October 30, 2018

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Caramel Grapes on plate

Caramel GrapesThis is a delicious twist on caramel apples. I love caramel grapes because I get everything I want in caramel apples in one bite, with so much less mess. Plus, they're so cute!


Oreo Cookie Cream Pie

Oreo Cookie Cream PieI needed to make a chocolate dessert for dinner guests. While shopping, I started thinking, I found fudge pudding, Oreos, cool whip and more... chocolate heaven!


olives, green onions, and feta

Layered SaladI started making layered salads instead of tossing them. It avoids people from picking things out of the salad that they don't like.


Whey Pancakes on plate

Whey PancakesThese make really light and fluffy pancakes. I am going to freeze the rest for great breakfasts on busy mornings.



Cascade of Vines - vines cascading over a retaining wall with orange and yellow flowers below

Cascade of VinesI work for the State University of New York in Albany. On a lunch time walk I couldn't help but notice the beauty of these cascading vines and the color of the flowers was so vibrant. I also found the angled view gorgeous.


Dollar Tree Tiny Scrubber Pumpkins - finished pumpkins

Dollar Tree Tiny Pot Scrubber PumpkinsWith just 5 things from the Dollar Tree, you can make 2 or 3 cute little pumpkins!


Milk Lid Pumpkin Magnets  - two finished pumpkin magnets

Milk Lid Pumpkin MagnetsI'm always looking for new craft and decorating ideas, especially for October through December. I came across bottle cap pumpkins on Pinterest and decided to make a variation. They were simple to complete and even children could do everything except hot glue the pieces.


Adjusting a Dust Pan Clamp - broom and attached pan hanging

Adjusting a Dust Pan ClampI purchased this little dust pan at the grocery store. I have seen them at Walmart as well. It is made to clamp onto the broom handle, I would guess tight enough to stay in place which makes the dust pan very convenient. When you use a broom, you usually need a dust pan.


Milk Jug Skulls - two skulls, one with red flowers in the eye sockets

Milk Jug SkullsIt's fun to have lots of skulls around for Halloween decorations, so why not make your own? Using empty one-gallon plastic milk, water, or juice jugs makes it super cheap. Please do this craft outside with a mask on.


Making a Welcome Stepping Stone - finished stepping stone, painted and sealed

Making a Welcome Stepping StoneI have been carving and casting stepping stones for almost 20 years and this is how I do it. Hope that this will help someone with their project. The mold used is a purchased ABS plastic stepping stone mold.


Last Minute Spider Face Mask - spider mask

Last Minute Spider Face MaskDo you still need a last minute and easy costume? I made this spider mask since it was requested I wear something too while taking the kids trick or treating around the block.


Beauregard (Terrier Mix) - dog wearing pack

Beauregard (Terrier Mix)I got him on January 2, 2018. He loves to go swimming. He knows how to sit pretty, but he gets so excited that he cycles through all of his commands when we just want him to sit pretty.


Kid to Toddler Shark Halloween Costume

Converting a Shark Halloween CostumeLast year, I made a shark jacket costume. Fast forward to this new year, I was able to revamp the shark costume to suit my toddler. She wants to be a shark for Halloween inspired by her current favorite song Baby Shark.



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Memory Craft 6000 Foot Pedal Stopped Working?I have a Janome Memory Craft 6000 that just slowed down and stopped sewing. The switch works, but nothing happens when I press the foot pedal since then.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tan puppy with feathers on back of legs and fuzzy tail with smaller dog in the background

What Breed Is My Dog?Can you guys tell me if this is a Chiweenie a Pomchi or what he is?


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Using Acetone to Clean a Granite Composite Sink?Will acetone damage a granite composite sink? I know it can be used on granite, but I'm concerned about the possibility of acetone damaging my sink.


Value of a White Model A (VS I) Sewing Machine - antique sewing machine

Value of a White Model A (VS I) Sewing Machine?I'd like to sell my White model A (VS I) sewing machine to a collector. Where do I start? How do I determine its value?


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Selling Bamboo Poles?We have acres of bamboo in the Philippines. Who should we approach for selling bamboo poles?


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Value of New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias?I have a complete set of the New Book of Knowledge that is in excellent condition, from 1988. I was wondering what it would be worth?


Value of a Goldenvale Collection Doll - doll in its box

Value of a Goldenvale Collection Doll?What is the value of my Goldenvale Collection, Toby doll?


Value of a Seymour Mann Doll - blond doll wearing a green dress with crimson detail

Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?I just wanted to know how much this doll is worth. I looked all over the internet and can't find anything. It says her name is Christa. I'm starting to think it may be a fake.


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Can Aphid Honeydew Damage a Roof?Is this honeydew harmful to a roof?


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Singer 6268 Embroidery Machine Doesn't Work with a Cartridge?I bought a Singer 6268 embroidery machine and it works, but not with a cartridge. Can anyone help me find out how to get it to work?


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Caring for a Puppy Recovering from Parvo?My dog started throwing up and having diarrhea on 10-26-18. I took him to the vet the next morning. He got meds and fluids. He hasn't thrown up since, has eaten food a couple times, and drinks water or Pedialyte on his own. Today he started being more active. He was playing with his toys, wagging his tail, etc.


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Feeding a Puppy Homemade Food?I have a new puppy. I started out making her food and was told by my veterinarian that homemade food is not a good idea for puppies because they need more vitamins and such for growing.


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Selling a Doll Collection?I have 25 to 30 Loyd and Lee Middleton dolls. Some have been signed by Reva Schick and Lloyd Middleton. I also have a few Ashton Drake dolls. I would like to sell the lot. I started buying them in the early 90s.


Cleaning Off Paper Stuck to Wood Furniture - tissue box paper stuck to table

Cleaning Off Paper Stuck to Wood Furniture?I recently spilled baby formula on our dark wood finished nightstand. However I didn't realize that some of the split milk got under a tissue (cardboard) box. And now the cardboard is stuck in to the wood!


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Collecting Child Support from a Deceased Parent?The father of my twin daughters is deceased, because of his large insurance payout isn't he still obliged to pay the child support till they're 18?


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Best Chalkboard Paint for Use With Liquid Markers?Can anyone tell me what is the best chalkboard paint to use when painting your board so you can use liquid chalkboard markers? It has very vibrant colors, but is very hard to get off most boards. I know sometimes people in restaurants use them for menu boards, so they can change their specials.


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Kenmore Foot Pedal Only Runs Slowly?I have a Kenmore sewing machine and the foot pedal lost it's variable speed. It only has one speed now - slow. Can that be repaired, or could there be something else wrong? The sewing machine lights come on and there is power.


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