April 29, 2019

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Chicken and Rice Porridge garnished in bowl.

Chicken and Rice Porridge (Congee)Rice porridge is popular in most Asian cultures. Chicken and aromatics transform plain rice into a perfect comfort food. This is a page about making chicken and rice porridge (congee).


Feeding elastic through the waist of a pair of pajama pants.

Replacing Elastic WaistbandsWaistbands will often wear out long before the clothing itself. It's not too difficult to replace broken or stretched out elastic. This is a page about replacing elastic waistbands.


Removing Wrinkles from Faux Calla Lilies - faux lilies

Removing Wrinkles from Faux Flowers?Steam may remove the wrinkles from the fabric of artificial flowers. This is a page about removing wrinkles from faux flowers.


Woman using dental floss to apply eyeliner

Dental Floss Pick as an Eyeliner GuideIf you have trouble creating the perfect eyeliner look, try using an inexpensive guide to assist you. This is a page about using a dental floss pick as an eyeliner guide.


cooked Homemade Soft Flatbread

Homemade Soft Flatbread RecipeThis flatbread is reminiscent of Indian naan, a perfect accompaniment to a curry or soup. This page has a recipe for homemade soft flatbread.


heart dangling with bookmark in book

Making a Crochet Heart BookmarkThis is a great project for a beginning crocheter and the final product makes a great gift. This is a page about making a crochet heart bookmark.


Reviving An Old Outdoor Planter - add your plants

Reviving An Outdoor PlanterTurn trash into treasure with a bit of paint and elbow grease. Adding bright color to an old metal plant stand can give your garden an extra pop. This is a page about reviving an old outdoor planter.


TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight Crafting

TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight CraftingA good use of time on a airline flight can keep your hands busy. Scissors are not allowed, but nail clippers work well to cut thread. This is a page about TSA approved thread cutter for in-flight crafting.


Pumpkin Carrot Bread

Pumpkin Carrot BreadGive your family an extra helping of beta carotene with this nutrient rich quick bread. This is a page about making pumpkin carrot bread.


Crocheted Remote Pouch

Making a Crochet Remote Control PouchTired of losing your remotes all the time? You can make this simple remote control pouch to hang off the side of a chair or sofa. Not only is it practical but also beautiful. Get the step by step instruction in this page.


Chicken, potato and broccoli on plate

Quick Mushroom Chicken BakeChicken is combined with mushroom and spices and then cooked together in this easy main dish. This page contains a recipe for quick mushroom chicken bake.


Making a Paper Daffodil - finished flower

Making a Paper DaffodilLooking for an easy kids craft for spring? This cute paper daffodil is easily put together with construction paper, cupcake liners and popsicle sticks. Make a few of them for great Mother's Day gift.


Removing Cigarette Odor from a Vinyl Doll Lissi doll in box

Removing Cigarette Odor from Dolls?Cigarette odor can linger for a long time in the clothes and hair of a doll that has been around a heavy smoker. This is a page about removing cigarette odor from dolls.


Bracelet in process.

Threading Beads on Elastic Stretch CordStretch elastic cord can be used to make bracelets and other craft project but it can sometimes be difficult to thread smaller beads or findings. This is a page about threading beads on elastic stretch cord.



DIY Hanging Envelope Planter - planter hanging on the fence in the yard

DIY Hanging Envelope PlanterWith just a few garden supplies, you can make this cute hanging envelope planter. Fill this planter with some plant cuttings and it will look nice in your yard! It is the perfect planter to make if you are limited on space in your yard and this planter will not cost much if you have most of the supplies already like I did!



Discontinued Waverly Country Life Wallpaper  - wallpaper

Discontinued Waverly Country Life Wallpaper?I am looking for 1-2 double rolls of Waverly Country Life wallpaper, cream on red background.


Puppy is Pooping in Her Crate - woman holding a Yorkie puppy

Puppy is Pooping in Her Crate?My 6 1/2 month old Yorkie poops in her crate every night. I did have her in an indoor dog fence with a pee pad, but she'd poop and pee partly on her pad and the rest on the bottom of the fence, every night. I'm so tired of cleaning up every single morning. She has no health issues. Should I just put a doggie diaper on her at night?


