June 23, 2019

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A bowl of homemade miso soup.

Week 25: Miso SoupJapanese miso soup is very easy to make at home with a few basic ingredients from a Asian supermarket. The savory vegetarian soup is perfect as a first course or as a light summer lunch or dinner option.


Heart Flowers Decoration - paper flowers in a small glass vase

Heart Flowers DecorationThis is a cute way to decorate your child's playroom area with paper flowers. They are easy to make with just construction paper and pipe cleaners! Complete your flowers with a vase.


Checkers (Domestic Shorthair) - striped kitty sleeping on a tree stump

Checkers (Domestic Shorthair)Checkers was a feral cat that showed up in my garage wearing a steel jaw trap on his right front foot. He lost the foot, but has become a wonderful companion and is now a spoiled house cat.



Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica - volumes

Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?I am selling a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica Vol 1 to 23, 1963 World Atlas and World Language Part I and Part II. The pages are in perfect condition. Some spines damaged.


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Finding the Title of an Old Horror Movie?I need to know the title of an old horror movie. All I cam remember is that it's a film about a creature that turns kids into stone and at the end of the movie the the creature tries to turn this kid to stone, but the kid's brother turns the creature to stone instead. I'm not sure what year it was from, but I know it's a really old horror film.


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House Trim Paint Color Advice?My house is painted on the outside in harvest gold. We just repainted in the the same color it was when it was built in 1978. However the columns and trim around the windows were also painted in harvest gold and I am wanting to bump this color up on the columns and trim, but not sure what color will complement the gold.


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Finding the Title of an Old Horror Movie?I am trying to get the name of an old horror movie. A group on holiday at a desert house find what looks like old cannon balls in a mine. It turns out they were eggs. One hatches. It is an invisible monster that lashes people to death. They finally escape when the car they try to get away in catches fire and burns the creature.


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Name for a Paparazzi Jewelry Business?I am starting a Paparazzi jewelry business and looking for a nice name for my business.


Identifying the Maker of a Geese Figurine - ceramic figurine of three geese

Identifying the Maker of a Geese Figurine?I can't seem to identify the age or maker of this piece.


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Getting Rid of Poison Ivy?How can I kill poison ivy?


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Replacement Canvas for a 1962 Wheel Camper Pop Up?Can someone help me find a replacement canvas for my 1962 Wheel camper? This has been in my husband's family for years. It's always been kept dry, but it could use a complete replacement canvas. I am looking for a reasonable price please or another brand that will fit.


Identifying Household Bugs

Identifying Household Bugs?They're all along my windowsill, just randomly appeard one day. Hopefully it's clear enough to tell.


Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses - glasses with yellow and white designs around the outside

Identifying Vintage Drinking Glasses?I found 7 of these drinking glasses today for a great deal. My wife loves the look of them. I was just wondering if they are truly vintage or modern reproductions.


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Name for Ice Cream Truck?I need a different unique name for my ice cream truck. I want it to do with Scooby Doo the Mystery Machine. My name is Misty.


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Cleaning Brass?Does anyone know a DIY way to clean brass?


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Kenmore 1703 Sewing Machine Won't Sew?My daughter bought me a Kenmore 1703. It is a nice machine, the bobbin winder works, but I can't get the needle to go up and down with the foot pedal. The belts turn, but there is no machine action. I can raise and lower needle by hand turning the wheel. How can I fix this problem?


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Value of a Set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias?How much would a set Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia copyright 1954 - 1955 go for?


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3 Week Old Puppy Not Pooping?I have a 3 week old puppy and it keeps crying and not pooing what can I do?


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Remedy for Dog on Dog Aggression?My son and his family adopted a three year old Poodle that weighs 10 pounds and she is a bully to my toy Poodle who weighs eight pounds. How do we correct this problem when we visit them?


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Kenmore Machine Won't Sew?My Kenmore 158.17031 sewing machine runs like it is filling a bobbin. The needle won't go up and down, but the motor runs and belts move and the bobbin winder moves. What do I need to do to get the machine to engage and run?


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Rights and Responsibilities of a Power of Attorney?My parents live on my brother's property and I take care of them. I do live with them since they are at risk for falls, along with other medical issues. I currently have a POA for them. My brother keeps threatening to have me removed from his property due to lies from his grandchildren. How do I protect my parents and myself?


Identifying an Antique Desk

Identifying an Antique Desk?I inherited this writing desk and know only that it may be a civil war era desk. It has a red leather inlay on the writing surface that my dad replaced. Can you help me with some clues to identify its origins? I looked under it and on all the sides of the drawer for any company name or tag and there is none.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a plaid dress with a dark jacket and matching hair bow, plus eyeglasses

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?So I got this doll on eBay in April and I've been trying to figure out where she originated from maker wise. I have tried reverse image searching and I can't find anything close to her. Please let me know if you have any idea where she came from, the year would be helpful as well.


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Feeding Ladybugs?Since Ladybugs can have raisins can they have cherry raisins?


What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With? - black dog on a leash

What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?We've had her for a little more than a year now and people have said she looks kind of like a Dachshund mix. We haven't been able to figure out what she may be mixed with though, I've seen other dogs that look similar to her.


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Poulan m6.25 Mower Won't Start?The throttle cable doesn't seem to do anythingso I can move the starter bar back and forth like it's not connected.


Identifying a Vintage Glassware Set - glass with leaf pattern

Identifying a Vintage Glassware Set?I have a set of glassware with several different size glasses, including shot glasses, mini martini glasses, wine glasses, shifters, highballs, and taller glasses, as well as a tumbler and pitcher, with the same design on them. The highballs are the only ones with a marking on the bottom that looks like a lowercase "e" and I am having trouble identifying its maker or it's worth.


Identifying a Small Pink Chair - pink upholstered chair with a quilted skirt

Identifying a Small Pink Chair?I recently inherited this beautiful small pink chair. I tried looking everywhere to see how much it is possibly worth and what kind of chair it is, but I cannot find anything remotely like it. I consider it being a slipper chair, vanity chair, boudoir chair, and an accent chair. However I'm not sure if it's even considered vintage, antique, or just modern day.


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Slogan Ideas for a Day Care?I am opening a day care center with the name Higher Ground, but I do not know what slogan to use.


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Locating the Source of a Skunky Smell in a Condo?I have a skunky smell in my condo. I thought it was the neighbors smoking smelly stuff, but the last couple days I have smelled it in different rooms at different times of the day. It isn't every day nor is it all over the house at the same time. It is very strange. No I am not crazy. All my windows are closed too, because I did think it was smoking.


Identifying Household Bugs - long dark bug

Identifying Household Bugs?Does anyone know what they are? I am finding a few in the bathroom mainly. I only just moved into the house and have never seen them before.


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Pineapple Bread Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for pineapple bread.


Identifying a Houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?I received this plant from my mom. She doesn't remember the name of this plant. It doesn't have any flowers on it, but the trunk has faded due to tobacco poisoning. I am not sure if this plant will survive, but I've changed as much of the soil as I can to new fresh soil and water it regularly. Any pointers would be great.


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