March 28, 2019

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Dragon Scale Pillow - ready to enjoy

How to Make a Felt Dragon Scale PillowCover an accent pillow by using your hot glue gun and felt circles to create this colorful decorative pillow. This is a page about how to make a felt dragon scale pillow.


A curtain in a minivan next to a carseat.

Hanging Curtains in a CarAn easy way to add car curtains is with rods, small hooks and semi-transparent kitchen window curtains. They can give shade without obstructing the driver's view. This is a page about hanging curtains in a car.


Value of a Vintage End Table with Radio and Turntable - table top opened

Value of a Vintage End Table with Radio and Turntable?Vintage turntables were often built into tables or other pieces of furniture. This page has information about the value of a vintage end table with radio and turntable.


A muffin tin holding taco shells for filling.

Using a Muffin Tin to Hold Taco ShellsA great way to keep crisp taco shells upright is to use an upside down muffin tin as a holder. It will make them easy to fill. This is a page about using a muffin tin to hold taco shells.


Repairing Scratches on a Microfiber Couch - scratches on microfiber upholstery

Removing Scratches on a Microfiber Couch?When microfiber upholstery is scratched by a pet or other mishaps, you may be able to make them disappear with a vacuum or brush. This is a page about removing scratches on a microfiber couch.


Lemonade Fruit Dressing RecipeFrozen lemonade concentrate makes a delicious dressing for all sorts of fruit salad combinations. This page contains recipes for lemonade fruit dressing.


A woman putting lotion on her hands.

Buying Grove's Beauty Products?This line of beauty products was found at Target stores in the past but are no longer carried there. This is a page about buying Grove's beauty products.


Finished frame with photos in pockets.

Making an "Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" Photo FrameBased on the old nursery rhyme, this fun to make felt photo frame will truly accommodate all those children. This is a page about making an "Old woman who lived in a shoe" photo frame.


A basket that is camouflaging a wall thermostat.

Camouflaging a ThermostatA small plastic basket can create a little shelf and cover a thermostat on your wall. This is a page about camouflaging a thermostat.



Computer Monitor Corner Decoration - closeup of monitor corner decoration

Computer Monitor Corner DecorationI was inspired by the making of cute corner bookmarks and I would love to try them, but it's been a long time that I have kept my book collections and haven't read them since. Suddenly I decided to make one as a decoration for my desktop monitor, just to add a nice view to this boring workplace.


Paper Plate Puffer Fish - finished puffer fish

Paper Plate Puffer FishThe kids saw a puffer fish in a book we read then they blurted out they both wanted a puffer fish. They have really been into fishes lately. I compromised and we were able to make a puffer fish in terms of a craft.


Bird Feeders Part 2 - hanging feeders

Bird Feeders Part 2Today I hung out styles 1-3 of my handmade feeders. I think you will find them easy. One is safer for the kids as there are no sharp or hot things needed.


The Lonely Daffodil - daffy against a grey wall with its shadow

The Lonely DaffodilThis beautiful daffy is growing in a crack between the retaining wall in front of my home and a concrete strip next to the sidewalk. I understand that there was a garden there at one time before it was cemented over. So far this year I have been able to enjoy it for a week or more. Oftentimes someone plucks the bloom early on.


Banana Oatmeal Date Chocolate Chip Cookies

Banana Oatmeal Date Chocolate Chip CookiesNo sugar or butter on hand? No worries because these cookie bites don't need sugar or butter. Great healthy and nutritious cookie bites that are kid approved by my toddlers!



Searching for Old Cross Stitch -Pattern - two story house with dormer windows and hanging ferns on porch

Searching for Old Cross Stitch Pattern?I am trying to find the old cross stitch pattern for this design I did 20+ years ago? Anyone know where I might find one?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Getting Rid of Nearly Invisible Biting Bugs?I'm desperate for help because I don't know how much longer I can do this. When I moved into my current house in November of 2017 within 2 weeks I started feeling itchy and noticed small insects that nearly no one else has seen. I am so confused whether it's one bug in various cycles or several bugs.


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Finding a Free Bed?I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a bed. I don't have one. I'm disabled and haven't had one in 3 years.


A vintage wooden table.

Identifying a Old Wooden Table?I was given this table in Illinois where the population is highly German. The wood has never been treated or stained and is extremely dirty. It had been sitting in an abandoned house and was being thrown away when I saw it. It has no signature marks, the bottom of the drawer is missing as are the knobs and lock.


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Removing the Shiny Finish on a Silk Pillowcase?I was wondering how to remove the shine from a silk pillowcase, since I like the texture of silk pillowcase, but not the shiny look of it.


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Remedy for Dog with Itchy Ears?I just got my baby Dachshund from a guy who was running a puppy mill in TN. Since I have had him he's been treated for worms and kennel cough. I finally got him over both of those and now he's scratching his ears and shaking his head enough to wake me up every night. I cleaned his ears out 3 times and I see a lot of brown; I'm assuming is wax.


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Dyeing Hair After Bleaching?I went to a hair salon today and bleached my hair. It came out orange from the bleaching. Then I dyed it medium brown, but it is now an almost light red copper color. What should I do to fix it? My regular color is medium brown.


Identifying a Household Bug - small two colored beetle

Identifying a Household Bug?Does anyone know what kind of bug this is?


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Dog Treat Business Name Ides?I live in the country in a log cabin. I am starting to make natural dog treats; I have 2 dogs. I need help with cute name. I wanted "cabin" or "country" in the name. I was thinking Country PUPkins.


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Name for a Bath Bomb Business?I'm starting a bathproducts business. I'll have bath bombs, lip scrub, wax melts, and jelly bombs.


Value of a Vintage Garrard Stereo Console - inside of console, turntable and radio

Value of a Vintage Garrard Stereo Console?I am wondering about the value and basic information on this system.


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