April 30, 2019

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Recycled Lanterns As Planters - planted pots on garden table

Using Recycled Lanterns As PlantersRepurpose lantern frames with plants to hang or place on your patio or porch. This is a page about using recycled lanterns as planters.


My Little Zen Garden

Creating a Zen Garden in Your YardA simple, miniature rock garden with a few plants and even a water feature can bring serenity and calming pleasure to an outdoor space. This is a page about creating a zen garden in your yard.


Value of Vintage Elvis Records

Finding the Value of Vintage Elvis Presley Records?The value of old records is going to be determined by the condition of the vinyl and the record cover. This is a page about finding the value of vintage Elvis Presley records.


Spring Paper Plate Flower Craft - flower

Making a Spring Paper Plate FlowerPaper plates, markers or paint sticks, glue, and construction paper are all that is needed for your child to create one or a garden full of pretty flowers to decorate their room. This is a page about making a spring paper plate flower.


Shark Fin Hat - child wearing the shark fin hat

Making a Child's Paper Shark Fin HatIf your child simply loves sharks or is constantly singing the lyrics to "Baby Shark", then this project is perfect. This is a page about making a child's shark fin hat.


A woman washing a window with lots of soapy streaks.

Washing Windows Without StreaksIt can be frustrating to wash your windows only to see streaks instead of clear panes. This is a page about washing windows without streaks.


Paper Spider Hat  - bear wearing hat

Making a Paper Spider HatThis cute spider hat can be made for your child's dolls or stuffies. Increase the size to make a matching one for your child. This page contains the steps and photos necessary for making a paper spider hat.


Wooden Bunnies - paint faces and spray with clear coat then add bows

DIY Wooden Garden BunniesWith some pressure treated wood, you can make some cute yard decorations that will last a long time. This is a page about DIY wooden garden bunnies.


Value of a Hanging Vintage Chandelier

Value of a Vintage Chandelier?There are a number of things that determine the value of an older hanging light fixture. An antique dealer may be able to help you determine the manufacturer and approximate worth. This is a page about value of a vintage chandelier.



Corn Delight on dinner plate

Crock Pot Corn DelightThis delicious medley of corns, cheese and corn muffin mix is really great and it's all done in the crock pot! I loved it with ham but it would go with chicken too!


Robin's Nest

Robin's NestOur spring cleaning and repairs were temporarily interrupted when we discovered two robins making a nest outside our back door. They found our light fixture to be the perfect place. They got all sorts of material to make the base of the nest, including some shredded pieces of tarp that my son missed when cleaning up.


Use a White Board Eraser for Window Streaks

Use a White Board Eraser for Window StreaksAfter washing windows or mirrors take a white board eraser and go over it with that. You'll be thrilled and amazed! We have all had fun trying to rid ourselves of streaking windows and mirrors. Sure newspaper works, but gets ink all over you. And coffee filters are small and it's tricky to keep it gliding smoothly over the surface of things. Just erase those pesky streaks away!


Tie Dye Notebook Cover - finished notebook surrounded with the markers used

Tie Dye Notebook CoverAll along I thought tie dye patterns could only be applied on fabrics, but when I saw a tutorial on how to put it on paper and I gave it a try and it looked great!


Ginger (Long Haired Chihuahua) - Ginger in the backyard sitting in leaves

Ginger (Long Haired Chihuahua )My husband got her from the shelter. She loves to chase squirrels. I'm waiting for the day the squirrels realize she's no bigger than them and the tables turn.


A feral kitten trapped in a cage.

Koneko (Domestic Shorthair)This is Koneko, which means "kitten" in Japanese. She is my son's cat and was feral before being adopted by our family. Because of this, she is still very skittish of most people, and downright terrified of our dog.



Value of a Danish Style Mid-Mod Rocking Chair - wood rocker with cushions

Value of a Danish Style Mid-Mod Rocking Chair?Ran across a fun Danish style mid-mod rocker in a friend's garage and we're now ISO an approximate value or a path to start finding one.


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Daughter Has Too Much Homework?I have a daughter who is in the 5th grade and is practically failing all her classes. This week was testing and so when she got home I asked "How was testing?" She said everything was going "fab" and she understood everything. Then I asked "Then can you get your grades up?". She sighed and said "No, my grades are low because I can't turn in my homework on time. She has 6 hours of homework.


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Keeping a Cat from Licking Sores on Its Belly?My cat developed red sores on his belly. He licks and nibbles at them which stops them from forming scabs and healing. He still gets to them with a cone on.


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Growing Easter Lilies?Why do the bottom leaves on Easter lilies begin to yellow and fall off?


Is My Puppy a Pit Bull? - white puppy

Is My Puppy a Pit Bull?Do you think she has Pit Bull in her?


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Name Ideas for a Jewelry Sales Representative's Business?I also sell paparazziaccessories.com and it is and will become a household name soon. My current name is Ladyluvbling, but I am looking for something more exciting.


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