January 9, 2019

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Chocolate Dream Cake

Chocolate Dream CakeThis cake had made the internet go crazy. I was curious so I tried to search how it's made. It was actually basically made of 4 layers; from bottom is chocolate moist cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate pudding and chocolate disk on top and garnished with cocoa powder. Some layers are even drizzled with chocolate syrup.


bowl of Whey Soup

Whey SoupIn many countries where cheeses are made at home, thrifty cooks use the whey as a soup base. My mother was from Poland. She made a sauerkraut soup that reminds me of this because of the slight tang. This recipe can be doubled.


Caramelized Onion Chicken on plate

Caramelized Onion ChickenThis is a great way to make the most amazing caramelized onion chicken without the use of added fats. The juices from the onion and chicken themselves are enough to make a fabulous cooking liquid that cooks everything up just right. The lemons are optional here, but I highly suggest them!



A homemade LED vanity mirror.

Homemade LED Vanity MirrorSkip paying $30 and up buying a light-up vanity mirror and make your own from the dollar store! You can get a decent sized mirror and LED lights for a buck each. Just affix the lights and turn them on for use. I love this for things like precise eyebrow tweezing. You really catch all the details!


purple flowers

Flowers at Pickering Pioneer VillageThis purple flower was blooming just outside the front gate of one of the houses situated at the Pickering Pioneer Village. The orange one was found along a fence bordering a garden patch outside of a structure.


Two magazine holders attached together and used as a printer shelf.

Magazine Holders As Printer ShelfI recently found two wooden magazine holders. They make great corner shelves for an RV or She Shed or Man Cave. So tonight, I simply taped mine together and sat it under the printer/scanner. This gives me ample room for printer paper. Now if I were doing something else with it, I would use wood glue and perhaps better tape, if I still needed it.


Teeny Tiny Dolly Slippers - two pink tiny doll slippers

Teeny Tiny Dolly SlippersOh so cute little pompom slippers that are oh so easy to make using easy to find craft supplies. Young teenagers would love to make these. And they are a brilliant idea to scatter around the table for a decoration at a baby shower.


A computer being projected onto a TV screen.

Project Computer Screen on TVMy only splurge is yoga class. At first, teachers came over and corrected my alignment often. It was worth the price. Five years later, not so much. I read about yoga classes on the computer, but the screen is small. I knew there had to be a way to hook up the computer to the TV screen. I looked it up on YouTube and they said an HDMI cable would work. One end goes on the port on the TV and the other end goes on the port on the computer.


Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitch (Harry Potter)

Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitch (Harry Potter)My son had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. One of the treats I made were these Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches. They were the perfect pairing to go with the red and gold Gryffindor cupcakes that we had.


A houseplant in a pot on the floor.

Alternative to New Year's ResolutionsI like the comment I heard today in exercise class. This young woman said she doesn't make new year's resolutions but instead picks a word to think more about and implement personally for the year. Her words this year were "commitment" and "support". That's an interesting concept!



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Drinking Hot Water to Lose Weight?How true is this, that by drinking hot water 3-4 liters per day helps to reduce body weight and fat?


What Is this Hanging Plant? - profusion of stems with tiny light green leaves

What Is this Hanging Plant?This plant was a given to me. Its leaves are very small, less than 1 cm, and it hangs down on scraggly thin white or clear vines. It also has plump leaves. I thought perhaps a peperomia or a sedum?


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Finding a Teen Job?I am about to turn 15 in June. I need to find a job so I can make some money to get a car so I don't have to walk to school on cold mornings and so I don't have to ask for a ride to go places?


little white bug eggs  - dusty white spots on dark blanket

Getting Rid of Little Black Biting Bugs?In September of last year I had bed bugs. I had the house sprayed, but also was using a steam cleaner on everything in my house, my curtains, furniture, rugs, and clothes to help get rid of the bed bugs. Around the same time these white pearly things started to show up especially on my furniture.


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Removing a Tattoo?I have a permanent tattoo on the side of my arm. I have gotten bored with that tattoo so I want to remove it, but I am very scared of laser treatment. I heard it hurts a lot. So I am looking for a natural medicine or therapy which works for me without pain.


Determining If a Brooch Is Silver - beautiful silver pin with an oval cast or carved purple center insert

Determining If a Brooch Is Silver?How can I tell? There are no marks.


Identifying a Leonardo Collection Figurine - woman wearing a long butter yellow dress and matching hat

Identifying a Leonardo Collection Figurine?I've emailed the company, but the lady who responded (who had worked there 10 years) said she didn't recognise the figurine. It would be nice to know what it's worth, but really I want to know it's name and, say, if there were any similar. I can't find a serial number.


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Attaching Scrapbook Paper Cut Outs to a Styrofoam Ball?I am wanting to make a Christmas ornament by using left over scrapbook paper scraps (punched flower) attached to a Styrofoam ball. What is the best way to make it stick, using what glue or even mod podge? I have used a pin in the middle, but the edges stick up. Please advise.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am planning a party for a 14 year old girl and she has 13 people coming. We would like to go out of the house to have a sleepover, but not at a hotel. What should we do?


Identifying a Porcelain Skater Doll - ice skater doll wearing a red dress and hat trimmed with white fur

Identifying a Porcelain Skater Doll?I've recently come into possession of a doll I can't identify and I'm hoping you can help. I think she's vintage because her outfit is sewn onto her and the white fur trim on the dress, hat, and muff are made out of real fur. She's porcelain and her eyes appear to be glass.


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Identifying an Old Reel Mower?How do I find the make and model of my reel mower if the serial number is R-1510-BX-16?


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Finding a Cabbage Patch Doll Kit or Pattern?I'm a new grandma and I'd like to make my grand girls a Cabbage Patch doll, but can not find a kit or pattern for the doll itself. If someone could help I would like your input on where to find one.


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Ideas for 14th Birthday Sleepover?I am so excited to turn 14 and have a sleepover. But some of my ideas are good and boring. Please help me find the right sleepover ideas and games.


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Tagline for a Playschool?Please suggest a tagline for my playschool, The Little Wings.


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Start and Stop Buttons Not Working on GE Microwave?My Spacemaker GE microwave is working fine when I use 30 seconds, or 1, 2.. minutes, but when I manually add the time and press the "start" button then it's not working, the "stop/cancel" button is not working either. The bottom line is it's only working on other buttons. What caused this issue?


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Finding a Replacement Pad for a Swiffer Mop?Where can I find a replacement hard rubber pad for my Swiffer mop? Can I use something else? Mine is falling a part.


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Heater Does Not Work When Plugged Into Certain Outlets?I have a portable electric heater. It just started shutting down while plugged into 3 specific outlets in one room. It works fine plugged into other outlets in the same room. Other things work fine plugged into those same outlets. Just the heater trips out. It does not trip the circuit breaker. What could the problem be?


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White Sleeves on Jacket Have Yellowed?I have a color block sports jacket with white sleeves. The sleeves have yellowed from being stored. How can I get those sleeves white again?


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