March 6, 2019

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Mini Cream Cheese Crepes on plate and sprinkled with powdered sugar

Mini Cream Cheese CrepesThese delicious, rich pancakes are easier to make in a smaller size. This is a page about mini cream cheese crepes.


A batch of baked caramel popcorn.

Baked Caramel PopcornOnce you have popped corn a delicious treat can be made by coating with caramel and baking it. This is a page about baked caramel popcorn.


A pink fleece blanket rolled up.

Alternative Uses for Fleece Blankets?There are a variety of ways you can use a fleece blanket to create a blind, stop a draft, or repurpose the fabric to make other things. This is a page about alternative uses for a fleece throw.


A senior woman reading in a library.

Educational Resources for SeniorsBesides the public library, there are many online resources available for continuing education. This is a page about educational resources for seniors.


Hand using a stamp and ink pad.

Removing Stamp Pad Ink from Skin?Permanent ink can be a challenge to remove from your skin. Rubbing alcohol or scrubbing with good old soap and water will work. This is a page about removing stamp pad ink from skin.


Eggplant Burger on plate

Eggplant Burger RecipeUsing eggplant for these delicious burgers can be made vegan or vegetarian. A great way to get more vegetables in your family's diet. This page contains an eggplant burger recipe.



Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut Milk in bowl

Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut MilkHere's a fun weekend treat full of floating circles and bananas. It could be served either hot or cold but it's best when newly cooked paired with hot chocolate.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies on plate

Very-Oatmeal Raisin CookiesThis is a super delicious cookie that uses more oatmeal than usual, and much less flour. It's versatile in that if you want them chewy, just stack the cookie dough higher on your baking sheet. Like them crisp? Flatten them out. I like them crispy on the outside with chewy middles so I go right in between. Yum!


Garlic Parmesan Salmon with asparagus on plate

Garlic Parmesan SalmonThere are lots of sales on fish for Lent. This is easy and quick. It tastes and smells wonderful. I only made 1/2 pound of salmon. If you combine the Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs in a 1:1 ratio and add the seasonings to taste, it will come out fine. I will write the recipe as written.



Pot O' Gold Planter - pot on deck rail

Pot O' Gold PlanterThis is cute little planter you can use for your real plants, fake plants, or even fill with candy to hand out. It's super easy to make and so cheerful for St. Patrick's Day!


A wicker tissue box used to store paints.

Reusing a Wicker Tissue BoxI have had this for a while. But, because most of the boxes of tissues I get at the dollar stores are about 1/2 inch taller, this looks silly. So, today I flipped it over and put a piece of cardboard in the "bottom" and showed how to use it for storing lots of things.


Using binder clips to hold up pages of a thin calendar.

Binder Clips for Calendar PagesI get my calendars at the dollar stores. The variety is great, and of course the price is key. But, the paper is thin. I find that when I hang it by the center hole, the edges flop over.


Pot of Golden Treats - candy filled pot of gold

Pot of Golden TreatsAt the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. The leprechaun left its powerful green hat that saves him from traps. It's caught in a trap and the princess was able to slide herself down the long rainbow. She fell into a pot of gold under thick clouds at the end of the rainbow where the leprechaun's hat was left.


Repurposing a Candy Box Into Shadow Boxes - Mini Cooper model box

Repurposing a Candy Box Into Shadow BoxesI had a leftover candy box with strong bones. It is very sturdy and would make not 1 but 2 shadow boxes. Here's how!


Coloring over the scratches with a black sharpie.

Repairing A Scratched Hamper with MarkerI recently bought a wicker hamper is sound shape. But the edges were wooden and the black paint looked a bit shabby. It hit me when I got it home and a marker might not help much but it couldn't hurt, either.


A house number on a mailbox in the snow.

Don't Post Your House Number on Social MediaI highly recommend to never post your home address (# portion) in photos anywhere on social media. Even though you are not displaying your complete address with just the # portion of your address, it would easily be researched online.



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Finding a Dish Detergent That Suds?I buy staples in bulk. If I find a good bargain, I might buy a year's supply at a time. I've found that this practice can lead to some surprises. I am having trouble finding a dish detergent that will suds up, even a little. Any thoughts?


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House Trained Dog Peeing on New Carpet?My dog, half Pit and half Shepherd, is 5 years old. We just got new carpets in only one room. She's never peed in the house before until we got the new carpet. Now she's peed at least twice, but only on the brand new carpet. Why?


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Toyota Sewing Machine Runs Slowly and Then Stops?I have a Toyota model 2202. It's running very slowly then stops; can I fix this?


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Name Ideas for a Non-Medical Home Care Service for Seniors?I am starting a non-medical home care service for seniors. I am looking for some name suggestions. I was thinking of Hands of Kare for Seniors. I am unsure about the for seniors part, but I need it to be clear.


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Determining Housecleaning Job Fee?How much do I charge someone that needs a 4500 sq. ft. home cleaned. It has 3 floors. 3.5 baths, 11 bedrooms all together. It is a 1st cleaning and the owner wants top to bottom and it's just me and 1 other girl.


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Light Sensing Exterior Fixture Only Works When Breaker Flipped?I have an outside light that's a dusk to dawn. The dusk to dawn sensor no longer worked and the light stayed on all the time. So, in the evening I would just flip the switch to turn it on. Now when I flip the switch it will not turn on. I changed the switch and that did not help. Next, with the switch on I flipped the breaker off then on, and the light came on.


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Adopted Dog Pees and Poops in His Crate?My husband and I adopted a 2 year old Lab Pit mix about five days ago. Since day 1, he has had issues using the bathroom. I noticed immediately that he was not peeing or pooping outside. We live in an apartment complex and when we took him outside he just spent the whole time sniffing everything. We got a crate (he had one before) and he goes inside it but not outside.


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Daycare Business Slogan Ideas?I have a daycare called Kreative Kids CDC. Any ideas for a slogan?


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Highlighting?I have done olden brown highlighting in my hair. My original hair colour was black. I am not happy with my hair colour. How long do I have to wait to get my original colour back?


Identifying a Tiffany Russian Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a fur hat, muff, and fur trimmed long red coat

Identifying a Tiffany Russian Porcelain Doll?Can anybody tell me what kind of doll this is and who the maker would be and what year it was made? There are no markings that I can find besides on the box it says Tiffany item no. 13878.


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Remedy for Miss Counted Rows on Cross Stitch Pattern?How do I fix miss counted rows on my pattern? Do I need to rip it out and start over? I am new to cross stitching and need some advice.


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Sewing Machine Not Stitching Jersey Fabric?My sewing machine is not catching the bobbin thread when I'm trying to sew stretch fabric. It works fine on regular cotton, but doesn't pick up the stitch when I put in the jersey fabric. I am using the right needle and the machine and bobbin are threaded and inserted correctly. It seems to be just a problem with the stretchy fabric.


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Removing a Set-in Coffee Stain from Upholstery?I have a recliner that has several set-in coffee stains. How can I remove them?


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Cat Keeps Bringing Her Kittens into My Bed at Night?My cat had her kittens around 3 weeks ago, but one sadly died. At around 1 week old I noticed the little girl was breathing very fast. The vet took x-rays and couldn't see anything wrong, but her breaths per minute were high, like 80. The vet gave us some antibiotics, but after a week on the medication nothing changed. Now mama cat brings the two kittens into my bed at night.


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