March 22, 2019

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Spring Tea Party Invitation - tie ribbon into a bow

Spring Tea Party InvitationThis fancy little handmade card is the perfect way to invite friends over for a tea party. This is a page about making a spring tea party invitation.


A business card holder being used as a phone stand.

Business Card Holder as a Phone StandThis is a handy trick for the office or a nightstand and can be much cheaper than an expensive phone stand. This page is about using a business card holder as a phone stand.


Precious Moments figurines in a nativity.

Determining the Value of Precious Moments Figurines?These popular sculptures have been been sold since 1978 in a variety of styles. This is a page about determining the value of Precious Moments figurines.


Chicken Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce on plate

Chicken Spring Rolls with Peanut SauceThese spring rolls can be filled with any kind of fresh vegetables that you want. They are a light, healthy meal and taste great dipped in the homemade peanut sauce. This is a page about chicken spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce.


A shaker for making powdered drink mixes.

Using Powdered Drink MixesShaker bottles have become very popular for all sorts of powdered protein or energy drinks that mix with water. This page has advice for using powdered drink mixes.


A spider beetle on the trunk of a tree.

Getting Rid of Spider Beetles (Ptinidae)?This is a page about getting rid of spider beetles. Here are some tips for safely getting rid of spider beetles in your home.


tea bags in pressure cooker

Pressure Cooker Tea RecipeThis is a page about pressure cooker tea. This strong tea can be served hot or cold. It is delicious both sweetened or unsweetened.


"Back to School" written on a chalk board with a small shopping cart full of school supplies.

Tax Free School Shopping WeekendMany states designate one weekend in the late summer for tax free school shopping. To find out more information about your state's sales tax holidays, click here!


salt and pepper shakers on white background

Salt and Pepper Tips and TricksThis basic seasoning combination plays a central role in most kitchens worldwide. This page contains salt and pepper tips and tricks.


A green layered salad in a clear bowl.

Layered Green Salad RecipesLeafy greens can be layered with meats, cheeses and other veggies to create an old fashioned salad. This page contains recipes for layered green salad.


Cheesy Hash Browns

Cheesy Hash Browns RecipeThese super creamy hash browns are sure to be a hit at a potluck or family meal. They are easy to make and delicious! This is a page about cheesy hash browns.


Pan with slices of baked cabbage.

Baked Cabbage RecipesBaked cabbage makes a delicious side dish and is easy to make. Here are some recipes to try. This page contains baked cabbage recipes.


Indian samosas with sauce and herbs.

Making SamosasSamosas are a savory Indian pastry that often contains hearty ingredients like potatos, lentils and peas. This is a page about making samosas.


Plastic tubing cut into small sections to be used as a nasal breathing insert.

DIY Nasal Breathing InsertAvoid congestion and snoring by making one of these nasal inserts, much cheaper than the store bought kind.This page has instructions for a DIY nasal breathing insert.


Spring Day Project Using Stickers - second example of grass and sticker project

Spring Day Sticker Project for Young ChildrenThis is a page about spring day project using stickers. It's easy to create a spring day scene using colored paper and fun stickers. This is a great project to make with young children.


Shamrock glued to top of card.

Making a St. Patrick's Day CardCelebrate the St. Patrick's Day with these handmade cards. It's a great way to show your Irish spirit to those near and far. This page has directions for making a St. Patrick's Day card.


clean pan

Cleaning and Restoring a Macocotte Dutch OvenThis is a page about cleaning and restoring a Macocotte dutch oven. Here are some great tips for removing burnt on food and grease from a Manocotte dutch oven.


The end being cut off a hollow piece of red licorice.

Making Licorice StrawsCut the ends off of Red Vines or any hollow twisted licorice candy and use it to make a festive drink. This is a page about making licorice straws.


A recycled lint roller being reused as a twine dispenser.

Making a Recycled Twine DispenserThis is a page about recycled rope or twine dispenser. An empty lint roller makes a perfect twine dispenser. You will no longer have to fight with a tangled ball of twine the next time you need it.


boy drinking smoothie

Fruit and Veggie Smoothie for Picky EatersEven the pickiest of eaters will enjoy this fruit and veggie smoothie. Carrots and cucumbers are perfectly blended with apples and pineapple, in this yummy smoothie. This is a page about fruit and veggie smoothie for picky eaters.


