September 5, 2018

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Garden sofa with pillows.

Can You Paint Outdoor Fabric?Faded or worn fabric upholstery on outdoor furniture may need a facelift. There are specialty paints made for this exact purpose. This is a page about "Can you paint outdoor fabric?".


Hand holding a SD memory card

Using a Generic Memory Card in a Brother SE425 Sewing Machine?It may be possible to use a generic memory card in your Brother SE425 machine as long as it is completely compatible and does not affect your warranty. This is a page about using a generic memory card in a Brother SE425 sewing machine.


Vacuuming a purple rug.

Cleaning In Tight SpacesUsing small brushes such as nail or art brushes might be just the solution to cleaning in some small spaces. Other atypical or repurposed tools can also work well. This is a page about cleaning in tight spaces.


Glass Jars filled with pantry items.

Storing Boxed Cake MixesStored in a cool dry place boxed cake mixes typically will last 12 - 18 months. You can also buy boxed cake mixes when they are on sale and then store them in the freezer for future use. This is a page about storing boxed cake mixes.


Florescent Lights in an office.

Cleaning Florescent Light Covers?The plastic covers on most florescent light fixtures are removable. Once taken down they can be cleaned with mild dish soap and water or other cleaners suitable for plastics. This is a page about cleaning florescent light covers.


Blooming Weigela Florida

Growing Weigela FloridaThe weigela florida, a deciduous shrub, is native to North China, Korea, and Japan. It grows well in zones 4-8, enjoys full sun, and is covered in rose pink blooms from April to June. This is a page about growing weigela florida.



Cucumber Kimchi in bowl

Cucumber KimchiAn easy to make side dish that pairs well with any Asian meal. You get a nice crunch and some spice (you can adjust the spice level depending on your preference).


Tuna and Potato Pasta on plate

Tuna and Potato PastaWhat to eat when you're broke? When there's nothing in your fridge but pasta, potato and canned tuna. All you need to do is think, of what you can do with these three simple ingredients. Let's see what I can make out of it.



Cherry tomatoes cut in half.

Slicing Cherry TomatoesTake two shallow-rimmed plates, or two identical flat container lids. Place the tomatoes on one of them, cover with the other so the tomatoes are firmly sandwiched, then use a very sharp knife to cut across the tomatoes perfectly in half. If you don't have a super sharp knife, use a serrated knife. Time saver!


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A Little Gob Will Do YaI've noticed that my hair lately doesn't have the same shine and bounce to it that my curly mop used to have. It seems to be rather dry even with the use of a good shampoo, conditioner and periodic olive oil and/or other homemade moisturizing treatment.


A package of dental floss.

Saving Money on Dental VisitsMedical is some of our most costly expenses and since dental visits aren't always covered by many insurances (nor by Medicare), folks sometimes don't go to their dentist every 6 months. I am not encouraging this. It's just a FACT.


DIY Organic Food Colouring - containers of food colors next to a swirled cake

DIY Organic Food ColouringI was chatting with a friend recently about how his kids are allergic to red food dye. It made me do some research, where I found that it contains plenty of chemicals, including petroleum. I decided to make my own food colouring from organic fruits and vegetables, and it was a total success!


Plastic Milk Jug Flower - finished votive candle flower holder

Plastic Milk Jug FlowerI love plastic milk jugs because they are a lot like thick vellum paper, except they are free after you drink all your milk. After cleaning, drying, and cutting, these milk jugs can make beautiful flowers. Placing a candle in the middle and using it as a votive holder is optional.


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One Armed DressingMy left shoulder was broken so I cut the left strap neatly at the front bottom edge where it joins to the cup. I attached two sticky back Velcro strips about 2 inches long, one to the inside of the strap and the other to the outside of the cup. I took the Velcro strips off when I laundered the bra and stuck them back on later.


A black and white photo of a man in a suit.

Simple Memories of Simple MomentsMy father shaved every Saturday night after his bath. The smell of the week's sweat was washed away, replaced by the clean light fresh smell of the Sweetheart soap he used.


