May 20, 2019

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Crocheted Chainless Foundation PlacematThese cheerful crocheted placemats use a technique called foundation single crochet to make a chainless foundation. This technique can be used without counting stitches.


Crochet Koaster Keeper - coasters in box

Crochet Coaster Keeper PatternIf you crochet we have a fun project for making coasters and a container to store then in. Turn a recycled oatmeal box into a pretty crochet coaster keeper using the pattern provided in this page.


finished card

Handmade Forest Butterfly Birthday CardThe detailed instructions and photos make it easy to craft this lovely forest butterfly birthday card. Butterflies are a favorite card motif and this one will surely be appreciated by the recipient.


Straw Flowers on Paper - leaves added to the stems

Making a Paper Straw Flower ArtworkDecorate your fridge or a wall with these cute flowers made from paper straws and construction paper and then mounted to a paper background. Learn how to help your child make this cute paper straw flower artwork.


Coffee Flan

Coffee Flan RecipeThis elegant and creamy custard dessert is made with coffee to add a delicious flavor to plain flan. It's easy to make for your next special dinner party or celebration.


Hands-on Interactive Learning Shapes - heart and star laminated shapes

Making Hands-on Interactive Learning ShapesMake hands-on interactive learning shapes for your child. Laminate the printouts and even add Velcro dots to make this learning experience more fun.


Lollipop Bouquet Garland - finished candy garland

Making a Lollipop Bouquet GarlandThese cute, tasty lollipop bouquets can be worn around a child's neck as a gift on a special occasion. This is a page about making a lollipop bouquet garland.


Crocheted Decorative Oven Mitt - mitt filled with cooking tools as a gift

Making a Crocheted Decorative Oven MittThis cute crocheted oven mitt is meant as a decoration only. Use it to store cooking utensils or whatever you like. Follow the instructions and photos to make one for yourself or to give as a gift.


A snow covered Christmas scene.

Making a Miniature Christmas DisplayWhen decorating for the holidays, have you considered making a miniature Christmas display? This page offers one example for making a unique bit of Christmas decor.


finished card

Handmade Owl Greeting CardOwls seem to symbolize fall in many ways. We see their image on cards and other fall and Halloween craft projects. Follow the detailed instructions to create this handmade owl greeting card.


10 Minute Watercolor Using Markers

Watercolor Painting Using MarkersTry this easier approach to creating beautiful watercolor paintings, using water soluble markers. This post explains the process used in watercolor painting using markers.


seeds on table

Hybrids and Heirlooms ExplainedWhen shopping for garden plants, it can be confusing to know whether hybrid or heirloom varieties will be best. Both have advantages and disadvantages so a combination will suit most gardens best.


Broccoli Mac Soup

Week 20: Broccoli Mac SoupBroccoli and cheese are a natural pairing and are combined with aromatic veggies, chicken broth and pasta noodles. Try making this hearty nutritious soup for your mac and cheese loving kids, it's sure to be a crowd favorite.


Value of Vintage Cabinet Radio and Console Stereo

Value of Vintage Cabinet Record Players?Fifty years ago, no living room or den was complete without a cabinet record player or stereo. These vintage cabinets can still have value today, especially if they are in good working order.


After photo.

Revamping a Cedar ChestCedar chests have been prized for storage for many generations but some chests have damage over time. A coat of paint or stain can revamp old cedar chests and make them attractive for many more years of use.


pudding in small containers with corn and cheese on top

Coconut Pudding with Corn and CheeseAn unusual tropical dessert, this recipe combines coconut milk with evaporated milk to make a cream pudding. Corn kernels and mild cheese add texture to this sweet pudding treat.


Hole-Punch St. Patrick's Day Art - finished pot of gold and clover

Hole-Punch St. Patrick's Day ArtUsing colored paper and hole punches, create children's St. Patrick's Day art. Shamrocks, leprauchans or a pot of gold are suitable themes for celebrating on March 17th.


A wrinkled bill from the Philippines, being ironed.

Ironing MoneyIf you prefer your paper money to be nice and wrinkle free, try ironing it. This page contains a tip about ironing money and some thoughts about the desirability of this practice.


Post-it Note Pen Holder - closeup of note pads

Making a Post-it Note Pen HolderThis fun project for your workspace begins with a mini tissue box and 4 Post-it note pads or clones from the dollar store. Follow the instructions to make one or more for yourself, friends, or co-workers.



Increasing Humidity for Newly Potted Houseplants - plastic bag over a houseplant being held up by two skewers

Increasing Humidity for Newly Potted HouseplantsTo increase humidity, you can use a plastic bag and skewer. The skewer is used to hold the bag up without touching the leaves. If the plastic touches the leaves, it could cause damage to the plant. The plant was being propagated in water and moved into soil. To help the transition into soil, I placed the plant under a plastic bag for up to 2 weeks to increase humidity.


Photo Holder Rock - rock holding a photo of Paris, perhaps a postcard

Photo Holder RockCreate a thrifty way of displaying a photo/small artwork for your kids to place in your home/their room. My son decorated this rock and with just a pipe cleaner, this rock turns into a photo holder!


Use a Powder Puff to Clean Your Cell Phone Screen - wiping screen with puff

Use a Powder Puff to Clean Your Cell Phone ScreenI have found a use for the extra powder-puff I have been keeping. It is the type that goes in powder compacts that you would keep in a purse. They work really well at gently moving dust off of a phone screen ;)



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Preventing Mold After a Water Leak?My water heater sprung a leak and it stinks in my trailer! Will everything in it become moldy? Can I save my Kitchenaid or should I give it to Goodwill?


