December 29, 2018

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A plate of banana candy.

Making Banana CandyThe main ingredient in this candy is bananas for an uncooked treat. This is a page about making banana candy.



Discontinued York Wallpaper  ST6006 - blue diamond pattern

Discontinued York Wallpaper ST6006York pattern ST6006 has been discontinued and I need to find 2 or 3 double rolls. Any suggestions?


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Finding the Value of Vintage DollsA doll I got in 1954 has a hard body and is about 18 in tall. She will walk with you when you hold her hands and move her legs from side to side with hands. Is there any value for this now?


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Slogan for Childcare BusinessI'm in the process of starting my in home christian academy. I'm looking for a slogan. The name is God's Chosen Ones Christian Academy.


Is My Chihuahua Mixed? - speckled black and white dog

Is My Chihuahua Mixed?I got my pup from a woman on Craigslist who said he was a toy Merle Chihuahua. I just took him to the vet and he's 9 weeks and already 3 pounds. I know nothing about Chihuahuas so if someone could give me some insight Id appreciate it!


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Dyeing a Blue Dress PinkI have this blue dress that I need to get pink, what is the best way to do this?


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House Trained Dog Pooping InsideGG, my toy poodle, has been house trained for 3 years, until we moved. I now have a roommate, an older lady who has become very close to GG. GG wears pants because she tends to chew her tail when bored, but suddenly three times this month she has pooped in her pants for no reason.


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Measuring Servings of Peach CobblerHow many 1/2 cup servings can I get out of a 13 x 9 dish of peach cobbler?


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Substitutions for Almond ExtractI'm allergic to nuts and there's a recipe that calls for vanilla extract and almond extract. What are good substitutions for the almond. Maybe extra vanilla?


Value of Encyclopedia Britannica - volumes on a bookshelf

Value of Encyclopedia BritannicaI have a complete set of Britannica encyclopedias, from 1992-1993 and would like to know the value of them. They're in great condition.


Identifying an Old Stuffed Animal - pink and white stuffed dog

Identifying an Old Stuffed AnimalI have a stuffed animal that I've had since I was a baby. And it was my mother's before me. It is a dog, that is what I was told, but I called it "Bunny". It use to be pink on the ears, arms, and legs. And it also has a music box. My mom is 37 years old. I'm not sure how long she's had it, but maybe that gives you an idea.


Tips of Potted Hydrangea Turning Brown - leaves with brown tips

Tips of Potted Hydrangea Turning BrownI got a new hydrangea (runaway bride) and put it a large pot with half garden soil and half ericaceous. The leaves keep turning brown at the ends. I gave it a good watering in the soil and am keeping it indoors for now with the frosts. Any idea why this is happening please?


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Shih Tzu Not Breathing RightMy Shih Tzu has been almost snoring when she breathes. It sounds like she is congested, but there are no visual problems. I think maybe she has mucus stuck in her throat? We are on vacation in El Paso where we came back from Ft. Campbell in KY/TN if that has anything to do with the problem.


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Neutered Cat Spraying in the HouseI have 4 male cats (all from the same litter). They have lived together for their entire lives. They are now 8 years old. One of them sprays on everything. He sprays on backpacks, plastic bags, and furniture. He's been doing it for a few years now. We've tried everything.


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Home Decor Website Business Name IdeasI am going to create a website for selling little home decor items focusing on the art and culture of India. Can you suggest a suitable name for the website in English?


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Getting a Puppy After One Survives ParvoWe got a puppy at the end of November. She came down with parvo within a week. She made an awesome recovery, thankfully. At the time we had already placed a deposit on another puppy not yet born. We tried to cancel the deal, but the breeder says our deposit is non refundable so we either take the dog or lose $500.


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Cyst-like Bump Inside Pierced TongueI had my tongue pierced years ago and started getting a tiny bump that over the years turned into what feels like a cyst inside my tongue. It's firm, but rubbery. You can only see it under my tongue.


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