December 5, 2018

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stack of books

Finding the Value of a Waverley Encyclopedia Set?Old encyclopedias often have very little monetary value unless they are quite old and appeal to the occasional collector. There may be other uses that they can be put to such as crafts or as reading books for home schooled children. This is a page about finding the value of a Waverley encyclopedia set.


Ketchup and Soda Pop Marinade/Glaze on plate

Ketchup and Soda Marinade and Glaze RecipeThis delicious marinade and glaze recipe begins with ketchup and flat soda. Add vinegar and spices then use with either meat or veggies for a delicious, easy to prepare meal. This page contains a ketchup and soda marinade and glaze recipe.


Mardi Gras beads and mask

Uses for Mardi Gras BeadsMardi Gras is a traditional pre-lent celebration held in New Orleans and other locations. The fun has spread to other areas with the characteristic "throws" or beads easily obtained. This is a page about uses for Mardi gras beads.


Lentil Stew with Fried Mint Sauce

Lentil Stew with Fried Mint SauceThis traditional Persian dish combines lentils with cinnamon and other spices for a hearty stew. The fried mint sauce is a delicious finishing touch. Try out this recipe for lentil stew with fried mint sauce.


sand dollar lying on top of broken shells

Finding Seashells at the BeachA visit to the coast is likely to include a search for shells. Taking photos of these lovely bits of nature can remind you of the adventure later. This is a page about finding seashells at the beach.


Vodka being poured onto a soft cloth to be used in an ice pack.

Homemade Ice Packs Using AlcoholRather than buying therapeutic ice packs to use for pain, try making your own. The process is easy and this page contains ideas, including the materials needed for putting together homemade ice packs using alcohol.


foam erasers

Removing Paint Transfer on Vehicles With a Magic EraserRemoving paint transfers on your car may be something you can do yourself. The Magic Eraser has been used by some vehicle owners successfully. Always test in an inconspicuous spot to ensure that your paint will not be damaged. This is a page about removing paint transfer on vehicles with a Magic Eraser.


"Wide-Eyed Over You" Valentine Card

Making a 'Wide-Eyed Over You' Valentine CardHomemade Valentine's Day cards can add an even more special meaning to the day. Give your Valentine this cute little heart with its wide eyes and happy smile. This is a page about making a "Wide-eyed Over You" Valentine card.


Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates Appetizer

Goat Cheese Stuffed Date AppetizerThe delicious sweetness of dates is complemented by the savory filling and prosciutto wrapping. Your guests or family will love these. This page contains a recipe for making a goat cheese stuffed date appetizer.



Using recycled styrofoam to wrap a cord.

Save Styrofoam PackagingStyrofoam pieces, often found in gift packaging, can be used to store items such as extension cords, Christmas tree lights and the like. This keeps styrofoam out of the landfill and provides extra storage at the same time.


Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake Bites

Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake BitesThe intention of this recipe was to stretch one box mix of pumpkin pie bars that served 10 people, into pumpkin pecan cheesecake bites that served 20. It was a total success, especially for those relying on portion control. I found the pumpkin pie bar box mix for $1.49 at the market, and had everything else on hand. These came out SO yummy and there was very little work involved.


A rubber band on a lotion bottle to prevent the dispenser from going down fully.

Save Lotion with Rubber BandYou can save the amount of lotion and soaps you dispense from pump-style bottles by wrapping a big rubber band around their necks. When you go to pump, it dispenses a much smaller amount, making it easier for you to control how much comes out. My family members and I are always calling to each other to take the extra dispensed lotion off our hands. Now we just band it up instead!


Oven baked bacon on foil.

Best Oven Baked BaconI love baking my strips of bacon in the oven. You don't have to stand over the stove, dodging oil splatters, while trying to juggle cooking times of other items you're making. However, to boost the "best" in your oven baked bacon, try this little homemade bacon tray trick.


Plastic Bottle Cap Ornaments - ornaments hanging on the tree

Plastic Bottle Cap OrnamentsUpcycling makes me so happy. I had so much fun making these ornaments from plastic bottle tops. I love beautiful ornaments, especially vintage hand-me-downs. But there's something super special about making your own from scratch. I decorated the caps using scraps from my leftover craft supplies.


A drink bottle being used for hot cereal.

Use Drink Bottle for Hot CerealI love these cylindrical drink bottles. They not only hold a lot of liquid, but other things like rice, pasta, oatmeal, etc. Being a lover of hot cereal at night, I hated to put the cereal in a measuring cup then having to wash it. So I came up with this wonderful idea.


A screenshot of some purchases made online and when they will arrive.

Take Screenshots of Purchase ConfirmationsWhen you order things online, always take screenshots of the order summary and guaranteed delivery date immediately after purchase. Whether the purchase information is on the retailer's website on in your email, they can suddenly delay your delivery date and not inform you. The information for shipping can be altered, even in your original email.


Christmas Tree Ribbon Card - finished card standing against the wall

Christmas Tree Ribbon CardIn addition to the free holiday cards I ordered, I still enjoy making homemade cards for my close family and friends.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas?My niece is turning 16 years old Dec. 31, 2020. I am looking for a gift idea to plan for her party or vacation trip.


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14th Birthday Ideas?My niece's birthday is Dec. 31, she will be 14 this year. We live in Columbia, SC. I want to plan something nice for the future, but I have no idea of what teens want to do. She can't spend it with friends because they are with their families during the holidays. This is for future birthdays I need help.


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Name Ideas for a Crochet Business?I'm starting a small crocheting business, but I'm having a problem naming it. I'm do mainly hats and scarfs, but I'm trying to expand to other things.


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Introducing a New Finch to a Lone Bird?I have a 6 year old male zebra finch and I'm looking to get another male. My finch has always been alone. So, my question(s) is/are, would they fight? Will my old one be territorial? How would I introduce them? I don't really want my old one to be stressed so if this doesn't sound like a good idea I won't do it.


Identifying a Bug - tan and brown bug with two black eye spots

Identifying a Bug?I found this guy on my jeans that have been on the floor for 12 hours. I've never seen any like this. I live in Ontario and being December can't see it being tracked in accidentally from brush, being it -16C outside. I do live in an apartment building on the top floor (7th) and been here for 3 years.


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Leaving Roaches Behind When You Move?Has anyone tried leaving their things outside in a garage or car in freezing weather to prevent moving cockroaches with them? Do cockroaches freeze to death? If so, how long does it take?


Name Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry and Body Products Business - bracelets and small jars on a bed of sand

Name Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry and Body Products Business?I have started a small business, but still can't come up with a name for it. I'm so far selling homemade semi precious bracelets with lava beads and semi precious chip necklaces with lava beads for essential oils. I also have homemade lip balms, soaps, bath salts, and writing on rice necklaces. I want to add rings.


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Repairing Fitted Queen Sheets?How do I measure the elastic to be replaced on a queen fitted sheet? The elastic goes all the way around the sheet, not just the corners.


Identifying Antique Chairs - ornate, dark wood arm chairs with padded seat

Identifying Antique Chairs?Any idea on how old these chairs are? I don't know much about them, but they are in pristine condition?


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Daycare Tagline Ideas?I am opening up a home daycare in a few months and I just can't seem to come up with a tagline that fits. I's called The Village Daycare and Learning Center. Any suggestions?


What Breed Is My Dog? - white dog with brown patches

What Breed Is My Dog?I am trying to see what type of breed he is. Is he a Pit Bull or mix?


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