A collection of vintage china cups.

Determining the Value of ChinaThis is a page about determining the value of china. Whether you have a full set of china or just a few prized pieces, it can be hard to figure out how much it is worth. Often it's worth more to you than in monetary value, but some china can also be very valuable.



Making a Paper Jet  - paper jet next to plastic toy one

Making a Paper JetMy son's most prized possessions in his toys are his jets and airplanes. He will always keep them in a safe place and never brings them outside, he's afraid he may lose or break one. So, instead, he asked if we could replicate the jet in a paper version so he can bring it to play with at the park. This was very easy to make!


Pill Bottle Sewing Kit

Pill Bottle Sewing KitWith about 30 minutes to spare, you can make this to keep in your car, purse, or RV. It's handy, safe from little ones, and waterproof.


Toilet Paper Tube Chicken - TP tube chick

Toilet Paper Tube ChickenMake this cute paper chicken using the cardboard center from a roll of toilet paper. You can fill them with little bags of candy if you like. This is a great craft for kids!


Straw Flowers on Paper - small rectangle of green paper that says Happy Spring

Straw Flowers on PaperTo celebrate the first day of spring, my daughter assembled this cute flower artwork that is now hanging on our refrigerator.


Cereal Treats for Backyard Birds - hanging from a suet feeder

Cereal Treats for Backyard BirdsI love helping the critters eat. Today, this is the best craft to do with the kids. You don't need but two or three items and you are set.



Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing

Getting Hair Back to Natural Color After Dyeing?I'm naturally blonde. I been dyeing my hair with box dye to a burgundy color for the last 3 years. Now I would like to go back to blonde. I'm using Oops color stripper and I'm wondering if it will work or not and if I can put blonde platinum on after.


Value of a Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll

Value of a Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll?I found my old doll and I am trying to figure out how much she is worth.


Value of an Old Armoire - old light, plain wood armoire

Value of an Old Armoire?I am curious as to what my solid wood, oak I believe but I am not certain armoire is worth. It's extremely heavy. I'd guess its weight to be around the 200 lb mark, possibly more. I'm about 5'7 and my hand barely reaches the top. It has a lock and key and is also on wheels to move easier. I bought it a few years ago from an older gentlemen in the country for a very good price!


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Getting Rid of Bugs in Hair?I recently have been finding bugs. It looks like maybe there are three different types. Some look like fuzz or dust or even lint. And some are kind of clearish. It is hard to tell what they are. They are in my hair and they go in my nose and ears and other areas of my body. I have chopped my hair off and used every kind of treatment I know of. I even got a prescription treatment.


Value of a Memories Classic Collection Porcelain Doll - doll in a box

Value of a Memories Classic Collection Porcelain Doll?I can't seem to find the value of my sister's porcelain doll. On the box it says Memories Classic Collection. I've looked everywhere and I can't find the doll not even on eBay. She wants to know what it's worth.


Value of an Ohlsson and Rice Generator

Value of an Ohlsson and Rice Generator?I have an Ohlsson and Rice, Tiny Tiger generator, model 300. It runs great and has been restored to original condition with original parts from O&R. It has factory original paint and decals. The only thing not original is the condenser, but the condenser is an O&R original part.


Determining the Value of Old Estate China - scalloped plate with blue floral pattern around the near edge and floral pattern in the center

Determining the Value of Old Estate China?I'm cleaning out an old estate and there is so much china. I don't know the value on anything. I'm cleaning out boxes, etc.


Identifying Possible Insect Eggs

Identifying Possible Insect Eggs?I woke up and saw this stuff, on the floor, next to my bed. Can you please tell me if this is some kind of eggs or what?


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Market Day School Project Bath Salts Product Name Ideas?For business studies at school we are putting together a market day. My group is creating a product using bath salts in a lightbulb packaging made from plastic that can be bought online. We want each flavour of essensial oil that is put into different bath salts to represent an aura/mood. The only problem is we need a name for our product/brand.


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