June 17, 2019

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Laundry Wood Accent Hanging Sign

Hanging Wood Accent Laundry SignOur electric plan recommends using electricity before 4pm or after 9pm. From 4pm to 9pm, it is considered peak time and will cost more money. To conserve and as a reminder, I wanted a sign to place on/in our laundry room door.



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Canning Beef in the Oven?I canned beef several years ago in the oven in pint jars. I can't remember the degrees or time. The lady I got the recipe from died and I lost it. I can't remember if it was 250 degrees for 3 hours or what. I know she told me to keep the jars in the oven overnight and they would seal. She said not to open the oven till morning.


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Finding Free Dental Assistance for Veterans?I can't afford to remove a molar lying on my jawbone. I is 4000.00 plus. However I found a dentist who made me a lower denture that looks great except that with cuts on my tongue and multiple abrasions under my tongue I am unable to shallow. It is too unbearable for me to use them longer than an hour. I have dental insurance with the VA, but they can't help.


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Getting Rid of Webworms on Pecan Trees?Will high water pressure break the nest so birds can get to them?


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Value of 1922 World Book Encyclopedia?We have a beautifully printed set of World Book Encyclopedia from 1922. To think these were printed before WW2 and men walking on the moon is mind blowing to me.


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Amaryllis Did Not Bloom This Year?My amaryllis have been outside in a large planter for many, many years. During all of those years they have bloomed red each year at or near the beginning of spring. I am in So. California. This year there was not a single bloom on all of the 14 bulbs in that planter. Is this normal after so many years? The leaves are full, green and healthy.


Value of a Vintage Rumsey Electric Mower - tan teardrop shaped mower

Value of a Vintage Rumsey Electric Mower?I have a vintage Rumsey mower that I would like to know a ballpark value on. The electrical cord has been replaced as you can tell. It looks to be complete and it works.


How Long Should I Wait to Re-dye My Hair?  hair now

How Long Should I Wait to Re-dye My Hair?I had dark brown very curly hair and went to a professional hair salon to get blonde highlights and my hair got completely destroyed. It was bleached and then toned. They did something wrong and my hair was grayish purple. They tried to remove the color and dye it with semi-permanent color 3x, but it still didn't work. Now my curls are almost gone and there is about 5 different colors in my hair.


Value of a Katia Championship Skating Collectible Barbie  - doll in box

Value of a Katia Championship Skating Collectible Barbie?I have a never opened, Katia championship skating collectible Barbie doll. What is she worth, if anything? It is in mint condition.


Identifying Mr. Bim Monkey Stuffed Toys - stuffed toy on tile floor

Identifying Mr. Bim Monkey Stuffed Toys?How can I differentiate between the different types of vintage Mr. Bim monkeys made by Superior toys and Novelty Incorporated K.C. Mo.?


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Remedy for a Bad Perm?How can I get rid of a really bad perm?


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Getting Hair Color Back to Natural After Dyeing?I have been dyeing the underneath of my hair for a while. I want to dye all my hair now (to a dark red/burgundy), but I don't want to lose my natural color in case I don't like it. My natural color is a dirty blonde. Is it possible to get my natural color back once I dyed it? Color strip? Something?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in long dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?The only thing I know about this doll is it's an antique. I don't know how much it's worth or where itwas manufactured. I also don't know what date it was made. I looked in the regular spots for the stamp, but couldn't find it.


Value of Antique Clawfoot Table - incomplete view of the table top

Value of Antique Clawfoot Table?Can anyone tell me how much this table might be worth? It was given to us by my husband's mother, and he doesn't recall if it was her mother's or if his own mother purchased it. His mom is an antique lover and I know she never bought anything inexpensive or "faux." The wood is dark.


Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter - broken plastic paper guide

Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter?The type guide that held the paper down while I typed just broke off (and I can't reattach the pieces). I would love help finding a replacement! I am not sure I got the name of the part right, so if you have any leads, maybe check the picture to make sure?


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Joint 14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 this August, but I'm having struggles thinking of ideas of what to do. My friend and I have decided to have a joint party, however as we live in the UK we don't want to do anything too weather dependent. Also, we have around 10 girls we would like to invite, but we don't want it to be overly expensive.


Identifying an Antique Table - delicate antique wood table with dark top

Identifying an Antique Table?My parents purchased this table 70 years ago from an estate sale. Please help me identify and determine market price.


Identifying Antique Tools and Equipment

Identifying Antique Tools and Equipment?Anyone know what this is or what it was used for?


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Treating a Cat for Hookworms?My cat has hookworms and I do not have money. What can I use around the house? I heard Dawn liquid soap is good.


Value of a Louisville Electric Mower - old electric mower with interesting design

Value of a Louisville Electric Mower?I have a Louisville electric mower that I would like a ballpark value on. It works.


Identifying a Turquoise Iris

Identifying a Turquoise Iris?I bought this iris last fall, 2018, but lost the name. I've tried looking all over the internet and pinterest to find it, but have been unsuccessful. It is a standard dwarf iris in a true turquoise blue with white markings on the falls and a light yellow beard.


