January 6, 2019

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cooked Fish, lemon and broccoli on platter

Pan Steamed Lemon Butter FishThis is a fantastic and easy-to-put-together dish that ensures your fish will be moist and flavourful. I like leaving the skin on my lemons when I eat them cooked (Mediterranean style) but if you'd like yours toned down a bit, simply remove the skin from the slices before putting them in the pan. I used sole fish here but you can use any fish you like.


Puppies (Shih Tzu)  - 5 puppies

Puppies (Shih Tzu)Katie our 3 year old Shih Tzu and Tyson (in the photo), the dad, is 2. We bred them. Katie weighs about 5 pounds and Tyson is about 8 pounds. They gave us an early Christmas present of 5 healthy pups.


Buying Holiday Clearance Candy - packages of candy

Buying Holiday Clearance CandyChristmas is now over. All retailers are getting rid of their holiday items by pricing them 70 to 90% off!


Paper Plate Clock - finished clock

Paper Plate ClockThis is an inexpensive learning tool you can make to help your child learn time. This paper plate clock is made with household supplies you probably already have at home!



Value of Karis from the Ashley Belle Doll Collection - doll in case

Value of Karis from the Ashley Belle Doll Collection?I am looking for the value of the Ashley Belle doll named Karis. She comes in a wooden lock box like a closet. She has three handmade dresses, a hat, and one pair shoes. All of it is in very good condition.


Identifying a Porcelain Container - tall narrow porcelain container with silver lid, pipette at bottom and images of deer around the top

Identifying a Porcelain Container?Anybody know what this is? It's hollow like a funnel. The little knob on the side is not open. The top is real silver and the rest is porcelain.


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Real Estate Business Slogan Ideas?My business name is The Perks, LLC. I need help coming up with a tag line. We flip houses then sell them.


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Repairing a Hole in an Air Mattress?I have an Embark queen size mattress and there's a tiny hole at the top of it. How do I repair it? I've tried tape and that didn't work so now I need a new solution. Can anyone help me?


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Removing a Photo Stuck to the Glass in the Frame?How do you remove pictures from glass in a frame? It is a very old photo. I am really desperate.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs?Do tiny black mites die in winter in unheated rooms of my home?


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Identifying an Ashton Drake Doll?Ashton Drake doll number is painted onto back of its neck: TA-1164 or b4 not sure. It says 1996 Ashton Drake on the doll's foot.


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No Power at Outlet After Change to GFCI?I changed the outlet on my back porch to a GFCI and now there is no power to the outlet. Everything else on the circuit is still working, just not the outlet. What could the problem be?


What Breed is My Chihuahua Mixed With?

What Breed is My Chihuahua Mixed With?We know she is not a pure bred Chi. But is she a Chiweeny, Mini Pin-Chi? What you think?


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Kenmore Sewing Machine Needle Not Moving?The needle on my Kenmore sewing machine, model #38515518000, was not moving after I heard a click sound like some part is broken near the hand wheel.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit?I removed a lighting fixture to paint the ceiling and a day later (after completing), both lights appeared to have not just blown but are broken apart at base. The breaker was not tripped, there was no smell of burnt wire or signs of scorching. Thoughts anyone?


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Name Ideas for a Handmade Jewelry and Sweet Business?I need help with name ideas for handmade jewellery and handmade sweets business.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?I installed a ceiling light in my kitchen. They worked, but as I finished putting in the last screw, the lights in the kitchen, dining room, TV in the living room, and outside light on front porch and side porch all went out and won't come on. I'm getting power from the circuit breaker panel, but nothing to the switches.


Removing Nail Polish On Acrylic and Waterproof Materials - nail polish on boots

Removing Nail Polish On Acrylic and Waterproof Materials?I recently went to the nail salon and accidentally dropped a bottle of nail polish and it broke and spilled on my acrylic material boots and a bit got on my waterproof North Face! I tried acetone on my boots, but I think it might have stained and I don't know how to remove it.


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New Puppy Not Going to the Bathroom?We just brought home a new puppy yesterday and he hasn't peed or pooped (either inside or outside). He also has shown very little interest in food or water. When we take him outside all he does is climb up our legs. He is 14 weeks.


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Problems Making Sleeves on an Isela Phelps Baby Sweater?Has anyone had problems with the Isela Phelps pattern for a brocade baby sweater? It's in the Loom Knitting Primer book. I'm having problems with the sleeves.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?I have two pairs of zebra finches and only one breeder box. Is that enough for the two pairs to breed or I have to buy another breeder box for them? Will the one pair damage the other pairs' eggs?


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy is 8 months old and has parvo. I took her to vet and he gave her a vitamin b1 shot, a nausea shot, and an anti inflammatory. I brought her home and I'm giving her Gatorade, but she is not getting better and I'm scared. I heard that if I give her the 5 in 1 it will help a lot. Is this true?


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Finding Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Expiration Date?I'm unsure how to find the expiration date on a bottle of Hershey's syrup. All I can find is a code on the bottom of it, saying #98N52 7J. I'm not sure what that means. Do those numbers indicate the expiration date? If so, how do I interpret it? I don't want to eat something that's expired.


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15th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 15 in 10 days. I need ideas for my party. I am an adventurous girl who likes nature and bonfires, I also love being with my friends. Any ideas?


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17th Birthday Ideas?I want to have a good 17th birthday party, because last year I didn't get to have one. I want this to be a night to remember! I don't want an expensive party, but I want a cute one.


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - with two boxes, one at each end

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I did the typical google sweep and couldn't find anything on this table. My husband is currently planning to cover it in stickers so I want to make sure before he goes to town.


A vintage console stereo system.

Value of a Sylvania Console Stereo?I have a Sylvania 45c16m record player cabinet. I am curious about the year of manufacture and the value for this record player. I also have the original manual.


Value of a Mersman 7241 Table - pedestal table

Value of a Mersman 7241 Table?I'm an trying to find out the value and when a Mersman table stamped 7241 was made.


Finding Discontinued S. A. Maxwell Wallpaper - dusty rose and darker rose/purple wallpaper

Finding Discontinued S. A. Maxwell Wallpaper?I need half a roll of SA Maxwell 7200-290.


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Glossing?My hair was glossed, but now I want my natural color back! They said it should wash out in a month, but it hasn't. What do I do? My hair is a natural light brown; this glossed color is really red and lighter.


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Copycat or Substitute for McCormick's Garlic Bread Spread?Does anyone have a copycat or substitute of McCormick's Garlic Bread Spread?


Value of a Signed Elizabeth Ritter Frog Figurine - tan frog/toad on a rock

Value of a Signed Elizabeth Ritter Frog Figurine?Can anyone tell me if this has any value please?


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Removing Kerosene Odor from Jeep Seats?I spilled kerosene on the backseat of my Jeep. We had the backseat folded down with the kerosene heater on top transporting it. It leaked and went through to the front of my backseat. I have been smelling kerosene for a week and don't know how to get it out! Can you help me with a cheap solution?


Value of an Ashton Drake Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a pink dress with embroidered flowers

Value of an Ashton Drake Porcelain Doll?I just found an Ashton Drake doll I had stored away. It's called, Grandma's Little Blossom. Any idea of the value?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?What should my daughter do with her big group of friends for her 14th birthday?


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