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Replacement Movement for a Quartz 85 Clock?Our anniversary clock quit working even though I replaced the battery twice. On the face it says Concordia & Germany at the bottom. On the back it has Quartz 85 and the numbers W085/00675. Where can I purchase the replacement and how do I replace it? I would appreciate any help you can send my way.


Value of an Antique Acorn Bed - single bed frame with head and foot boards and acorn finials

Value of an Antique Acorn Bed?The bed's inside dimensions are 39"x74". The headboard is 48" high and footboard is 45 1/2" high. It's solid wood, but I'm no sure what it is, possibly mahogany or pine. Could you clarify for me and advise what it is worth.


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Repairing a Cane Back Chair?I have a beautiful cane backed chair from the 50s or 60s. it has a lovely curved back, with caning in 3 sections. The middle section has broken. It had been in California since purchased by the original owner (beach side).


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Microwave Is Causing Loss of Power in Circuit?My washer, dryer, and microwave suddenly stopped working. I flipped the circuit breaker and still nothing. I ran an extension cord for the washer and dryer to outlets on the other side of the house and they are working fine now.


Identifying Small Black Flying Bugs  - bug on vinyl floor

Identifying Small Black Flying Bugs?In our house there are some small kinda black beetles which have antennae. They fly around, have six legs, and some kind of acid in it that burns the skin. They are mostly seen at night time and are attracted to light. How do I eradicate them?


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Buying a House with Bad Credit?I'm on disability and my husband has been self-employed for over 25 years. We want to sell our mobile home and buy a house more suited to us, but with low income and bad credit (due to identity theft we are still dealing with), we're not sure if it's even possible. Where and with whom should we start?


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Dog Won't Eat After Being Spayed?My dog got her surgery a week ago. She ate the second day of being home. She hasn't eaten in 4 days now. She threw up on the 3rd day of trying to eat. The left side of her throat feels bigger than the right side and where her surgery was, is a hard little ball, and her stomach feels hard. It is different by her rib cage area.


Value of a Mikesco Record Player

Value of a Mikesco Record Player?Has anyone ever seen or heard of this type of record player before? I've searched Google, but nothing comes up. I'm not sure where to look to see if I've found something valuable or if it's just another piece for a garage sale.


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Riding Mower Won't Move or Start?I accidentally put my mower in reverse without disengaging the blades. Now it will not start and the tires are locked up so it will not move anywhere. How do I fix this issue?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a pastel pink and green outfit and hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I received this doll in the early 90s as a gift. It has a 14k gold teardrop. I just want to figure out the brand and it's value, but am not looking to sell it because of sentimental value.


Identifying Two Musical Porcelain Dolls

Identifying Two Musical Porcelain Dolls?I've got two porcelain dolls with no markings (or shoes!) and am wondering what they are if anyone can help :). They seem to be of the same brand and both have music boxes in their backs if that helps.


Value of a Seymour Mann Limited Edition Doll - doll wearing a straw hat and green floral dress

Value of a Seymour Mann Limited Edition Doll?I've had this doll since I was a little girl. Her name is Laura and she's apparently a limited edition. The tag says they only made this doll for a year and the bottom of her feet say 64. Anyone know it's value?


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?My 2 year old dog was diagnosed with parvovirus on Friday. They sent me home with the subcutaneous IV treatments to give her twice a day. She was doing great yesterday, eating a bit of chicken and drinking water. She even played a bit. This morning she played a bit, drank, and ate a small amount of chicken, but now she's excessively drooling.


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Removing Glue on a Glass Jar?How do I remove glue on a glass jar?


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First Communion Speech Ideas?My son is 6 years old and he is getting his first holy communion. we will be having over 200 guests at a dinner party. I've been asked to deliver a thank you speech at the end. I have never done that before. Any tips on what to say and not to say? I would like to start by giving thanks and glory to God.


Value of a Vintage or Antique Solid Oak Bedroom Set - view of the room

Value of a Vintage or Antique Solid Oak Bedroom Set?I'd like to sell this bedroom set. It was my grandmother's. It is solid oak and the bed is a double size. It was sold by Stripling Cox department store in Ft. Worth, Texas, but I'm not sure exactly when, however they went out of business in the 80s. The drawers of the dresser are dovetail construction and I've included a picture of the tag on the back of the headboard.


