June 24, 2019

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Three hair tools that use heat.

Storing Hot Hair ToolsWhen you are done curling or straightening your hair you need a safe place to store your hot irons so they can cool off.


Mug Holder with Goody Compartment - mug in place with goodies in square compartment

How to Make a Mug Holder with Goody CompartmentUsing craft/Popsicle sticks you can easily make this cute mug holder with a goody compartment. Use it yourself or gift it to a friend or family member.


Nativity Christmas card 5

Homemade Nativity Christmas CardsThese beautiful homemade Christmas cards remind the receiver to "keep Christ in Christmas." It depicts the Nativity scene as a silhouette and is easy to make with supplies you may already have at home.


Fried Karela Bitter Melon with Egg on plate

Fried Karela Bitter Melon with Egg RecipeKarela bitter melon is a tropical or subtropical fruit that grows on a vine. Try it fried with egg on rice.


Ballet Dress Brooch - cute ballet dress pin

How to Make a Ballet Dress BroochSome scraps of ribbon, cloth, and embellishments are the main supplies needed to make this cute ballet dress brooch. It is sure to please!


Embellishing a Wooden Crate as a Recipe Box - paper, scissors, and other supplies in crate

Embellishing a Wooden Crate as a Recipe BoxA new or recycled little wooden crate is perfect for storing notes and recipes. Add some buttons and marker details and it is ready to put to use. This page contains a tip for embellishing a wooden crate as a recipe box.


A pot of purple pansies growing outside.

Photos of PansiesFound in Europe and western Asia the pansy is a hybridization of several species in the genus Viola. They are also some of the cutest, happy, little flowers you can add to your garden. Enjoy the photos of pansies found in this page.


dinosaur made out of brown playdough

Chocolate Scented PlaydoughAdd cocoa to your homemade playdough recipe for a fun, fragrant modeling mixture for the kids and adults to create with. Learn how to make chocolate scented playdough here.


Repairing a Merry-Go-Round Music Box - carousel music box

Repairing a Merry-Go-Round Music Box?To repair a toy musical carousel you may need to take the music box to a clock repair or jeweler to make sure the delicate parts will work properly.


Concrete Vase

Making a Concrete VaseThis unique concrete vase is perfect for a garden location or even for use at a cemetery site. It is easy to make using two vases and a bag of Quikrete.


Simple Ribbon HeadbandsGather up some lengths of ribbon, elastic, and colorful buttons and get to work making a variety of simple ribbon headbands.


Girl spotting santa christmas card

Spotting Santa Cut-out Christmas CardIf you enjoy making your own greeting cards, this one is a treat. Following the instructions on this page you can make this 3D Christmas card. Draw the elements and cut out to create this scene depicting a child spotting Santa.



Replacement Magnetic Puzzle Piece - repaired puzzle with flaps closed

Replacement Magnetic Puzzle PieceI love getting quality toys for my granddaughter on Freecycle. I got a magnetic hide and seek puzzle that I know she will enjoy. I saw that this puzzle was missing two pieces. Unfortunately, Melissa and Doug does not sell replacement pieces. I was determined to save this puzzle from the landfill, and was pleased with the results.



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Using Skin So Soft to Repel Flies Outside?Which Skin So Soft do I use to repel flies outside, around the doors of my home? How is it mixed and applied?


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Seniors?I have a friend whose dad is 70 yrs old. He has 3 grandkids that are 12, 8, and 6 years old. His wife is deceased, his daughter is deceased, and he's raising his grandkids. He lives in a double wide trailer and his roof is leaking really badly. He is on disability. He can't find any help.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Issues?I am hoping someone with electrical knowledge can help me. Yesterday I decided to replace an outlet in my kitchen with a special USB equipped outlet. I replaced the old outlet and tested it before installing the new outlet and everything worked fine.


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Removing Mothball Smell from a Leather Chair?I bought a used leather chair, under a year old, 2 days ago. It smells horribly of mothballs. I just thought it was the lady packing up that was creating the mothball smell. I have used Zorbx, Fabreze (made it worse), leather cleaner, 3 washings with vinegar and water, and now am using newspaper, with baking soda on top. The smell is still there.


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Craftsman 22 hp riding mower. This spring it would not start, I replaced the battery with a min 230 cca. I have power to the starter, but the flywheel does not engage. I have now replaced the starter with no change. I also replaced the ignition module. Ay thoughts? Is it possible the battery is not powerful enough?


