March 24, 2019

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Chinese Noodle Soup

Week 12: Chinese Noodle SoupThis week's soup uses leftover pork roast or Chinese takeout combined with noodles and veggies for a quick weeknight meal. If you have chicken or beef leftover instead, that would also be delicious.


A pair of gloved hands cleaning a table with a spray bottle and a rag.

Multiple Service Cleaning Business Name IdeasWhen starting your own business you want to choose a business name that will help your business grow, by being easy to remember and a good description of the services you provide. This is a page about multiple service cleaning business name ideas.


A coffee stain on an upholstered.

Removing Coffee Stains on Upholstery?Coffee can leave a brown spot when it is spilled on fabric. There are a few cleaners; water, baking soda or salt that can help remove it. This is a page about removing coffee stains on upholstery.



finished pizza

Homemade Pizza DoughThis pizza dough is great! You can make the dough, and refrigerate it for up to a week. You can also freeze it. It's great for company, and the whole family. It takes just a few steps, and then add the sauce and toppings.


Pancakes in dish

Two Ingredient PancakesI am always looking for uses for over ripe bananas and couldn't believe how great this one is! Instead of making carb/calorie heavy banana bread turn your overripe bananas into pancakes!



Pepper (Timneh African Grey) - parrot next to a can of chicken

Pepper (Timneh African Grey)I got this bird on Craigslist from a lady who was opening up a daycare in her house and could not have little Pepper anymore. Although she does not say a word she does plenty of sound effects.


Making a Paper Plate Rainbow  - finished rainbow craft, ready to hang

Making a Paper Plate RainbowWith all the rain we've been getting in Southern California, you get to see rainbows! It's not everyday we get to see them, so the kids wanted their very own rainbow to hang on the wall.


Decorative Baskets from Oranges - handled basket ready to serve

Decorative Baskets from OrangesThis is a fun food craft where you can turn oranges into baskets that hold your fruit. It's fun and easy and you can really get creative with your designs! I've added two styles in this how-to.



Value of a Vintage End Table with Radio and Turntable - table top opened

Value of a Vintage End Table with Radio and Turntable?I have what I believe is a 1966 GE solid state all transmitter AM/FM radio with record player end table. I can't find much about it or what it might be worth?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I would like to know more information about my porcelain dolls that were passed down to me from a family member. I would like to know the location, name and year of my dolls please and what they are worth today? I also have a few dolls with no numbers anywhere.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Moving Duck Eggs?I have a big pond with a male and female duck. I found a nest with 3 eggs in it yesterday and 4 today. I also found two eggs that were laid in the pond and read online that they can be very resilient before the incubation period starts and that if an egg is laid in water it can still survive if taken out. Should I take the two eggs out and put them in the nest? Or should I just leave them alone?


Repairing the Finish on a Table Damaged by Resolve - damage to finish

Repairing the Finish on a Table Damaged by Resolve?After cleaning a carpet stain, a spray bottle of Resolve was left sitting on the coffee table. When removed, a few days later, it had been slowly leaking and a dry ring was under the bottle. I cleaned the dried on cleaner with Pledge and it left a much lighter noticeable ring. It's almost like it took off the wood stain! Do I have to strip the whole table, this is new and I have never done any refinishing!


Value of an Antique Wooden Bed - antique headboard and footboard

Value of an Antique Wooden Bed?I'm trying to sell this 3/4 bed, but I have no idea what it's worth. My parents gave it to me, they purchased it at an auction around 20 yrs ago for $150. I'm downsizing, so I need to sell it, but I don't want to sell it cheap, just to get rid of it.


Getting Rid of Small Brown Flying Bugs - two colored bug

Getting Rid of Small Brown Flying Bugs?I have small brown bugs. They appear every spring. I don't know how to get rid of them. They keep appearing and they fly, but in short bursts not continuous. Can anyone identify them?


The inside of a console stereo system.

Value of a Vintage 8 Track Stereo Console?How much is this 8 track/record/stereo unit worth. Everything works.


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Name Ideas for a Handmade Bracelet Business?I'm looking for a some good name ideas for my bracelet making business. What should I call it?


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Activities for an 11th Birthday Party?I'm having a party next week for my 11 year old and she wants to have 3-4 girls with an activity at the beginning and a sleepover after. I don't know what to do for the activity.


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Taking a Toddler Bowling?My grandson went bowling the other day - he just loved it. He's 3 1/2 yrs old - he's very strong & tall for his age. Is 3 or 4 yrs old too young?


Identifying a Ceramic or Porcelain Doll - baby doll sitting on a chair

Identifying a Ceramic or Porcelain Doll?I'm hoping someone can help me identify this doll. Basically, I have no knowledge of dolls at all. It was passed on to me by a family member several years ago. I'm assuming the hard head and limbs are made of some kind of ceramic or porcelain. The doll is 21" in length. It has substantial weight, and feels like a real baby when holding it.


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Moving a Spider Plant Outside?When to put a spider outside after winter in NE Arkansas? I am about 1 hour NW of Memphis.


Avocado Tree Has White Powdery Areas on Trunk - something that looks like powdery mildew on trunk

Avocado Tree Has White Powdery Areas on Trunk?I live in Florida and have a small Mexicola avocado tree. It has white powdery places on the trunk. I am not sure what it is or how to treat it.


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Slogan Idea for a Cleaning Business?I need help creating a slogan for my business, Fresh Start Cleaning.


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Removing Human Urine Smell from a Leather Sofa?My friend's dad had a urine smell on his clothes which I didn't realize till after. I tried to clean my leather sofa with soapy warm water, but the smell is still there.


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Neutered Male Cats Mounting Younger Neutered Male Cat?I have 4 male cats, all neutered. 3 of them are about 9 years old and the other is about 5 years old. All of a sudden the older cats keep trying to mount the younger, more passive cat. They've never behaved like this before. Why would they all of a sudden start doing this now? Poor little Rusty is having a rough time dealing with this. They've always been very loving and gentle with him.


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Finding Needles for a Kenmore Ultra Stitch 8?I have a Kenmore Ultra Stitch 8 (158.1345381) sewing machine. I need to know what needles it takes. I keep reading a Q needle, but I haven't found any at the store.


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Tips for Selling a Vintage Doll?I have a Patty Play Pal doll that is 58 yrs. old I would like to sell it . Can you point me in the right direction?


Value of a 7012 White Sewing Machine - dark photo of a person using the machine

Value of a 7012 White Sewing Machine?I would like to know the value of a 7012 White sewing machine and the age.


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Reactivating Dried Out Pledge Wipes?How do you reactivate Pledge Wipes that have dried out?


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Small 14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 in May and my dad said I could have a party but nothing too big or expensive. It will be a mix of girls and boys. I really need ideas that will be fun and not lame.


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