be trapped and released somewhere else. They can bully other birds from your yard or bird feeder. This is a page about getting rid of magpies.


Empty fish tank.

Removing Comet Residue from a Fish Tank?To remove the residue left after cleaning a fish tank with a powdered cleanser, such as Comet, use a mixture of vinegar and water and aquarium scrubbing pads. This page explains how to remove Comet residue from a fish tank.


Wood Stove surrounded by cut wood.

Sealing Cracks in a Wood StoveA stiff paste of wood ash, salt, and water can be used to seal the cracks in a wood stove. It is applied and baked using a hot fire. This is a page about sealing cracks in a wood stove.


Pumpkin and Caramel Cheesecake.

Swirled Pumpkin and Caramel CheesecakeFor a delicious fall cheesecake try this combination of pumpkin and caramel flavors. It tastes as delicious as it sounds. This is a page about preparing a swirled pumpkin and caramel cheesecake.


A bottle of Truvia Nectar.

Truvia Nectar ReviewsThis product is a lower calorie alternative to honey as it is made from stevia extract, honey, sugar, and water. It is one way to give your tea or other foods and beverages a nice honey taste using a natural rather than artificial sweetener. This page contains Truvia Nectar reviews.


A strawberry with a straw used for removing the tops.

Use a Straw to Hull StrawberriesRather than using a small knife to remove the hulls from strawberries, try this tip using a plastic straw. This is a page about using a straw to hull strawberries.


Woman looking at a brush full of hair.

Hair Falling Out After Bleaching, Dyeing, and Perming?Hair can be easily damaged by multiple processing techniques such as coloring and perming. Extreme damage can result in hair loss. The only true remedy for this is time. Your hair will grow back; there are no miracle products that will speed this along. This is a page about hair falling out after bleaching, dyeing, and perming.


A social security benefits document.

Social Security Survivor Benefits and Food Stamps?The rules and regulations that apply to Social Security benefits may be confusing to some recipients, particularly regarding how a change of circumstance can affect them. The best way to get a valid answer is to contact the Social Security office near you. This is a page about Social Security surviver benefits and food stamps.


Tortilla wrap sandwich.

Tortilla Club Sandwich RecipeFlour tortillas layered with turkey, shredded pepper jack cheese, tomato slices, and bacon are then baked in the oven or warmed on a George Foreman style grill for this variation on the traditional club sandwich. Try this recipe for a tortilla club sandwich.


Chocolate santa in a pocket.

Cleaning Melted Candy Out of a Pocket?Forgotten pieces of candy can melt inside a pocket, often in the dryer. A few easy steps can help you remove this often sticky mess. This is a page about cleaning melted candy out of a pocket.


Vintage cabinet with six drawers.

Dresser Drawer Pull Ideas?Whether replacing the pulls for a new look or because some are missing, there are a plethora of ideas you can tap into for adding replacement pulls. Brainstorm, search online, or check around your home and garage for ideas. What look you want to have will drive your final choices. We have a few ideas you can start with.


Hand holding a bible outdoors.

Bible JokesHumor can be found in most everything we do. This page contains bible jokes.


Window with condensation on the inside.

Condensation on WindowsMoist air in a home can cause condensation to form on the inside surface of windows when the air is colder outside than in. A dehumidifier can help reduce the excess moisture and reduce or eliminate the problem.


Grilled Sweet Potato Salad on two plates.

Grilled Sweet Potato Salad RecipesCooking your sweet potatoes on the grill before cooling, can add a delicious flavor when making a salad. This page contains grilled sweet potato salad recipes.


Woman Cleaning a Dog's Paws.

Cleaning a Dog's PawsSince our dogs don't typically wear shoes, their paws are often dusty or muddy, depending on the season. This page offers some helpful suggestions for cleaning your dog's paws.


Roasted Tomato Pesto Sauce in a bowl.

Roasted Tomato Pesto SauceTomatoes, garlic, onions, and olive oil, are roasted and then put through a food processor with added olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pepper. The sauce can be frozen for future meals. Try this delicious sauce on pasta, toasted bread, or even homemade pizza. This is a page about making roasted tomato pesto sauce.


Cherry Crumble.

Cherry Crumb RecipeFruit crumb desserts are not only delicious, but easy to make. This page contains a recipe for making cherry crumb using pie filling, but you can substitute other fruit fillings.


Berry crumble Pie.

Fresh Berry Crumb PieA delicious dessert to use up fresh berries is in a crumble. This page contains fresh berry crumb pie.