Identifying a Vintage Figurine from Germany - girl with butterfly on flowers

Identifying a Vintage Figurine from Germany?I am trying to identify maker of this figurine, or any information at all about it. There is no maker's mark, but there is a number and a stamp "Germany" on the bottom. Any suggestions as to where to find more information?


Value of Refinished Mersman Tables - tables refinished in antiqued white

Value of Refinished Mersman Tables?I am looking for information on two Mersman tables, 8422. They are in great shape, but have been refinished, not knowing they may be valuable in original state.


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My Zebra Finch Has Laid More Eggs?My 2 finches have had 2 babies. They're 4 weeks old and still getting fed by their mother, but my female has gone back down on eggs. What should I do?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?What is the value of a full set of 1949 Encyclopedia Britannica?


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Cleaning Rate for an Empty House?I just cleaned a house and told them $250. Was that too much? It was a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, living room, dining room, office, and a wash room. It didn't have furniture, but I did clean all of the windows, swept, and mopped it. I started at 10:30 and didn't get done till 6. So was 250 a fair price?


Value of 1902 Collier's Encyclopedias - stack of very worn books

Value of 1902 Collier's Encyclopedias?I have a set of 1902 Collier Encyclopedias (14 of 16). How much do you think I would get for them, and how should I sell them?


Value of a Brandt Drum Table and Butler Grandmother Clock - round pedestal table

Value of a Brandt Drum Table and Butler Grandmother Clock?I have a Brandt drum table and a Butler grandmother clock. Could you possibly tell me how I can find the value of these? I am wanting to sell them.


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Using Awesome Cleaner on Jewelry?Can you use Awesome cleaner as a jewelry cleaner?


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LX 176 John Deere Won't Start?My mower has no spark. I changed the plug and there is still no spark. I checked the coil 10000 ohms resistance, checked the coil gap, and I also changed the igniter on the side.


Determining the Age of This Curio Cabinet - curio cabinet with glass front and sides

Determining the Age of This Curio Cabinet?I purchased this curio cabinet and have never seen one with the material going down the center back on an arch. It has a mirror on either side of it and 2 glass shelves that arch to fit around the backing. Anybody know what period this could be from?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - pink and white lace dress

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?My grandad left these dolls to me. I am just wondering who they were made by and what they are worth.


Identifying a Bug - tan and black bug/beetle

Identifying a Bug?I can not tell if this is a carpet beetle or a bed bug. It is on my bed, but near my window. Any help would be appreciated. My phone can't seem to get any better image than this. It almost looks like it is gray and black striped.


Printing on Fabric

Printing on Fabric?I am totally a "printing words or poetry on fabric for dummies!" person. How do I print my poem on a scarf or any fabric?


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Pfaff Performance 5.2 LED Lights Flickering?The LED lights on the above sewing machine began to flicker and sometimes stay off for awhile. If they come back on they continue to flicker.


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Roots Are Lighter After Stripping and Re-dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair at home and hated the color so I stripped it. Now my hair is back to my natural color except that my roots are much lighter. How do I fix this? Do I just get some dye that matches the rest of my hair or is there more to it than that?


Value of a Conant Ball Dark Oak Etagere - dark wood finish shelves

Value of a Conant Ball Dark Oak Etagere?I've been searching and searching with no results on a Conant Ball Furniture Makers oak shelf 6 tier etagere. The numbers are 4474 2029.


Value of an Old Wooden Table - four legged table with decorative bracing

Value of an Old Wooden Table?I am trying to find out what era and kind of table is this. One nail fell out and it was black with 3 flat sides. That is all I really know.


Determining the Value of an Unmarked Silver Tray  - top of an oval, filagree edged silver tray

Determining the Value of an Unmarked Silver Tray?Is this worth anything? It is not stamped.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?I wanted to know if someone can help me with this? My children get survivors' benefits due to their father's death, but I want to change their last name to my last name. Will that affect them in any way or affect their benefits?


Value of My Porcelain Doll - Native American doll

Value of My Porcelain Doll?I have this beautiful Indian doll that is in perfect condition. I would like to know the value and information about it.


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