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Silver Jewelry Tarnished by Bleach?I was cleaning and got bleach all over my silver rings and bracelet. I don't know what to do how do I fix it?


Value of Still Boxed Encyclopedia Britannica  - spine of Medical and Health encyclopedia

Value of Still Boxed Encyclopedia Britannica?I have discovered complete editions (1990-1993) that have been protected in the original boxes from the publisher. Not touched by hands. Also I have in my possession my units of yearly, science/health, ideas, etc. of the years. How I do I search for the right buyers or get a present day value.


Value of a 1940 Wurlitzer 700 Jukebox  - lit up vintage jukebox

Value of a 1940 Wurlitzer 700 Jukebox?It looks pretty and works well. I was wondering what it is worth.


Identifying Insect Eggs on a Yellow Iris - elongated cluster of white insect eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs on a Yellow Iris?Can anyone help me to identify these eggs? They have been laid on a yellow iris and are about a foot up from the water.


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Shelf Life of My Homemade Facial Products?I have made a face mask with oats and honey. How long can I store it without it being refrigerated? I have made it for selling.


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Making Stove Top Cornbread?If I'm using self-rising cornmeal can I delete the baking soda and salt?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a feather hat and long dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I love this beautiful porcelain doll, but I have no information. I'm not trying to sell it, just wondering about the style of clothing period.


Value of a Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - cover page

Value of a Webster's Collegiate Dictionary?Kindly advise with regards to the value of this dictionary.


Identifying an Old Gas Mower - old round housing gas mower

Identifying an Old Gas Mower?I need information on brand, year, and value?


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How to Ask Mom to Let Me Shave My Legs?I am the second oldest out of 6 kids. My older sister has shaved her legs, but I don't know if she asked or if my mom offered, but we don't talk about puberty because she is judgmental. My mom almost has no time to talk one on one with me. I'm considering writing a letter, but idk. Idk if I have to ask my mom or if she is going to offer it.


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy is about 3 months old, I got her from someone and they said she has had her 5 in 1 shot. About 3 days ago she started vomiting, not eating, and having diarrhea, but it wasn't bloody.


Identifying Tiny Bugs - tiny dark bug on a piece of lined paper

Identifying Tiny Bugs?What bug is this? I find this bug every time I lay down. I can feel it crawling on me and it's different colors. One was light and I barely can see it. The others brown and black have 6 legs and two antennae. It's so small.


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Leaves on Tomato Plants Turning Black?I just put tomato plants outside in grow bags and now I've noticed the top leaves of the plants starting to go black.


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Obtaining Financial Power of Attorney?What do I do to make sure I'm the person over my mom's disability check? My granny was the person who was over it, but she died. But my mom's family is trying to take it and she wants me over it as I am her daughter. The family said I can't do it because I'm a felon.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - sleeping baby doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I recently found this beautiful doll at a Goodwill store, but there is no tag or markings other than the doll or possibly owner's name is "Lizetta". I'm thinking it's a 1980s Marian Yu doll, but I'm not 100% sure.


Finding a Vintage Wooden Roller Exercise Machine - image from TF of the piece in question

Finding a Vintage Wooden Roller Exercise Machine?I'm looking for a vintage wooden roller machine in working condition in Texas.


Value of a Show Stoppers Porcelain Doll - doll wearing ear muffs and a plaid cape/coat

Value of a Show Stoppers Porcelain Doll?Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Value of an Antique Wooden Bed - bed set up outside

Value of an Antique Wooden Bed?I have a full size wooden antique bed. The side rails have a bolt/screw to connect to footboard and headboard. There are no markings from the manufacturer; only stamped with a number 45 on lower headboard. It was purchased in 1999, but has been stored (inside) for the past 15 years. I am hoping to get an idea of the value to determine whether to sell or give to charity.


What Is This Houseplant? - potted plant on hearth

What Is This Houseplant?I lost my beautiful plants to smoke in a house fire. I am looking for their names for insurance so I can replace!


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Craftsman T1200 Mower Won't Start?I have a Craftsman T1200 riding mower that won't start. It sat in storage for 1 year while I moved and then when I needed to mow it cranked, but wouldn't start. I replaced the coil and spark plug, but still no luck. It would be nice to get it to run seeing how it is less than 3 years old!


Identifying a Spring-foot Rocker - chair with springs on the front two legs, woven rattan back and seat

Identifying a Spring-foot Rocker?Has anyone seen a rocking chair like this?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My birthday is in few days and I am turning 14. I have no plans. Can you please suggest one?


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Value of a Brass Key Princess Jasmine Doll?I have a 1993 Brass Key porcelain Princess Jasmin doll. It was never opened. What is my doll worth?


Identifying My Porcelain Doll - jester doll wearing red and maroon outfit

Identifying My Porcelain Doll?Would anyone be able to help provide me with any information about my jester doll? He has no makings that I have been able to find.


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Difficulty Shifting Gears on Simplicity Mower?I have a 70s Simplicity lawn mower. When it is off I can shift gears, but as soon as I engage the clutch I can move to first, but that's all.


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Slogan for a Child Care Centre?I am looking for a slogan that will fit perfectly with Bright Minds Academy or Kinder Kollege the names I am considering for my new child care centre.


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Name Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation Business?I am looking for name suggestions for a bathroom renovation business.


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Additional Help After a House Fire?My family and I had a fire on 5/2/19 and we lost everything even a place to live. The Red Cross helped with some money for food and an outfit for each of us and a few nights at a motel. We have maybe a few days before we are out of money, but no place to live. We have been on the section 8 list for over 6 months and are # 51. So we thought they would help with emergency housing, but no.


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Finding Help After a Home Fire?My mobile home burned down. I was without insurance. Are there resources to help me recover? I live in California.


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