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Understanding Loom Knitting Instruction for Afghans?Loom knitting afghans by Isela Phelps describes a kfb stitch. In that description, she says if no adjacent peg is empty, place stitch on safety pin. It stops there with no direction on what to do with that stitch that is on safety pin. I would appreciate any insight or link that resolves this problem for me.


Two Month Old Kittens Nursing Again - kittens nursing

Two Month Old Kittens Nursing Again?I have a female cat that is an outside cat and she has four two month old kittens. The kittens have been weaned, but now all of a sudden they've all started nursing off her again. Is this normal or is she pregnant again? My husband said he caught her hooked up to a stray male a couple of weeks ago.


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John Deere Riding Mower Stalls When Blades Engaged?My John Deere ride on mower rides fine, but as soon as I engage the blades it stutters and stalls. It is driving me around the twist. Can anyone please help?


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Tinting Eyeglasses with Rit Dye?How much Rit dye do you need when tinting glasses? They weigh 8 grams. I am using 6 cups of water to cover them in the pot. I am doing it on the stovetop.


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Hair Damaged by Air Perm?I just went to a salon for an air perm, it was just about 2 days ago. I was instructed not to wash it for 3 days. My hair was previously rebonded and has color and highlights. The problem now is that my hair became so dull and dry. It's damaged. Is there any remedy? I haven't reached the 3rd day yet. It's making me feel so awful.


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Finding My Aunt's Telephone Number?I am looking for my aunt Jacqueline F.'s cell or home phone number so I can contact her about our family reunion coming up in August. How can I find that phone number?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - older woman doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I can't find info on this doll's markings.


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Replacement Parts for a Patio Umbrella?Where can I buy the top cap for a patio umbrella to hold fabric in place on the top?


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Purchasing Oxydol Laundry Detergent?I have used Oxydol laundry detergent all my life. It doesn't irritate my skin or cause itching. However, I can't find it in Indianapolis, IN anymore. I purchased it online through Amazon, but it was outrageously expensive. I paid $80.00 for 2 boxes that would have cost $15.00 in the store! I haven't successfully found a substitute.


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Ice Cream Truck Name Ideas?I would like a name thats catching maybe rhymes, or funny or sarcastic or dry humor for an ice cream truck. Maybe it will be a truck with black and white markings like a cow would have.


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Removing a Spray Paint Stain from Carpet?How do I get a carpet stain out from spray paint?


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Finding Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?The PVC pipe bringing hot water into the house is leaking. Can I get help replacing it?


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14th Co-ed Birthday Party Ideas?I'm having my 14th birthday soon, but I'm stuck for ideas. I want to do something not that expensive, but great fun. Also I'm inviting boys and some girls so I don't want it to be boring.


Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs

Getting Rid of Tiny Biting Bugs?We have, all of a sudden, been inundated by pinpoint sized bugs that crawl and bite. They cause itching when they move. Mostly we are bothered by them at night, in bed, but have found a few on our skin during the day. We have scoured the internet looking for what it is, but can't find anything that looks like them. They do not look like bed bugs!


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Hydrangea Tree Not Blooming?I have a hydrangea tree that has had lots of white flowers on it for two years. This year it has lots more leaves, but so far no flowers (or buds). Could it be because of our frequent rainy weather? I live in the southern tier of New York State.


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Puppy Pooping in the Basement?My 7 month old puppy keeps pooping in our basement. She finds a way to get passed the gate we have put up and poop downstairs. When I catch her from coming back up she knows it was wrong. I praise her when she goes outside, but it still continues to happen. Any suggestions?


Removing a Windex Stain on Bathroom Cabinet - blue stains on bottom of cabinet

Removing a Windex Stain on Bathroom Cabinet?I left a bottle of Windex under my bathroom cabinet in my apartment and after lifting the bottle up, I realize that it has somehow leaked into the bottom of my cabinet. When I rub the stain, it makes a somewhat crackly noise. I've tried getting it out and I just can't! This is a rental so I really can't mess with anything. I'm just trying to avoid being charged.


Identifying a Metal Stand - A shaped tubular metal stand with places to hang something

Identifying a Metal Stand?This metal rack was originally from Southern California and was my aunt's who has since passed away. I am looking to identify what it was used for in the past. Could you please help me out?


Value of a Set of World Popular Encyclopedias - books on a shelf

Value of a Set of World Popular Encyclopedias?What is value of a set of World Popular Encyclopedias? It is a 10 piece complete set from 1937.


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