November 6, 2018

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person's hand with a stylus

Embroidery Machine Will Not Pick Up Bottom Thread?Just as with your typical sewing machine there are two thread sources that work together to create the designs. This page offers some suggestions for what you can do if your embroidery machine will not pick up bottom thread.


bag of M&Ms with scattered candies

Crocheting a M&M Pattern for a Halloween Costume?The logo for these chocolate candies is very recognizable. Making a crochet M&M pattern will make a great addition to your costume. This is a page about crocheting a M&M pattern for a Halloween costume.



Fall at Mabry Mill, VA - old mill with fall color

Fall at Mabry Mill, VAI took this photo on 10-24-07. It was a rainy day and it has turned out to be the best shot I have gotten of this beautiful place. I think it's due to it being a cloudy day.


Pinecone Turkey - cute pinecone turkey

Pinecone TurkeyOne thing I love to do with my parents is pick up pinecones off our streets. My dad loves to analyze all the shapes and sizes, and mum likes to help come up with things they can be repurposed as. Here, we've turned them into little turkeys.


DIY Long-Lasting Eyelash Lift - closeup of eyes after process

DIY Long-Lasting Eyelash LiftRecently, my girlfriends and I were part of our dear friend's wedding. Everyone decided to get lash lifts and lash extensions. I was interested in a long-lasting lash lift so I wouldn't have to curl my lashes anymore, however, the $80 base price was appalling. I decided to get an at-home kit.


A bear in a grassy field.

Yearling Bear SightingsThis is a time we see yearling cubs wandering around our property in northeastern Pennsylvania. Mama bears birth their cubs (usually two) and nurse them in their dens their first winter. After a year old (thus the "yearling" term) in the fall the mom encourages them to leave her and forge out on their own.


Doves in a Log Rolling Competition - doves sitting on a log in the river

Doves in a Log Rolling CompetitionWe always had a lot of doves sitting in the trees on our river bank. One day a log drifted down the river and parked itself in front of my yard. The doves found this very interesting and went to investigate. They look like they are having fun!


How to Make a Speedy Recovery Card - finished card, ready to sign and give

How to Make a Speedy Recovery CardYou don't really find cards relating to surgery or have a speedy recovery, in the card aisle. Common cards are the general get well, feel better soon. Regardless - making a card (or any card) is much more thoughtful and sentimental!



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17th Birthday Ideas?My 17th is on Christmas day and I'm 7 hours away from home with no friends close by and only my immediate family. The closest friends and extended family are an hour or 2 away and I have no idea what I want to do. I'm in a big city, but most things are expensive here.


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Value of a Goldvale Porcelain Doll?I have a Goldenvale 1-2000 collectible porcelain Indian doll; her name is Paige. I wold like to know her value if possible.


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Name Ideas for a Decorative Glass Business Showroom?We are a 25 year old glass business in Bangalore. We are planning to open a showroom to display design glass and decorative glass for interiors. Please suggest a very apt name with which we can promote our showroom and which will go with our business name.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My 14th birthday is coming up, and I want to do something fun with up to 19 people (all girls). It's in winter, so I can't do anything outside. I love ice skating parties, but I've done them many times before, so I want to try something different this year. I also want to do something not too expensive .


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Repairing Flat Sofa Arms?The arms of my faux leather sofas have become flat and hard. Can anyone suggest how to refill with stuffing or something?


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Making Toast for a Crowd?How do I make toast or English muffins for a bunch at a brunch?


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Fleas in New Apartment?I just moved to my apartment. My cat has never been outside and the apartment has fleas now. My neighbors say that previous tenants did not have pets. Management is contacting the company they use, however I will have to pay 75 dollars. Os it my responsibility?


Value of Oak Coffee Table and Matching End Tables

Value of Oak Coffee Table and Matching End Tables?I got this coffee and end tables set. The drawers seem to be carved and can go in and out on both sides. They're solid oak and I need help finding out how much it's worth.


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Name Ideas for a Custom Decal and Design Business?I can't for the life of me think of a creative company name. I do custom decals and designs.


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Gouldian Finch Laid an Egg?My Gouldian finch laid only one egg. She made her own nest. The male mated with her on the perch. He is not a good father or mate. Does she sit soon if only one egg is laid?


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Caring for an Injured Wild Finch?My husband rescued a finch that got hit by a car a block from our house. He is eating, but he doesn't want water. How can I get him to drink water? What kind of cage can I put him in during the night time until his wing is healed? He can't fly and when he stands he sometimes falls sideways. He is missing feathers on one wing.


Finding Waverly Wallpaper - fabric

Finding Waverly Wallpaper?I'm looking for Waverly wallpaper in the cashmere ruby pattern! The photo shows the fabric I saw at Lowes today and wondered if the same pattern (or something similar) is available in wallpaper.


Information on an Eveleigh Trunk  - closed dark brown trunk

Information on an Eveleigh Trunk?I have an Eveleigh trunk. It has never been refinished. I just kinda want to know any info on it.


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Dance School Name Ideas?What is a great name for a dancing school?


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Oil Coming Out of the Dipstick Tube?I recently completely rebuilt my engine with new pistons and all, but before this I had oil coming out of my dipstick tube when I remove the dipstick while the engine is running. This problem continued even after the rebuild. What could be the cause of this?


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Gluing Sand and Shells Inside a Glass Bottle?I am placing a small amount of sand and a few sea shells in a wine bottle. What is the best adhesive to use to keep it all in place?


Identifying a Stuffed Kitty - stuffed orange tabby cat

Identifying a Stuffed Kitty?I received this orange tabby in 1997 for Christmas. My mom bought it at JC Penney and it was the last one there. I really want one for my daughter and have scoured the internet in search for her and have come up empty. She is 12 inches long from head to butt, her tail is 8 inches long and is not stuffed, with a white tip.


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Adding More Potatoes to a Cheesy Potato Casserole?I'm truly loving all the info on this site! I made cheesy potatoes and I'm sure I can add more potatoes to correct it, but how do I cook the sliced potatoes to add to an already cooked dish?


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