March 4, 2019

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Make Your Sponge Last Twice as Long - blue sponge cut in half

Saving Money by Cutting Sponges in HalfFeel good about throwing away dirty sponges regularly by getting twice as many with this simple trick. This is a page about saving money by cutting sponges in half.


A traditional Lancashire hotpot.

Making Scottish HotpotSimilar to a pot pie with ground meat, cheese and vegetables, this hearty dish is from NW England and Scotland. It is also called Lancashire hotpot. This page is about making Scottish hotpot.


Cottage Cheese in a wooden bowl

Making Cottage CheeseIf you have a gallon of milk and vinegar, you can easily make this fresh cheese. This is a page about making cottage cheese.


garlic cloves and two dropper bottles of garlic oil

Health Remedies Using GarlicGarlic has been taken internally to benefit the heart, blood pressure, and immune system, as well as, externally to strengthen fingernails. This is a page about health remedies using garlic.


A woman using her phone about money matters.

Roadblocks to Financial WellbeingCommon mistakes in budgeting or spending can cause a ripple effect through your finances. Planning and will power can keep you on the right track. This page contains advice for avoiding roadblocks to your financial wellbeing.


Mexican lasagna on a plate.

Mexican (Taco) Lasagna RecipesMexican Lasagna can be made in a variety of ways but uses common taco or burrito ingredients in place of traditional Italian ones. This page contains recipes for Mexican (taco) lasagna.


money flying around about a laptop

Making Money With Your ComputerAlthough there are lots of websites online that suggest you can make money working from home, it's best to use caution to avoid scams or predatory MLM businesses. However, there are some legitimate ways to use your computer to earn income. This page discusses making money with your computer.


potato latkes on a brown plate with potatoes in background

Making LatkesThese savory pancakes made with shredded potatoes or other vegetables are common in many cuisines. Jewish latkes are traditionally served with applesauce and sour cream. This is a page about making latkes.


Sweet 16 crown on a pillow shaped cake.

Planning a Small Sweet Sixteen BirthdayHaving a special party for a girl's 16th birthday is a fun tradition for many families but it doesn't require a large guest list. Plan a memorable party with just a few close friends and family. This page contains ideas for planning a Small Sweet Sixteen birthday.



Rainbow Pot of Gold Activities  - FUN spelled out with coin letters

Rainbow Pot of Gold ActivitiesThis is an easy yet fun and colorful craft that doubles as a learning activities for kids. It is a fun way for learning, basic rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet). It is also a fun way of learning words, creating words, and spelling with the alphabet foam stickers over faux gold coins.


Homemade Compost - The Natural Way To Green Gardening - mixing materials with a rake

Homemade Compost - The Natural Way To Green GardeningOur neighbors think we are very odd people when we save grass clippings, leaves, discarded fruit and veggie peels, and now shredded newspaper clippings.


Recycled Cork Thread Dispenser and a Candle Holder - finished candle holder

Recycled Cork Thread Dispenser and a Candle HolderIf you enjoyed the trivet and the coaster, I am happy. Here is day 3 and 4 of my 4 day post. This one is a bit unique and not for everyone. As someone who sews, you might like it though. The candle holder is cute too, but I wish I could have found a smaller candle.



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Using Dishwasher Powder That Has Clumped?I have a 60 oz. brick of Cascade. Is there any hope of saving this clumpy mess?


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Value of a Goldenvale Eleanor Porcelain Doll?I found a Goldenvale porcelain doll 44" tall, named Eleanor. I would like to know how much they sell for. It's in really good shape.


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Value of Vintage Warwick China?I purchased a 12 piece Warwick set of china with a rose pattern and beautiful gold trim. It's about 80 years old I'm told. I would like to sell it, but what to know for how much.


Value of a Mersman 3 Tier Pie Crust Table - mahogany three tier table

Value of a Mersman 3 Tier Pie Crust Table?I have a 3 tier pie crust Mersman table. I have done a little research and suspect it is mahogany. I know these tables were mass produced, but maybe this one was a little more unique because I can't find very many listed for sale. I found one that looks the same selling for $300 in eBay (well asking that, but they haven't sold it yet). What would the value be and what is the best way to sell it?


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Advice for New Denture Patient?Does anyone have some advice for a new wearer. I need full dentures on top and a partial on the bottom. What should I expect?


Value of a Set of the Encyclopedia of the World and Its People

Value of a Set of the Encyclopedia of the World and Its People?I am just wondering if these would be worth anything. Any advise would be great.


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Bobbin Case on Singer Sewing Machine Won't Move?I have recently acquired a Singer 476 as my really old Singer doesn't even have zig zag. Unfortunately the bobbin case won't budge. I am very new to this whole sewing malarkey and don't totally understand the original manual. It also doesn't say anything about this problem. I will have to continue using my old baby for now.


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Finding a Replacement Canvas for a Vintage Apache Popup Camper?I have a 1969 Apache Mesa III popup that needs a replacement canvas. I am having a hard time finding an affordable replacement. The one that I currently have is just as old as the year of the camper and not repairable.


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Using Red Pepper to Keep a Dog from Peeing on the Carpet?My daughter just got a new puppy and it keeps going in my closet and peeing and pooping. Will using crushed red pepper deter a dog from peeing on my carpet if I sprinkle it on heavily?


Identifying Wallpaper - neutral paper with a brown random pattern

Identifying Wallpaper?I am looking for this type of wallpaper for my house. I want to redo some of the rooms that don't have this wallpaper, but I don't know the name of the paper and where I can buy it. Any ideas? Or guesses?