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Pet Vaccination Truck Schedule for Fort Worth Texas?When does the pet vaccination truck come to Fort Worth Texas?


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Identifying a Type of Restaurant Glassware?I am trying to find a name for a type of restaurant glassware that is clear, heavy, bowed or barrel like and with a scalloped foot. I have scoured Google and can't find out what to even refer to it as.


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Repairing a Troy-Bilt Lawn Tractor?After hitting a metal pipe in the ground with my mower the motor cuts off when engaging the blade and steering is difficult.


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Removing Yellowing on Bathroom Wallpaper?What will get rid of the yellowing on the wallpaper in the bathroom around the sinks? I have tried CLR, Dawn, Lysol, Grandma's Keeper, and soap and water. What would you suggest?


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Troubleshooting Fluctuating Voltage on Outlet?I recently installed one GFCI plug in my master bath next to a bathroom sink after it went out. I have 120 volts to both plugs on that plug. The next plug (bought new) on the same circuit, I only get 98 volts to 102 volts.


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Slogan for a Cleaning Business?What good headline/slogan can I use for my business, Royalty Cleaning Service LLC?


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Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo?I had a 9 week old puppy that passed away from parvo. I want to get another one, and I read that you need to bleach everywhere including outside, except I buried my puppy in the backyard, will that become a problem? If I get a 16 week old puppy that has received all its parvo shots, will it be safe?


Value of a Meryse Nicole Doll - doll in box

Value of a Meryse Nicole Doll?I have a Meryse Nicole originalBrooke doll, limited edition #185 of 1000 in its original box, with a signed certificate of authenticity. How do I find out how much it's worth?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I am starting a daycare and would like help for choosing a name. My name is Maya. I came up with one so far. I'm 24, but people around me and older than me say I'm always acting like I'm their mother and just have an old soul period. So I came up with Mama Maya's Daycare, but I don't want it to seem offensive or be taken the wrong way.


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Removing Black Marks on Laminate Hardwood Floors?I have laminate hardwood floors and someone put my mats down when the floor was still wet and now I have black marks on my floor where the mats go. How do I remove them? What would I use to get them removed using household cleaners?


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?I have frozen chicken breast, fish, frozen shrimp, canned chicken breast, canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup, rice & pasta blend with broccoli, Knorr fiesta sides, pasta, and marina sauce.


Value of an Antique Table - four legged side table with round top

Value of an Antique Table?My grandmother had this antique table for years and recently passed away.


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - black an brown small dog

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?My dog is a Chihuahua mix, but I can't figure out what other breed is he mixed with? He weighs about 17lbs and is not fat. Anyone have ideas?


Is My Puppy a Pure Sable German Shepherd? - puppy lying down on patio

Is My Puppy a Pure Sable German Shepherd?I was told by the seller that he is a pure sable GSD, with his father being a black/tan show type who was imported and is quite impressive and his mother being a sable GSD. He provided me with a picture of the father as he owns him for stud service, but lost the picture of the mother who belonged to his client.


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Best Adhesive for Gluing a Mirror to Glass Tiles?I am trying to glue a mirror to glass mosaic tiles and am getting the runaround from many sources.


Background Information on an Antique Table Set - two leather topped tables, one round one half round

Background Information on an Antique Table Set?This table belonged to my husband's grandmother. There is the round pedestal table and this other half round piece that goes in front. I have not been able to find anything about it or the company that made it, Ashley- Rhodes out of Louisville, KY (is this the same as Ashley furniture).


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Heat Pump Replacement for Low Income Homeowner?I am low income and I need to repair or really replace my heat pump. I got help from my county in the winter months to repair it when they had the funds, but now in the summer they no longer have that program and won't have funds until Sept. or October. My heat pump needs to be replaced as I have no AC or heat now at all. The compressor locked up and the electrician is trying to find one, but the cost will be a lot and I need to get a new one as this one is over 25 years old and has surpassed its life. Does anyone know where else I can turn to get help with this? I am low income and live by myself. Any help would be appreciated!


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Treating Muscle Spasms?I have muscle spasms in my right arm between the elbow and shoulder. It hurts badly. I went to the ER and they just gave me a pain pill. It doesn't work. I've even been to chiropractor. He helped my neck and upper shoulder. I need help.


Identifying a Stuffed Toy - cute stuffed puppy

Identifying a Stuffed Toy?I've had this puppy for about twenty nine years. He was my first stuffed animal as a baby. I'm trying to identify the company that makes him. His tag info wore off. Google hasn't been any help.


Value of Webster's Universal Dictionary - cover page

Value of Webster's Universal Dictionary?I would like help determining the value of a Webster's Universal Dictionary of the English Language with A Comprehensive Addendum of Newest Words Compiled by Joseph Devlin, M. A. Profusely Illustrated by Noah Webster, LL. D.


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