September 27, 2018

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Harper's Encyclopedias

Finding the Value of Harper's Encyclopedias?This historical encyclopedia was published in the early 1900s. This is a page about finding the value of Harper's encyclopedias.


A vintage roller exercise machine.

Selling a Vintage Roller Exercise Machine?These vintage exercisers are still quite popular collectors items. Craig's list or eBay are possible places to list them. This is a page about selling a vintage roller exercise machine.


Coffee Crunch Chocolate Cake with whipped cream on plate

Coffee Crunch Chocolate Cake RecipeCoffee and chocolate are a perfect combination and are highlighted in this delicious cake recipe. It's perfect as a snack with coffee or as a decadant dessert.


Milk jug tomato planter hanging in tree.

Homemade Upside Down Tomato PlanterTomatoes grow very successfully in upside down planters and they are convenient for a patio or deck. This page is about making a homemade upside down tomato planter.



Using Citronella Soap as Mosquito RepellentSoaps containing citronella and herbs such as cinnamon leaf or eucalyptus oil can help to repel mosquitoes. This is a page about using citronella soap as a mosquito repellent.


A marking on Lawrence fine bone china made in England.

Value of a China Tea Set?Old bone china pieces can have a range of values. The maker, age, and rarity of the piece all play a part.


Bowl of lemon juice next to cut lemons.

Substituting Lemonade Powder for Lemon JuiceRather than running to the store in the midst of cooking or baking you can substitute powdered lemon drink mix for lemon juice in a recipe. The sugar free version may work best for some recipes. This is a page about substituting lemonade powder for lemon juice.


Cut Red and green cabbage on a table, outside.

Reducing Cabbage OdorThere are several ways to reduce the odor of cooking cabbage. Try, adding a celery stick or lemon wedge to the pot. Some cooks use vinegar and a walnut in the shell is also suggested. This is a page about reducing cabbage odor.


Big plate and small plate of spaghetti.

Controlling Portion SizesAs many of us know diets do not work in the long run. Weight is often regained. One easy way to reduce extra calories and lose weight or not gain it back is to pay attention to your portion sizes. They are typically too large. This page contains suggestions for controlling portion sizes.


Value of Porcelain Doll

Value of Collector's Choice Porcelain Dolls?Many people collect porcelain dolls or have been left a collection. The value of these dolls ranges widely, with many of them not having a significant value and others being valuable collector's pieces. This is a page about determining the value of Collector's Choice porcelain dolls.


Wedding Reception table with a floral arrangement in the middle.

Having a Wedding Reception Without CandlesIf candles are not an option at your wedding venue, consider solar lights, mini string lights, or battery operated ones. This is a page about having a wedding reception without candles.


A Peruvian mussel dish inside the mussel shells.

Peruvian Mussels RecipeThis spicy recipe for mussels from Peru may become your favorite way to prepare these tasty shellfish. This page contains a Peruvian mussels recipe.



Plastic Bottle Tiara - closeup of the tiara

Plastic Bottle TiaraOne of my nieces wants to be a princess for Halloween, so a princess she shall be. Okay, a pennies-on-the-dollar Attosa princess. (Side note: I was named after a princess, so I think you should trust me with this craft!) I took an empty 2-liter bottle, dazzled it with glitter, and cut it to shape.


Dirty towels stored in smaller baskets in the laundry room.

Baskets to Store Dirty Kitchen Towels and SpongesI like to wash some items separately from others. This includes all of my kitchen hand towels, dish sponges, dust cloths, and cleaning rags. To keep them from getting mixed in with the other laundry, I store the used towels/sponges beneath my sink in small dollar baskets.


Fall and Halloween Card - finished gourd themed fall card

Fall and Halloween CardThis month I have received another magazine addressed to me that I did not order. After browsing these magazines, you can recycle them by creating lots of fall and Halloween cards with the pages inside - the possibilities are endless.


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Cleaning Mold Off of LeatherCleaning mold off leather is easy, using glycerin soap and warm water and a soft rag. Wipe off excess soap with a dry rag, then hang item out in the sun if it's a nice day, or put in the dryer on high heat for 3-5 minutes. Smells great too!


Repurpose Old Food and Storage Lids for Paint Palettes  - colored soda and water bottle caps on a squarish container lid as another option

Repurpose Old Food and Storage Lids for Paint PalettesIn lieu of buying paint palettes, why not make your own? I have used paper plates before, but all the paint tends to run together eventually. With just a few supplies, you can have a palette that keeps the paint separated and is perfect for any age to use.


