April 5, 2019

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Make Confetti from Scrap Paper

Making Confetti from Scrap PaperUse decorative punches to make confetti from any leftover paper and add them to greeting cards. This is a page about making confetti from scrap paper.


New Baby Greetings Card - glue floss in place

How to Make a "Cute as a Button" New Baby Greeting CardMake this adorable card to give to new parents. It can be customized with any pastel color. This is a page about how to make a "cute as a button" new baby greeting card.


Greetings Card With Stickers - finished card

Easy Greeting Cards With StickersYou can make a cute card for any occasion by using plain cardstock and colorful stickers. This is a page about making easy greeting cards with stickers.


A leather couch with a blanket protecting from sun damage.

How to Prevent Sun Damage on Leather FurnitureFurniture that is left near a bright window for a long time can become faded or even cracked. This is a page about how to prevent sun damage on leather furniture.


Fried Sea Bass on plate

Fried Sea Bass RecipeMake this simple fried fish dinner with just a few ingredients. This page contains a recipe for fried sea bass.


Paper Weight - let dry in the sun

How to Make a Decoupaged Rock PaperweightDecorate a rock with colorful paper and glue to use as a paperweight. This is a page about how to make a decoupaged rock paperweight.


Felt Story Board - board with felt pieces, including cement truck, train cars, cargo, and track

How to Make a Felt StoryboardStoryboards are a fun quiet activity for kids and are very easy to make. This page contains information how to make a felt storyboard.


Moose Wreath - grapevine wreath with stuffed moose and chipmunk toys

Simple Moose Wreath CraftThis cute moose wreath can be for a door at Christmas or a wall decoration for a rustic look anytime. This page contains instructions for making a simple moose wreath craft.


Sumo Wrestler Salt and Pepper Shakers - painted bottles

Recycled Sumo Wrestler Salt and Pepper ShakersSave drink bottles to make these cute salt and pepper shakers. This is a page about making recycled sumo wrestler salt and pepper shakers.


Easy Chicken and Noodles For One

Easy Chicken and Noodles for OneIf you are cooking for yourself, try this comfort food classic. This is a page about making easy chicken and noodles for one.



Watcha doin? (Fuzzy)

Watcha doin? (Fuzzy)I have to laugh at my little cat Baby (aka Fuzzy). I can't do any project without her wanting to be involved. This was her latest....while I was cleaning out my cabinet. She always makes me laugh! Are your cats this nosy too?


Repotting Plants Inside your House - potted plants sitting in a plastic container

Repotting Plants Inside your HouseDo you come home from work late and it's too dark out, but you need to repot some plants?


Cross Stitch Patterns for Crochet

Cross Stitch Patterns for CrochetTired of looking for crochet patterns in all the same places? I found cross stitch patterns are very easy to use. Each square is a single crochet. When changing colors, just place the one you aren't using on top of previous row and crochet over it until you need the color again.


Making a Crab from a Scallop Shell - scallop shell crab

Making a Crab from a Scallop ShellI like to buy scallop appetizers at the seafood shop. They come in these beautiful shells, so I clean them and keep them for crafts. I've made a little red crab with one of them here. It's pretty easy to do and looks so cute. You can add a magnet to the back and put it on your fridge, if you like!



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Leaving Toilet cleaner in the Toilet for Extended Period of Time?I am going on holiday and wondering if it's OK to leave toilet cleaner in toilet while away for 2 weeks.


Guardsman Watermark Remover Left a Shiny on Furniture - coffee table

Guardsman Watermark Remover Left a Shiny Spot?I used Guardsman watermark remover on a matte finish coffee table and it left a shiny mark on the finish. My question is how to remove the shine. The area is about 3 inches in diameter.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My 14th birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks and I still don't have a party idea. I'm having boys and girls and I just don't know what to do.


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Refreezing Frozen Meat After Cooking?Once you have thawed meat out and cooked it can it be refrozen?


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Ideas for a Boy's 15th Birthday?My birthday will be coming up shortly and my parents keep asking me what I wanna do, but I don't know. All of my birthdays so far have been really low key and I what something cool. Got any ideas?


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Janome Artistic 26 Intermittently Stops Stitching?I use the the Quilt Motion software for most of my quilting and sometimes when it gets to a stop and then goes to continue, it is like the machine is moving, but the needle does not start as it should. I then have skipped stitches which I redo. The controller on my machine won't do the jog stitch. The lights are on, but the machine does not respond.


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Feeding Young Kittens?I have had 2 kittens since they were 6 weeks old. I used baby pablum at first as the previous owner suggested for nutrients. Now they are onto dry kitten food mixed with cat milk. It's working, but what I'm wondering is why no one suggested using cat milk to wean the kittens. They aren't having any issues just some stinky farts at times.


Identifying a Houseplant - plant with three round leaves set along the stem, leaves green and yellow

Identifying a Houseplant?Can anyone please identify this houseplant?


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Dodge Ram Heater Not Working Properly?I drive a '02 Ram 1500. I have no idea whats going on with my heat. The passenger side blows hot air, but it cools down. And the drive said blows cool air. I've replaced the heater core, and the thermostat twice. I also replaced the radiator. I've gotten all the air out of the lines. I'm not sure if it's just a vent in the hvac unit.


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Elephant Ear Bulb Rotted?I have been an owner of an elephant ear for the last year. It was my first try, and I left my pot outside all winter. However I did cut it back, but like I said before I didn't know to put it up in a dry area. Is there any way I can save it? I also had gotten another bulb from a friend, but she pulled it out instead of digging it and may have ripped the main root.


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Getting Name Tags Made for a High School Reunion?Our high school reunion is coming up soon. Any suggestions for any companies that could make individual name tags for us with our pictures on them?


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When to Start Feeding Hummingbirds?Can any one tell me when to put out my hummingbird feeders in Raleigh, North Carolina?


Replacing the Bobbin Winder on a Toyota RS2000 Machine

Replacing the Bobbin Winder on a Toyota RS2000 Machine?I have Toyota RS2000 and its bobbin winder is broken. I have ordered a new one and am trying to change it. I have changed everything, but I don't know where the spring can be fit. Is there anyone who can help me please?


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Kenmore Buttonhole Function Not Working?I'm trying to make a buttonhole, but the teeth are not moving. I can sew everything else fine, but not buttonholes. I've checked my manual from cover to cover and I have everything in the right place. I don't have a feed dog button to adjust them. Does anyone know what is happening to the dogs?


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Prognosis for a Puppy with Parvo?We got our puppy a little over a week ago. Three days ago she stopped eating, but was drinking fine still. The first day really was nothing and the second day still wasn't bad. She had diarrhea with no blood in it in the morning, and puked the smallest amount. The 3rd day is when she became very sleepy and stopped trying to eat or drink and then puked a little more this time and I took her in.


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Removing Skunk Smell from Clothes?My dog got sprayed a few months ago and I washed and dried our stinky clothes, in our laundry machines. Now every time I wash and dry my clothes they came out smelling like skunk. Our bed linen to our jackets have the skunk odor and it's just so disturbing. What can you guys recommend to remove the odor. I work and I always feel like I smell, especially on the train.


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Value of Great Issues in American Life by Encyclopedia Britannicia?I have a set of 1968 Great Issues in American Life published by Encyclopedia Britannica, in good condition. What are they worth?


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