May 23, 2019

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Making Pretty Paper Bows - finished bow without the center adornment

Making Paper BowsIt's easy to make a pretty bow for any occasion or usage on gifts, by using paper. You can use wrapping paper so it matches exactly or use contrasting or sparkly paper for a pop.


Soda Jello in bowl with whipped topping.

Making Soda JelloUse any soda pop or sparkling water to add delicate bubbles to jello desserts. Soda jello can be extra sweet so unflavored gelatin may be preferred.


Apple Green Eggplant on plate

Apple Green Eggplant (Ca Phao)The botanical name of these small green eggplants is Solanum macrocarpon. Known as ca phao in Vietnam, they are also called apple green eggplant or Thai eggplant. Varieties can be found in the Carribbean, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese variety is slightly bitter and can be eaten raw, in stirfries or soups, or can be pickled.


Milk Candy Balls (Yema) on plate

Milk Candy Balls (Yema)These milk candy balls are called yema in the Phillippines. They are made from sweetened condensed milk, egg and sugar.


Simmering the chicken in the champagne mixture.

Champagne Chicken RecipeUsing leftover champagne or sparkling wine you can create a yummy, garlic chicken dish for a special meal.


Tator Tot Breakfast Sandwiches on plates

Tater Tot Breakfast SandwichUse tater tots as a version of hashbrowns to make the outside of this delicious breakfast sandwich. Add bacon, egg and cheese for a hearty gluten free start to the day.


Reuse Garlic Bag as Soap Bag being used to wash hands.

Reuse a Mesh Produce Bag as a Soap BagTake your mesh produce bag for garlic, onions or citrus and repurpose it for washing dirty hands outside. Hang it near an outdoor sink or faucet where it can drip dry when not in use.


Plastic Bottle Cap Nozzles - nozzles created on caps

How to Make Plastic Bottle Cap NozzlesTurn your ordinary caps from plastic bottles into handy nozzles. Just use a metal skewer or other thin metal implement that can be heated.


Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and Belts

Use Shower Curtain Rings to Store Scarves and BeltsShower curtain rings can be used on a hanger in your clothes closet to store scarves and belts. It saves space and makes it easy to find the scarf you are looking for.


A baking dish filled with spinach artichoke dip.

Spinach Artichoke Dip RecipesA favorite dip for vegetables or chips made both hot and cold is spinach artichoke dip. Here are many seasoning variations to try.


A plastic bottle top placed over the speaker on a phone.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Phone SpeakerInside listening can easily be enhanced a bit by recycling a plastic bottle into a speaker to amplify the music coming from your cell phone.


Separating an egg yolk, using a plastic bottle.

Separate Egg Yolk Using a Plastic BottleTake a recycled soda bottle to separate an egg yolk from the white using suction. It works perfectly without breaking the yolk and making a mess.


Bee 1:1 Correspondence Math Game - playing the game

Bee 1:1 Correspondence Math GameThis bee 1:1 game is a simple, yet educational game. Younger kids get practice counting each dot and number of bees that match each roll. It's easy to make and good for different learning settings.


Salt and Ice for Removing Coffee Stains

Use Salt and Ice for Removing Coffee StainsRemoving coffee stains in cups and decanters can be accomplished inexpensively using salt and ice.


DIY Translucent Makeup  -Finishing Powder - applying with a puff

DIY Translucent Makeup Finishing PowderIt's nice to have a light finishing powder to help your face makeup set in place, but storebought brands can be expensive. Make this DIY version with baby powder and corn starch and save a bundle.


jeans pocket for storing a skein of yarn, scissors, and hook

Making a Yarn Cozy Jean PocketHold your skein of yarn together with this cozy made from a recycled jean pocket. It can hold your scissors and a few other basic supplies, allowing you to knit or crochet on the go.



Making A Patriotic Flag With Left Over Wood - flag decoration leaning against house on porch or deck

Making A Patriotic Flag With Left Over WoodWe do a lot of projects using wood. We do not waste even the smallest pieces. For this project I wanted to make a patriotic flag for my porch. This is a simple project and can be used year around. Here is how!


Plate of Vegan Italian Stir-Fry

Vegan Italian Stir-FryThis is a fast and easy meal for 2 people. The best part is it's delicious, nutritious and under 10 bucks to make. The vegetables are stir fried 'til tender with the Italian seasoning, served over pasta, and meatless. It's very, versatile in that you can use any fresh vegetables you love.