Value of an Unidentified Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a pretty pink dress with a matching hat

Value of an Unidentified Porcelain Doll?I'm cleaning my mom's house out and found this porcelain doll. There are no markings on it. It is around 15 inches tall. Does anyone have an idea what it might be worth?


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Collecting Back Child Support After Payor Dies?My daughter's father passed last year. No one told me. He was $2000 behind in back child support. His other 5 children received Social Security survivor benefits (survivor Ben), but his wife doesn't want be involved. What do I do?


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Finding a Free Refrigerator?Please help me with ideas for finding a free refrigerator.


Information on a Murphy's Chair - stripped wooden chair

Information on a Murphy's Chair?I am trying to find any information on a Murphy 450 wooden chair I can't see all of the logo. I didn't know it was there until I started stripping it.


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Recipe For Lipton Onion Soup Burgers and Gravy?My mom used to make pan fried burgers with an onion gravy. The gravy was made with Lipton onion soup mix. It was kind of a sticky gravy, sweet and savory, little or no flour. It was so good, I really want to make it, but haven't found any recipe close to it.


Identifying a Small Household Bug

Identifying a Small Household Bug?I found it under the bathroom counter. I have seen then around my apartment before. It is not a flying insect. It is smaller than an ant, but bigger than a grain of rice.


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Ideas for a Girl's 14th Birthday Party?I am turning 14 this March, and I am having trouble coming up with good ideas for what I should do. I don't want to have a sleepover, and not all my friends are super girly.


Value of a Ransomes Minor Mk6 Lawn Mower - rusty old mower

Value of a Ransomes Minor Mk6 Lawn Mower?I have recently bought a vintage Ransomes Minor Mk6. I have just discovered how old it really is, it was produced in the 1950s. I would like to know an estimate of how much it would be worth if I restored it and got it running. It is pretty beat up and the paintwork will need some work. I don't know whether it runs yet.


Value of Old Dried 4 and 5 Leaf Clovers

Value of Old Dried 4 and 5 Leaf Clovers?What are these four leaf and five leaf clovers actually worth? They are real. I found them between pages of a bible that is 200+ years old.


Value of a Grandfather Clock

Value of a Grandfather Clock?I can't find anything on this clock; the face says Royalty. I am doing an estate sale so I am just trying to get a value. I want to say my mom said she paid a clock repair shop 800 to fix it one time.


Moving a Pigeon Egg - pigeon on top of a trash bag

Moving a Pigeon Egg?I live in a third floor apartment and the back door is a stairway that is covered from the elements, but open to animals. Last spring two pigeons laid two eggs and I was lucky enough to watch them grow and fledge the nest. Now they are back and have laid an egg on top of a trash bag on the landing. How can I move it safety so that they don't abandon it?


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Flavored Coffee Recipes?I saw somewhere that you can add cinnamon and/or cocoa to coffee. Is there a recipe to do so?


Value of a Giuseppe Armani Figurine - hand holding a tan figurine

Value of a Giuseppe Armani Figurine?What is the value of this Giuseppe Armani figurine?


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Growing Virginia Creeper and English Ivy Together?There is a parking garage in my neighborhood that will put up a metal screen and grow Virginia creeper and English ivy in order to cover up the façade and blend in with the residential area. I would like to know if you recommend those two plants to grow next to each other or if it would be better to use only one plant.


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Value of 1880 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have an 8th edition set of 1880 Britannica Encyclopedias in good condition and would like to know what it might be worth.


Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Meat Marinade Seasoning

Copycat Recipe for McCormick's Meat Marinade Seasoning?McCormick discontinued their Meat Marinade seasoning. I am just looking to see if anyone has tried to duplicate this themselves. It was the only way my wife loved to have her ribeyes marinaded and I have tried others on the self with no luck on a new taste for her. Help me bring back the love for her steak again.


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Online Clothing Shop Name Ideas?Please suggest a online fashion clothing shop name for my Facebook page in Bangladesh.


Value of a Marie Osmond Porcelain Doll - red headed doll

Value of a Marie Osmond Porcelain Doll?I have a Marie Osmond Kylie doll that I have not been able to find anywhere on the internet. I don't remember when she was bought, but it was probably 30-35 years ago. She is #395 and signed on the back of her neck. I would like to sell her, but don't know what she is worth.


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Inexpensive Income Tax Service?I need a cheap service to file my income tax. i do not want to file online. Any suggestions?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?We've had our dog for a few months now. She came from a shelter. We were told she's part Whippet and part Cattle Dog, but I've seen photos of similar dogs and they are Pit Bull Terrier mixes.


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Determining Publication Dates on Old Books?I have a few very old books my dad gave me. The dates aren't listed on some. I have a hard cover Grimm's Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm. The first page says German Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm with Eight Illustrations in Colors and Eighteen Drawings in Black and White. A.L. Burt Company:Publishers New York. There is also a stamp symbol that reads Burt's Library of The World's Best Books.


Identifying a Houseplant - plant with red underside to leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?My son chose this plant for his bedroom however no one at the Lowe's garden department knew what it was. It has a generic houseplantlabel. It requires medium light, room temp, and needs to be watered once a month. It has waxy, hunter green leaves with a matte red underside. There is also a budding stem that appears it may flower at some point. Any thoughts?


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Using Frozen Dry Milk?How do I process it? I have to keep it frozen and now am unable to get it to completely dissolve in order to drink it.


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Value of Heritage Signature Collection Dolls?I am trying to find the value of the Heritage Signature Collection porcelain dolls listed below.


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