Decorated Paper Pumpkins - two decorated paper pumpkins

Decorated Paper PumpkinsI order printed photos from Shutterfly and I always keep the packaging because it's really sturdy. I'm glad I did because I was able to make a couple of pumpkins from the packaging!


Stick people with a bubble containing curse words.

A Better Today and TomorrowRecently I asked someone if I was being a 'bitch'. The person I asked the question of drew my attention to the word I used. I was quite embarrassed; it made me stop and think. In my defense, such that it is and it's no good excuse I know, the word slipped out of my mouth without thinking and I didn't even consider that I was using a harsh or vulgar one.


Vegetarian Kidney Bean Chili in bowl

Vegetarian Kidney Bean ChiliI was craving chili like mad the other day. Unfortunately, I didn't have the ingredients on hand to make a proper chili. I came up with this vegetarian chili using kidney beans, then served it with yogurt, cheese and avocado. It turned out so good, it totally satisfied my craving. The meat was not even missed! This chili is comforting on these more chilly days. ;)


Refinishing a Deck - collage of the project

Refinishing a DeckOur deck was built 11 years ago and was in desperate need of refinishing. It was covered in mold and mildew, which made it unsightly and very slippery in our rainy weather. We enlisted the help of our kids and were able to get it done fairly quickly. Now have a beautiful deck again!


Two reusable glass bottles of sparkling lemonade.

Buy Products for the PackagingYou are not supposed to judge products based on packaging alone, but I am easily amused and distracted when products have "nice packaging". I actually purchased a couple clear glass bottles with stoppers at Ikea a few months ago, but you can find the exact concept at Sprouts for their Sparkling Lemonade Lemon - 25.4 oz.



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Catchy Name for Decorating Business Monthly Customer Event?I am looking for catchy name for our monthly ladies event focused on decorating ideas and suggestions. Customers tell us they don't know where to begin and feel overwhelmed. Suggestions?


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Inexpensive 14th Birthday Ideas?I'm gonna be 14 in 30 days and my mom is gonna have her baby son, me, my brother, and dad's birthdays are all in the same month. We don't have a lot of cash to do a lot plus I'm a girl.


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Source for Free or Low Cost Colostomy Bags?A homeless man in Tijuana, Mexico with no health insurance needs colostomy bags and supplies. Where can I get bags free or for a very low cost to provide to him. He can't come to the USA. This man has no bags and feces drip on him?


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Chihuahua? closeup of the dog's head and shoulders

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Chihuahua?What breed does my baby Reeses look like? The person that gave him to me said he is a long haired Chihuahua. I have posted this question before. Do people think that my Reeses is a pure bred Chihuahua? Reeses is now 7 months old and his hair is growing out.


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Handcrafted Jewelry Business Name Ideas?I'm trying to think of a name for my handcrafted jewelry business. My shop will have raw stone jewelry, dream catchers, and beadloom jewelry. I live in a rural mountain town and was trying to tie that in, but it's not a must. I am looking for something simple, but unique.


Value of an Old Dresser - old dresser with ornate floral medallion on center of two drawers

Value of an Old Dresser?I have had this dresser in my garage for years. I finally pulled it out to clean it up and I was just wondering what it was worth? The maker was Sligh furniture company.


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Donating Empty Shoe Boxes?We are a small indie footwear brand based in NYC. Our brand is called Triesti. We have around 200 or so empty shoe boxes and would like to donate them. Any ideas who takes these kind of donations?


Identifying Wallpaper - sample of the paper

Identifying Wallpaper?Can anyone tell me the brand or anything about this wallpaper? We need to replace a wall of it, and the previous homeowners (who have passed away) put it up. We just love it and need to order more!


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Older House Trained Dog Peeing in the House?I have a 9 year old Boxer. He's potty trained, but lately he's going in the house even when he has been outside to go potty.


Value of a Limited Edition Knightsbridge Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a plaid dress and straw hat

Value of a Limited Edition Knightsbridge Porcelain Doll?I have this Knightsbridge limited edition heirloom porcelain doll. It has /1000 and also no. 660 on back of it neck. I am just wondering where I could get information on it and its value please.


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Daycare Slogan or Motto Ideas?What is a good slogan or motto for Another Great Creation Home daycare?


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