Value of a Goldenvale Collection Porcelain Doll

Value of a Goldenvale Collection Porcelain Doll?The doll was made by the Goldenvale Collection. His name is Nicolas. I can't seen to find any information on him on the internet. Can anyone help me, and give me a price range? It is flawless and looks brand new. It comes with the stand and all.


Identifying a Vintage Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a print dress and matching cap

Identifying a Vintage Porcelain Doll?Could you tell me who is the maker of this doll and year please. It has the number 703 on it.


Identifying a Houseplant - tall houseplant with green and white leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I'm trying to bring this plant back to life for a friend. But I don't know what plant this is.


Value and Identification of a Porcelain Doll - doll in a glass fronted wooden box

Value and Identification of a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know how I can find anything out about this doll? It does not have any serial numbers or markings of any kind. It comes in a glass encased cherrywood box. I don't know if this is the original box.


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Permed Hair Loosing Curl?I got my hair done for graduation. Three hours later a big chunk started to go back to straight and I have no idea what to do? I have used mousse and hair gel, and it works for a few minutes, but then a few strands kind of go back to straight. The top will stay curly, but not the bottom.


Identifying Little Black Biting Bugs - black bug on green floor

Identifying Little Black Biting Bugs?There's a little black bug that bites me at my feet and it leaves red bumps. Every time I try to kill it it hops away and when I'm walking around the house and look down there is always 1 of them on my foot until I brush it off. I need help finding out what type of bug this is.


Identifying Small Biting Flies - striped flying bugs

Identifying Small Biting Flies?I have small flies near my house. They are small black and brown with white lines. They have bitten me on my legs and they cause many problems. It is more painful at the site of bite.


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Name for a Business Selling Paparazzi Jewelry?I just started selling Paparazzi jewelry and need a name for my new adventure.


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How Do I Ask My Mum to Shave?How do I ask my mum to shave as I am almost 13, but I am very tall for my age. Now my legs have become quite hairy and it is embarrassing at school as I am into a lot of sports, but I wear a tracksuit to hide my hairy legs. Me and my mum don't get along well and I'm to scared to ask her. What should I say to her?


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Value of an 1848 Webster Dictionary?How much would a 1848 American language dictionary by Noah Webster and published by Merriam be worth? It has no cover, but the binding still holds the pages together.


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Slogan Ideas for a Preschool?My daycare center and preschool's name is Little Millennium. Can you please suggest a good 1-2 line slogan or tagline maybe? It would be so nice of you guys if you do cuz I'm really stuck thinking about it.


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Steam Presser Only Heats on One Side?My presser just gets hot on one side; what should I do?


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Childcare Slogan Ideas?I need help with a slogan for our childcare center, Small Miracles.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - closeup of doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?My porcelain doll is 20" tall has red curly hair, green eyes, and is wearing a long green dress. She also has a porcelain head, arms, and feet. The numbers on back of her head are I think by2249 and 2005. Can you please help me identify the maker and age of this doll?


Finding the Value of a Silver Platter - in need of cleaning and possible refinishing

Finding the Value of a Silver Platter?I want to know if this has any value. It is an original 1509 silver platter.


What Breed Is My Kitten? - black, tan, gray, and white tabby colored kitten

What Breed Is My Kitten?I'm getting this kitten from my friend soon. She was born on April 7th. I was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of kitten she is? I am thinking a tabby of some sort.


Value of a Royal Cathay Porcelain Doll

Value of a Royal Cathay Porcelain Doll?I have a late 90s or early 2000 large Royal Cathay porcelain doll #1004 named Greg. It was never removed from the box. I just opened the top lid for the certificate. What is he worth?


Identifying a Decorated Tray - identifying a round tray with 13 stars around possibly and eagle in the center

Identifying a Decorated Tray?Is this just a random tray or does the etching signify something? I know 13 colonies could be represented by the stars. And the bird is possibly a eagle or dove with branch. There are no markings.


Value of a Cooper Klipper Gas Powered Reel Mower - old powered reel mower

Value of a Cooper Klipper Gas Powered Reel Mower?I have a Cooper Klipper push mower. I was wondering if anyone knows a ballpark range of value.


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Cat Pee Outside of Litterbox?I have 2 cats. One is skinny with long hair. The other is the oldest, a short hair, and chubby. Both are healthy, up to date on shots, no issues, etc.


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Something Chewing or Pecking Holes in Plastic Plant Pots?This week I've noticed holes that have been chewed or pecked in the sides of my outdoor plastic plant pots. Any ideas?


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