A bright red teapot.

Double Purpose Pot of TeaI enjoy a good cup of strong hot tea in the evening after a long day. The making of a whole pot of tea is a waste when you only take one cup from it and the rest goes down the sink. I chided myself every time I did it.


A plastic wrapper from a package of Dove bar soap inside a plastic bag.

Keep Soap FreshThis is how I organize and keep my bar soaps fresh. I will cut a piece of the packaging and tape it onto a brand new plastic baggie.


An old and broken Totes umbrella.

Improved Totes WarrantyI like buying products with lifetime warranties, such as Totes umbrellas. The last time I had to use the warranty, I had to mail back the entire umbrella, plus a $5 check to cover postage for the return umbrella. They have changed their policy for the better.


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Repairs with Duct TapeI have a plastic (not fiberglass) tub in my 1973 mobile home. It is cracked and water leaks out underneath. After trying several other ways to fix the cracks that didn't work, in desperation, I tried clear duct tape. It worked! Now all the cracks are sealed and no more leaks.


Homemade knife sheaths made from cardboard.

Make Your Own Knife SheathsA good knife is a sharp knife. However, knives can cut you if not stored properly. I make my own knife sheaths out of cardboard. You can use packing materials, cereal boxes or any other cardboard. Cut to size and tape edges shut.



Value of a Mersman End Table - medium wood finish end table with drawer

Value of a Mersman End Table?I would like to know the y\Year this table was made and it's value? It has number 134-02.


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Shelf Life of Imitation Crab Meat?I had imitation crab meat a few hours ago and noticed that the package said to use by September 1 and today is September 4. I'm worried that I can get sick. It was closed and in the fridge.


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Selling Collectable Thimbles?I am desperately in need of clearing an estate to both move on and survive to be honest. This was an unexpected loss and I had to leave my job to move from MA to Florida. I have a collection of probably at least 50 thimbles as well as a ton of arts and craft accessories. I need to consider selling everything. Where do I begin?


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John Deere L110 Won't Start?My mower won't start. It turns over, but will only start with starting fluid. I have replaced the carb, battery, spark plug, fuel pump, and fuel filter. I cleaned the fuel lines from filter to gas tank. The new carb came with a new carb solenoid. I drained the oil and replaced the oil filter. What else can I do?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?What should I do for my 14th birthday?


Identifying a Flying Insect - tiny insect on white background

Identifying a Flying Insect?Very recently we've started seeing this insect on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen. They have a short life span and seem to be attracted to light sources. We've never seen them before so not sure if it's the weather.


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What Makes a Britannica Encyclopedia Antique?At what age does a set of Encyclopedia Britannica become designated as antique?


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Value of Set of Encyclopaedia Britannica?What is a realistic value for a full set of 24 volumes of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th edition 1929? It has a green cover, gold lettering on the spine, and is in excellent condition.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor's Benefits?My dad passed in February. He left a 1 year old who gets his survivor benefits, but several people have been telling me that the guardian isn't using it for my little sister. Is it possible to report this and make the guardian prove she's using the money for my sister.


Information on an Old Steamer Trunk - trunk in the back of a pickup truck

Information on an Old Steamer Trunk?I am looking to put an age on this trunk I bought today. It is not in great shape, but I don't care. I just want to know when and where it was made.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Senior Citizens?Are there any programs that you know of that can help a senior get her roof repaired?


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Self Defense Martial Arts After Back Surgery?I had back surgery in January/February and now am expected to have a 3rd. They fixed L4,5 and s1 joint and fused all. Now I have retrothelesis L3,4.


Identifying Household Bugs - unidentifiable gray blobs

Identifying Household Bugs?I recently discovered woodworms in the whole of the upstairs in my house. I've also found these bugs living in the groves of my wooden floorboards. Can somebody tell me what they are please?


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Removing Water Spots from Car's Paint?How to remove acid rain water spots from car paint?


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Making Gift Tags and Ornaments from Christmas Cards?How do you make gift tags and ornaments from the front of Christmas cards?


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