An eyeglass lens that has been made cloudy with acetone.

Acetone Made My Eyeglasses Cloudy?Acetone can destroy the coating on eyeglasses. If you accidentally get some on your lenses you will need to take them to a shop to see if the damaged coating can be removed and a new coating applied. This is a page about acetone made my eyeglasses cloudy.


Close up of a tan injera sponge texture.

Ethiopian Injera (Flat Bread) Recipe?Injera is the traditional flatbread of Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is make on your stove top using a batter of teff flour (available online and in markets), water, and salt that has been allowed to ferment for a couple of days. This page contains an Ethiopian injera (flat bread) recipe.



Sweet Chili Shrimp in bowl

Sweet Chili ShrimpThis is a super fast and easy shrimp dish that's got a nice kick. I love to thicken up the flavourful sauce so it really clings to the shrimp. This is great with a side of rice or noodles.


Tzatziki Sauce in bowl

Tzatziki SauceTzatziki sauce can be eaten as a side dish with chicken and rice. My favorite way to serve tzatziki sauce is to dip with chips, crackers or pita bread.



Simple Tassel Bow Gift Topper

Simple Tassel Bow Gift TopperThe only rolls of wrapping paper I have in our household are Christmas themed and it's from years and years ago! I no longer purchase wrapping paper because it's a waste of money. There are other methods for wrapping gifts and gift giving.


DIY Baby Girl Christening Souvenir - two views of the butterfly topper

DIY Baby Girl Christening SouvenirI made this craft for a friend who is celebrating her birthday. It's a simple token and I suddenly realized it's also a nice idea for a christening or dedication souvenir. Just in case you know someone who is on a tight budget and looking for a cheaper way to distribute simple souvenirs for their simple celebration.



Handmade Jewelry Business
 Name Ideas - beaded bracelets

Handmade Jewelry Business Name Ideas?My name is Nily and I'm starting a costume jewelry business using gold fill and gemstones. I need a catchy name. Can you help me?


Getting Rid of Fleas on Bedding - flea bites on child's tummy

Getting Rid of Fleas on Bedding?What can I use on bedding to kill fleas? I have a 7 month old daughter and discovered flea bites on her. Idk what to do. We wash our animals and bedding once a week.


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Value of Collier's Encyclopedias?I have a full set of Collier's Encyclopedias dated 1963. Are they worth anything?


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Yellow Jacket Stings Itchy Weeks Later?I was stung about 25x about 2 weeks ago by yellow jackets. I've itched a bit, but suddenly today my skin is on fire and I'm itching like crazy. Is this normal?


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Removing Odor of Gasoline Spill from a Van?About one gallon of gas spilled over in the back of my van. It soaked through the carpet, padding, and even started to eat the underlayment (maybe the sound barrier), I don't know!


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Finding Rasch Wallpaper?Could you please help me source a roll of Rasch wallpaper called Vanity Fair pattern number 785883.


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Cleaning Old Upholstery?I bought an old brocade chair at a junk store. The upholstery is in good shape, no spots or stains, just generally dirty all over. What's the best way to clean it?


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Cleaning Business Slogan Ideas?I'm in the middle of setting up my cleaning business. It's called KM Cleaning Services. Has anyone got any good catchy slogans? My mind is completely blank.


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Window Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?My friend unfortunately had almost all her windows broken at her house, she has no money to repair them. She can't leave them like that, she's also concerned her dogs will get out and run away.


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Brand New John Deere E130 Won't Start?I just had it delivered and mowed for 30 minutes. I went over some tall grass and it shut off. I cleaned the grass from the blades. Now the machine won't start or even try to turn over. I checked the contacts for the battery and spark plug. No ideas.


Keeping a Cat from Scratching a Surgical Site - surgical wound

Keeping a Cat from Scratching a Surgical Site?I have a 16 yr old Russian Blue cat who had cancer surgery in May. The tumor has already come back. It is at the very end of her chin. Every time she goes to scratch I grab her paw, but that is something I can't do when I am at work or asleep. Yesterday morning she scratched and it started bleeding.


Information on a Wimbledon
 Collection Betsy Doll - doll wearing a blue dress with saddle shoes

Information on a Wimbledon Collection Betsy Doll?I found this doll in a relative's storage unit I have been cleaning out and cannot seem to find her online. I can find plenty of others by this maker, but not this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Replacement Paddle for a Magic Chef Bread Maker Machine?I have a broken kneader paddle. Where can I get a replacement paddle for my machine? It's a model #250-2 Magic Chef Bread Maker machine.


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