November 25, 2018

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Personalized Decoupaged Napkin Coasters - two coasters, one with a stemmed glass base visible

Personalized Decoupaged Napkin CoastersI found a pack of fall harvest print napkins at the shops last night for 46 cents. I thought they would be great turned into coasters using a bit of card stock paper. I embellished them with some shiny leaf confetti and wrote my guests' names on them, so they double up as place cards!


Harley Evelyn (Applehead/Deerhead Chihuahua Cross)

Harley Evelyn (Applehead/Deerhead Chihuahua Cross)Harley came from a friend who had some babies to find homes for. We are so glad she gave us one.



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Overnight Bladder Briefs Leak?I need some advice regarding women's bladder briefs. My auntie recently had to start using Always overnite. How can we stop leakage around leg closure, especially while she is asleep at night. We have to launder the sheets almost every day. She feels so bad, but there is nothing we would not do to help.


Value of a Winnie the Pooh Stuffed Bear

Value of a Winnie the Pooh Stuffed Bear?Can you identify who made this Winnie the Pooh Bear, the year it was made and how much it's worth? It's made of felt with bulky, hard thick stuffing.


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Value of a Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary?I have a Funk & Wagnalls dictionary. I think circa early 70s. The cover is on backwards. So to use you have to turn it over. Any value? I really like that it's not right.


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14th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 14 on December 3rd. I don't want to spend more than £40 on anything. There will be me, one other girl, and then two boys. I want something fun, but not overly active or too childish. It has to be quite cute as one of the boys is my boyfriend and the other boy is the other girl's boyfriend, so nothing too cheesy.


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Serial Number and Manual for a Sovereign Precision Deluxe Sewing Machine?I have a Sovereign Precision Deluxe sewing machine that was made in Japan. I am having trouble finding the serial number and the manual for the machine.


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Agencies That Provide Furniture Vouchers in Ohio?I had been homeless for 16 mos. I finally found a place to live a couple of weeks ago. I'm 60 yrs old and I don't have one piece of furniture. I need a couch, end tables, a kitchen table and chairs. How would I be able to get a furniture voucher? I live in Blaine, Ohio.


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Removing Stains on a White Nylon Sweater?I have a white nylon sweater that I love, but I have used oil on my arms causing the sleeves to yellow. I have used white vinegar and lots of other things. Nothing works. I haven't used any bleach or put it in the dryer. Any help would be appreciated as it is a beautiful sweater that I hate to part with.


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Repairing a MTD Riding Mower?The mower seems to be engaged, and it is having trouble turning over to start. Is there a way to disengage?


Name Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry Business - handmade necklace with pendant

Name Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry Business?I started my own little business. It's about handmade jewelry.


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Hallway Light Not Working?I have a light in my front door hallway and it stopped working. The switch for it is by the switch for the outside light and they still work. What could be wrong?


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Ford Ranger Heater Not Working?I have a '94 Ford Ranger Splash 3.0, 6 cylinder. My heater blower motor works. There is a new resistor; fuses are good, but my blower doesn't turn on. What can be the issue? There is no heat at all. I think the fan should kick on even with no heat. Is there a relay somewhere on this model for the blower motor?


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Value of a Homer Laughlin Tea Pitcher?I purchased a Homer Laughlin piece at a local auction a few years back. We did find out it was originally a three piece set, but we only have the one piece. Only four were made, and a value was unknown because none had ever been sold. The piece we have is a tea pitcher that looks like a baseball.


Lump on My Puppy's Head - pink lump

Lump on My Puppy's Head?The lump on my puppy's head came up about 3 weeks ago. It has gotten bigger, but it gets smaller at night and gets bigger during the day.


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - title page

Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, the eleventh edition. It is the handy volume issue. Copyright 1911. Does it have any value?


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Finding Village Wallpaper Borders?Where can I find Village wallpaper border #5812897?


Value of a Mickey Mouse Figurine - view of the feet

Value of a Mickey Mouse Figurine?I have several Walt Disney figurines and wanted to see if they were worth any money. They have got Walt Disney stamped on the bottom and some have got made in Indonesia and some say made in China. How do you know if any are valuable?


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Repairing a Smith Corona Electric Typewriter?I have a Smith Corona 750 Model 5P and replaced the power cord (10 amp). When I started to use it, it blew the 1 amp fuse. I replaced the fuse and turned it on and again same results. What is happening to it?


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Cleaning a Cotton Sachet Pillow?How do I clean a cotton pillow with lavendar inside. Obviously, I can't wash it.


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Breeding Society Finches?I bought 2 Society finches. 2 months later they nested in the food container. I bought an actual nest and they didn't want it. I just got small pine tree dried leaves, cotton strings, and pieces of fluffy Bounty napkins. 2 weeks later I saw 4 eggs. 18 days went by and on the 18th day in the evening I found all 4 babies dead!


Value of a Guiseppe Armani
Sculpture - sculpture of a man and woman on a swing hanging from a tree branch

Value of a Guiseppe Armani Sculpture?This was recently donated to our charity shop. I am unable to find this particular model online. Can anybody help with some information? Value, etc.?


Value of a Console Record Player/8-Track Deck

Value of a Console Record Player/8-Track Deck?How do I know what a record player/8 track player with built-in cabinet is worth? I see ranges online, but I'm confused with what actually to believe.


Identifying a Tiny Black Jumping Bug - tiny bug

Identifying a Tiny Black Jumping Bug?I have no pets and am living in a well kept house. I was lying on my carpet one night and felt something on my arm. I saw a tiny black bug that jumped to my wrist, then onto my pillow. I squeezed it between my fingers, but it jumped away when I checked.


Value of a Seymour Mann Doll

Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?Can someone tell me about this Seymour Mann Jenny doll? I don't know anything about dolls, for example price and other info. The no/pa isn't really visible, but it starts with 8237 4, I think.


Looking for Waverly Wallpaper from the 1980s - closeup of pink and blue floral paper

Looking for Waverly Wallpaper from the 1980s?We need several rolls of this Waverly wallpaper purchased in Catonsville, MD in the mid-1980s. It was a discontinued pattern and we don't know the pattern name or number. This is for a repair job on a wall in our front foyer. Any ideas?


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