April 6, 2019

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A thin tortilla wrap made from egg.

How to Make Egg TortillasA thin omelet can be used to hold your fixing like a tortilla. This page is about how to make egg tortillas.


Displaying a computer tablet screen on a television.

Projecting a Computer onto a Television ScreenA HDMI cable will work to connect a tv to a computer. One end goes on the port on the TV and the other end goes on the port on the computer. This is a page about projecting a computer onto a television screen.


chick on perch

How to Build a Brooder Box Perch for ChicksGiving your brooder chicks the opportunity to roost will give them a head start for life in the chicken coop. This is a page about how to build a brooder box perch for chicks.


A man looking into a cup of coffee with concern.

Coffee is Making Me Sick?It could be the brand, but if coffee is making you ill, it's time to drink less, something different or another kind of coffee. Some people switch to decaf or cold brew coffee while other people are happier drinking tea.


A collection of spices on a glass tray, used in a microwave.

Microwave Glass Tray as DIY Lazy SusanRepurpose the plate and revolving stand from a non-working microwave to make a lazy Susan for condiments, or other things. This is a page about using a microwave glass tray as DIY lazy Susan.



finished Grilled Citrus Soy Chicken Drumsticks on plate

Grilled Citrus Soy Chicken DrumsticksWith just a few simple ingredients you will have a quick and easy marinate for your drumsticks. The key ingredients of the marinade are soy sauce, orange and lemons!


finished Air Fried Chicken on plate

Air Fryer Fried ChickenThis fried chicken is made in an air fryer and uses no added oil whatsoever. The outcome is chicken that is so incredibly crisp, you can hear someone crunch into it from far away. It's quick, easy, and there is no splattering mess.



Value of a 1964 World Book Encyclopedia Set - white leather covered encyclopedias

Value of a 1964 World Book Encyclopedia Set?Is there value and a market for a set of 1964 World Book Encyclopedias? All the volumes are there with two additional year books. I thought about making lamps out of them, but want to know if they have some value.


What Are These Colored Markings on Dog's Tummy - pigment spots

What Are These Colored Markings on Dog's Tummy?My pup developed these. What are they?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Name Ideas for a Creative Crafting Business?I am stuck trying to figure out a name for my, hopefully soon to be, business with crafting, creating, and designing. I am hoping it helps managing to learn more and get my creative side back along with my two little boys! I'm stuck on it and have been for a few years now because I'm trying to find just the perfect name and hopefully create my own logo.


Value of of Homer Laughlin Dishes - plate with  southwest motif

Value of of Homer Laughlin Dishes?This isn't a full set of dishes. Would you know where they're from? What year and value please?


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Child Support and Social Security Survivor Benefits?My grandbabies are getting their decreased mom's Social Security death benefits and their father is paying child support. We are trying to get an increase in the child support because now he has a job. Can the survivor benefits that they are getting affect an increase in child support payments?


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Food Saver Not Removing Air Before Sealing?My food saver is not taking the air out of the bag, but it still will seal.


Value of a Merman 2-63 Coffee Table

Value of a Merman 2-63 Coffee Table?Could someone tell me the year and the value of this coffee table?


Identifying an Insect Egg Cluster - eggs on arugula

Identifying an Insect Egg Cluster?I found this cluster of insect eggs on some organic arugula from the store. I was wondering if somebody could help identifying these as my mother and I are curious.


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DIY Shade Fabric Awning Support Advice?I'm making anawningto provide shade in the summer. I want to use multiple rectangular shade sails to cover the area (approx 8x26'). I will be attaching it to the fascia of the house and the other end to 4x4s. I'm wondering if I can get away with putting the 4x4s in a large ceramic planters filled with concrete? If I have to bury them how far down do I need them to support it?


Value of an Antique Curio Cabinet

Value of an Antique Curio Cabinet?I have this antique curio with wooden shelves and bowed glass. There is also a skeleton key for opening it.


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Identifying Translucent Flying Bugs?What are almost translucent very tiny flying insects that are inside my house?


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Where Can I Buy Shower Power?I can't seem to find a phone number or contact information for this company any more!


Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica - stacks of volumes on a shelf

Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica that is in great shape and would like to know how you tell what year they are and if they are worth anything?


Value of Mersman 8 Legged Table #5000 1-2 - ornate table

Value of Mersman 8 Legged Table #5000 1-2?Can you tell me the value of a Mersman 8 legged table #5000 1-2?


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Selling an Ashton Drake Doll Collection?Where is the best place to advertise an estate sale with at least one hundred Ashton Drake baby dolls and clothing?


Value Vintage Mersman End Tables

Value Vintage Mersman End Tables?How much should I charge for these matching Mersman mid-century end tables?


Repairing a Bracket on a Simmons Sofa Sleeper - broken bracket

Repairing a Bracket on a Simmons Sofa Sleeper?I have a Simmons sofa sleeper and one day I was sitting on the couch and that side started falling in. Only that one side, but it was a bracket I guess that was holding it up had broken off. So I guess I want to know if it can be fixed?


What Are Our Chihuahuas Mixed With?

What Are Our Chihuahuas Mixed With?We're just trying to get some kind of an idea of what they could possibly be mixed with. Mom is a Chihuahua, not sure what dad is.


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Looking for a Fruit Cobbler Recipe?I need an old fashioned fruit cobbler recipe, if anyone has one. I do not want one made with Bisquick.


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Staying on Medicaid After Getting Married?I got married in March. I learned I was pregnant in January and I've been on Ohio Medicaid (Caresource) since I can remember. I will not be living with my husband because I am still in school until May and he lives an hour away while my mom only lives 20min. away. She is the one whose income allowed me to get Medicaid.


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Name Ideas for All Natural Hair and Skin Care Products Business?I'm starting a hair and skin care products business- all natural oils.


Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print - thatched roof cottage with horses

Value of a Thomas Kinkade Print?I have a 24by 36" numbered (495/570) paper portrait of a "Perfect Summer Day". I am missing the authenticity paperwork. Any idea of the value?


Identifying an Antique Mantel Clock

Identifying an Antique Mantel Clock?This was passed down to me from my mother. I would really love to find out more about the maker and the value.


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Value of Vogue 8 Inch "Far Away Lands" Ginny Dolls?I have 7, unused in their original boxes, Vogue 8 inch Ginny "Far Away Lands" dolls. I would like to sell all seven. What are they worth?


Survivability of Baby Bird Pushed from a Nest - featherless baby bird

Survivability of Baby Bird Pushed from a Nest?Can you tell me, how old do you think this baby bird is? And do you think it will make it? He looks as though he could fit in a tablespoon with room to spare. He is in a big burden enclosure at Preakness health care center in Wayne, NJ. All the birds are on perches above the ground, but the baby is on the ground.


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