April 22, 2019

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herbs and seasoning in food processor

Herb Dip RecipeCombine fresh green herbs with garlic and oil to make this versatile condiment. This page contains a recipe for herb dip.


Crocheted Leaf Dishcloth

Crocheted Leaf Dishcloth PatternDishcloths are an easy and useful beginner's crochet project. The pattern shows an autumn leaf surrounded by white. This page contains a pattern for a crocheted leaf dishcloth.


Colorful New Look for Faded Patio Pillows - finished pillows on couch

How to Paint Faded Patio Pillows for a Colorful New LookIf you don't have the budget to replace your faded outdoor pillows, give them a fresh update with colorful paint. This is a page about how to paint faded patio pillows for a colorful new look.


Rose Embellished Birthday Card

Rose Embellished Birthday CardThe lovely details seen on the finished card belie the reasonable amount of time needed to create this very special card. This is a page about crafting a rose embellished birthday card.


finished Chicken, Carrot and Potato Curry in bowl

Chicken, Carrot and Potato Curry RecipeCurry powder is used to transform basic ingredients into a flavorful and nutritious one pot meal. This page contains a recipe for chicken, carrot and potato curry.


Submarine Craft and Experiment - hot glue to the top of the egg

Making a Plastic Egg Submersible SubmarineThis cute little craft, using a plastic Easter egg, can also be a fun experiment for your child, as they determine how many coins it takes to submerge the sub. This is a page about making a plastic egg submersible submarine.


Starting Tomatoes in Coffee Cans

Starting Tomato Plants in Coffee CansGiving young tomato plants a start following this method is easy and allows you to move them into the garden with little stress. This is a page about starting tomatoes in coffee cans.


A food storage container with two slits on each side for cords.

Protecting Electrical Cords from RainIf you have cords that are plugged outside and exposed to the elements, use a recycled container to keep water out. This is a page about protecting electrical cords from rain.


Using a Swiffer to Clean Walls - wiping down walls with a Swiffer dry floor duster

Using a Swiffer to Clean Walls And CeilingsThe regular pad for the Swiffer dry floor mop is perfect for wiping down walls and ceilings, that are easily reached with the extendable handle. This is a page about using a Swiffer to clean walls and ceilings.


Steamed Cassava (Khoai Mi) on plate

Steamed Cassava (Khoai Mi)In many Asian cultures cassava is a favored dessert. It is quickly prepared on the stovetop and sure to become a family hit. This page contains a recipe for making steamed cassava (khoai mi).


Flower Pot for Making Tabletop Mini S'mores - charcoal pot and s'mores

Making Tabletop Mini S'mores with a Flower PotS'mores are the classic campfire treat but are also easy to make anywhere by using a terra cotta pot. This is a page about making tabletop mini s'mores with a flower pot.


Mini Floral Wire Pumpkins - three pumpkins

How to Make Mini Floral Wire PumpkinsUse colored floral wire to create these pretty little decorative pumpkins. This page contains instructions for how to make mini floral wire pumpkins.


Maintenance Pruning For Wisteria Standard - standard wisteria

Pruning a Wisteria StandardWisteria are often pruned to a standard tree shape instead of being allowed to vine. This is a page about pruning a wisteria standard.


Plastic Egg Spider Craft - use the Sharpie to add a smile

Making Plastic Egg SpidersPlastic Easter eggs are fun to use in a wide variety of crafts once the treats have been eaten. Or you can buy some just for crafting. Grab some pipecleaners, googly eyes, plus a few more supplies and make one or a cluster of spiders. This page contains detailed instructions and photos for making plastic egg spiders.


Value of a Console Stereo Radio and Record Player

Value of a Vintage General Electric Console Stereo System?These stereo consoles hark back to the days when they were "the" in home entertainment centers. Fitted with a radio, turntable, and perhaps a tape deck, depending on the timeframe, they were also a piece of home decor. This is a page about finding the value of a vintage General Electric console stereo system.


Revamp an Old Headband with Ribbon - ready to wear

Revamp an Old Headband with RibbonBraid narrow ribbon in your favorite colors or patterns and glue onto an old plastic headband for a totally new look. This page shows you how to revamp an old headband with ribbon.


Hummus-Crusted Chickenon dinner plate with broccoli and potatoes

Hummus-Crusted Chicken RecipeUse chickpea hummus to add flavors of garlic and sesame to ordinary chicken thighs. This page contains a recipe for hummus-crusted chicken.


Hanging Baubles Greetings Card - finished card on table top

Making a Hanging Baubles Greeting CardGive homemade cards to your friends and family. This design is easily created with cardstock and some sticky gems for sparkle. This is a page about making a hanging baubles greeting card.



