May 8, 2019

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A bowl of mayonnaise on a white background.

Mayonnaise Information and ReviewsMayo is a wonderful addition on a sandwich and in many kinds of salads. This page discusses different kinds of mayonnaise.


A mother and daughter after a disagreement.

Apologizing to Your Parents After a Fight?When tempers flare, we can say the wrong thing and make matters much worse. Apologies must be sincere and listening to others is an important skill we need to develop. This is a page about apologizing to your parents after a fight.


An air fryer with chicken wings inside.

Air Fryer RecipesAvoid using any oil and reduce the calories for a crispy fried flavor with this appliance that circulates hot air around the food. This page contains recipes for a power air fryer oven.


Cute Handprint Butterfly Craft

Making a Handprint ButterflyKids love making handprint crafts. This cute little butterfly is a great spring project. Instructions and photos found on this page will get you started; make lots, in different colors.


Craft Stick Fish - ready to decorate

How to Make a Craft Stick FishLearn how to make a fun, quick craft with your youngster. All you will need is a few supplies to make a craft stick fish.


Homemade Thread Cone Holder

Homemade Thread Cone HolderLarge thread cones typically require a special holder so that they can be used with any sewing machine. If you either don't own one or have misplaced it, try these instructions for crafting an inexpensive homemade one using a recycled glass jar, a plastic hanger, and a few other supplies.


Art Work Ideas for an Unused Fireplace Cover - large plastic fireplace cover

Decorating Ideas for an Unused Fireplace?Unused fireplaces are sometimes covered with a plain insert, that may be less than interesting. Try one of the creative decorating ideas offered in this page, such as stick and peal wallpaper or a mural.



Use a Colander for Dust Free Final Serving of Cheerios - bowl of Cheerios with banana slices

Use a Colander for Dust Free Final Serving of CheeriosWhen I get down to the last bit of Cheerios in the bag, there is a lot of meal that has settled to the bottom of the bag. I figured out an easier way for me to get the Cheerios separated from the meal so the last serving from the box is just as good as the 1st serving.


A burning candle that has been replaced in the candle holder.

Reusing a Jar from a CandleI received several candles. I don't like candles unless they come in a jar because they drip on furniture and table linens. When my jarred candle blew out, I froze it for about a half hour. The remaining wax popped out, and I put the other candle in. I now have 6 candles that I would not have been able to enjoy otherwise.


A plastic organizer with sockets stored inside.

Tool OrganizerI wanted to help organize some loose tools, that were all mixed together, in an old bucket. I had seen my husband looking everywhere for the right tool. I decided to use an organizer, that I had previously stored colored rubber bands in. I put the various sizes together so they would be easier to identify.


A garden bed with a waterfall of flowers.

Waterfall of FlowersI think this is probably one of my best masterpieces in my gardens. I use waterfalls or ponds and turn them into plants and flower beds.


Yellow wildflowers in a forest meadow.

Spring Day (Kingsport, TN)These beautiful wildflowers were dancing in the soft breeze.


Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies (GF)

Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies (GF)Finally, a gluten free cookie I love! I usually don't like gluten free cookies because I can really taste the "gluten free" element, but not in these. They have more ground gluten free oatmeal than flour substitutes, and are packed full of walnuts and chocolate chips.


Upcycled Sliding Drawer from a Soda Box - finished drawer assembly

Upcycled Sliding Drawer from a Soda BoxThis craft uses a 12 pack soda box and turns it into a decorated drawer. I loved doing this so much.


Cut Out "MOM" Card for Mother's Day - finished card standing on a shelf

Cutout "MOM" Card for Mother's DayI made my mom this Mother's Day card. It is simple yet sweet because it's handmade. My mom isn't a fan of "real cut flowers", so I thought it would be cute to decorate this card with a flower/floral motif from a Macy's catalog that I was about to toss out anyway!



Value of a Vintage Wicker Chair - vintage round back wicker chair

Value of a Vintage Wicker Chair?My neighbor gave me this 1960s (not sure on exact year or decade) beautiful wicker chair, it was his grandfather's. Either way I plan on keeping it, I just thought it would be fun to see if it was valuable being on how old it is and the excellent condition it is in. Any type of info is welcome, no explanations. 


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Unneutered Male Cat Started Scratching and Spraying?I am caring for an unneutered male cat for a month while its owner is away. He started off really sweet and cuddly, but then got aggressive, started scratching, and sprayed in the entire room. No way to get in there.


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Removing White Tack Stains on Matte Painted Wallpaper?I put up banners in my daughter's house for new baby/welcome home. They were stuck up with white tack. She has just taken the banners down after two weeks of being up, and there are greasy marks left all over the walls, 8 banners worth of greasy marks. Her wallpaper is painted with matte paint so not washable. Can I use baking soda to try to remove the stains?


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Removing a Cooking Oil Stain on a T-shirt?I would like to know how to remove cooking oil from my t shirt.


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What Caused My Dog to Die Suddenly?I had a 7 year old German Shepherd who was fit and healthy as told by the vet. I took him in for a check up around 2 weeks ago as he had injections for the kennels as we were going away. Last Sunday he seemed fine, but was panting and went out at midnight and came back in OK. At 6 am he had been sick twice and passed, perhaps in his sleep.


What Should I Use on My Dog's Bald Spot? - small hairless spot on dog's face

What Should I Use on My Dog's Bald Spot?My dog was playing with another dog and she got bitten on her face (nothing serious it just created a little bald spot under her eye). I can see that a couple of hairs started to grow, but I'm not sure if it'll grow to the way it was before. Will the hair grow back? Is there any cream or remedy that can help her with that?


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Fixing a Jammed Toyota RS2000 Sewing Machine?I have a Toyota RS2000 sewing machine. It is virtually jammed up. The needle and shuttle assembly seems clear, and when disengaging the clutch the motor runs freely. I presume there is a jam between motor and the sewing end. How do I get the covers off? I have removed all screws and the two sides are loose, but cannot be removed.


What Is This Household Bug? - tan and black bug on sweater or throw

What Is This Household Bug?Anyone know what this is?


Identifying Household Bugs in Bathroom

Identifying Household Bugs in Bathroom?We've been having a bug issue in our toiletroom. These bugs keep appearing on the toiletroom floor, and they're also kind of hard to kill even tho they're tiny. At first I thought it was another ant problem like last year, but when I took a picture I could see it's not ants. Does anyone know what these are?


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Homemade Remedy for Fire Ants?Does anyone have a homemade remedy for fire ants? I know one can purchase expensive bait to put out. I bought Amdro I believe it was. The last small bag I purchased was over $30.00. I had to apply it many times as the ants just moved from my yard to my neighbor's and back. With both of us treating we did eventually get rid of them.


Value of an Antique Vanity with a Mirror - white vanity table with large round mirror

Value of an Antique Vanity with a Mirror?Does anyone know how much this piece might be worth?


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