Marshmallow Peepsters - bunnies in a glass dish

Marshmallow PeepstersToday was the day before Easter and the store was out of Peeps, of course. I got a big bag of marshmallows instead and used some ingredients on hand to make these to cheer up my dad. (He really, really, likes his Peeps.)


Cookie (Shorkie)

Cookie (Shorkie)She is a rescue. Cookie likes to be near me all the time. Bless her heart, she follows me around the house. I know her little legs get tired.


Baby Shark from Easter Egg - ready to use as a bath toy

Baby Shark from Easter EggDo you have left over plastic eggs from Easter? You can turn them into cute bath toys! My daughter loves baby shark so this was perfect. This is an incredibly simple, easy to make toy with supplies you probably already have at home.


Winter Sown Lettuce - leaf lettuce in a raised bed

Winter Sown LettuceWinter sowing is a method of planting seeds in milk jugs and letting them sit out all winter. My lettuce did so well it was coming out of the jug and I planted it today. There is no need to harden off the plants since they have been outside all winter. Follow this link to a tip on Thriftyfun: Start Seeds Outdoors With Winter Sowing



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Dog Has Diarrhea After Shots?I have a 6 month old blue brindle mix Pit Bull. She started puking today and drinking a lot and not eating. So I got her 9 in 1 shot with the parvovirus. 6 hours later she has diarrhea. Is she gonna make it?


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Stretching Rubber Rain Boots?How do I stretch rubber rain boots?


Identifying Insect Eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?What kind of eggs are these? Or an even better question is what bug lays these eggs? I live in North East Ohio, I found these outside near my sliding door.


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Asking My Dad to to Let Me Shave?I'm 15 years old and I'm so hairy because I'm a guy. I feel like asking my parents would be awkward. So should I ask them or just go for it and buy a razor?


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Dog Has Stopped Eating Her Food After Being Spayed?My dog has been spade for over 5 days now. She was on wheat free food as other food give her a bad stomach, but she refuses to eat it now and is not really interested in dry food? any ideas why?


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Lasko Floor Fan Won't Run?My 20 inch round Lasko Wind tunnel fan acts like it has no power at all. Nothing. It was fine three days ago, but now it will not turn on.


Value of an Ashley Belle Porcelain Doll - crying baby doll

Value of an Ashley Belle Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know how much an Ashley Belle doll like this would be worth? I am just curious. She was a gift when I was younger. She used to cry, but I'm guessing the battery went dead. Also I don't have a certificate; I never did.


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Recipe for Vinyl Floor Cleaner and Polish?I am looking for the best homemade recipe to make my vinyl floor shine again.


Value of a Royal Cathay Porcelain Doll

Value of a Royal Cathay Porcelain Doll?I have a Royal Cathay Doll. She is 12 inches tall has brunette hair, brown eyes, and plays a tune when her tummy is mashed. It has 1358-5000 on the back. I do not know anything about it. I was hoping you could shed some light on her.


Porcelain Doll Collection?I have a decent collection of porcelain dolls. Some of which haven't been removed from their packaging, and some that have been a little worn down from being displayed on my shelf. I have no idea what these beautiful dolls are worth. I have seen that most have been mass produced, but I am just generally looking to see how much the entire collection would be worth?


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits?I replaced the breaker box inside and out. I also installed new breakers. It did not fix my problems. The receptacles in most rooms do not work. Some lights do not work.


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Medicaid and Marriage?I'm 29 with 2 kids and am getting married in June. I have Medicaid and so do my kids. How many days after I get married do I have before I have to report to them that I got married?


Identifying a Houseplant - tall single stalk plant with scalloped edge leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?Can anyone identify this plant for me please?


Identifying a Porcelain Musical Doll -  doll with white porcelain head, hands, and feet.

Identifying a Porcelain Musical Doll?The music box plays "do re mi". There are no marks whatsoever. I know it is at least from 1940 or earlier.


Puppy Has Weird Bumps on Chest - fingers parting hair to see bump

Puppy Has Weird Bumps on Chest?For the last couple of weeks I've been noticing that my 5 month old puppy is getting these weird bumps on her chest. I would really like to know what's causing this.


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Adjusting the Tension When Using Heavy Upholstery Thread?I have a Brother XL 2230 sewing machine. I always run into a problem with the stitch tension adjustment. When sewing a cotton suede upholstery fabric I was OK when I tested the stitch with a polyester thread. When I decided to use the extra strong upholstery thread my stitches became loose on the wrong side of fabric. I tried decreasing and increasing the top dial, but it doesn't get better.


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Graphic Design and Printing Business Name Ideas?I am starting a new venture in graphic design and printing services. I am trying to come up with a name for the business. Any thoughts?


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Troy Bilt Tractor Dies When Engaging Blades?My tractor dies when engaging the blades.


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