July 15, 2019

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Coolest Pop Card - front of the finished card

How to Make a Coolest Pop Card for Father's DayThis play on words Father's Day card features a Popsicle motif. Learn how to make a "Coolest Pop" card for Father's Day on this page.


A collection of plastic spoons on a wooden table.

Crafts Using Plastic SpoonsPlastic spoons can be used to create unique bits of home decor, as well as, in other craft projects. This page will link you to fun crafts using plastic spoons.


Waterproof Washi Tape Book Bag Tag - name tag on book bag

Making a Waterproof Washi Tape Bag TagThe steps and accompanying photos found on this page will guide you through making a waterproof washi tape bag tag. It is perfect for a child's backpack.


Upcycled Plastic Egg Mini Planter

Upcycled Plastic Egg Mini PlanterMany of us have plastic Easter eggs kicking around the house. Repurpose them into fun mini planters. This page shows you how to make an upcycled plastic egg mini planter.


Turtle Framed Art - framed painting with decorated turtle in the center and caption on the bottom

Handprint Turtle Framed ArtKids love to create artworks using their handprint as the basis. The steps and photos found on this page will help you to create a handprint turtle framed art project with your child.


Rubber Band Art Painted Vase - white vase with flowers

Making Rubber Band Art Painted VasesTurn a plain glass vase into a unique piece of art. This page explains how to make rubber band art painted vases.


Bath Cork Boat Toy - hand holding the finished boat

Making a Bath Cork Boat ToyIf you save corks for crafting, this might just be your next project. See how to make a bath cork boat toy on this page which includes step by step instructions and photos.


Make a Tropical Fish from Shells - finished fish

How to Make a Tropical Fish from ShellsScallop and pistachio shells lend themselves to a variety of fun craft projects. Learn how to make a tropical fish from shells, on this page.


Making Mini Egg Carton Planters

Making Mini Egg Carton PlantersPaper egg crates can be transformed into these cute mini egg carton planters. Use them for starts or tiny plantings. This page contains a step up step project for making these outdoor planters.



mixed salad

Summer Dill and Ham Potato SaladThis is a wonderfully light potato salad with ham and dill pickles. It's also great because when there's left over "ham" as there usually is after a holiday, this is just another yummy way to use up your extra ham.


Tuna Mayo Onigiri with fruit on plate

Tuna Mayo OnigiriOnigiri are Japanese rice balls that can be filled with any number of things. We like to form them into triangles or rounds then wrap them with seaweed sheets for easy handling (and deliciousness). When my mother was in university in Japan as a late-teen, this was one of her go-to meals. It's easy to make, costs very little, and is super yummy!



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Summer Reading for Kids and AdultsWhat to do for free and fun during summer? Can't go wrong with reading and being rewarded. Check with your local library to see if you can participate in summer reading - this is available for kids and adults!


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Storing Leftovers in Single Serve ContainersI think this makes perfect sense. Do you agree with me? Being a single person I have a lot of leftovers. When I cook something that will end up having leftovers I immediately portion it in single servings in my favorite glass containers. This way when you are ready for a meal, you just grab and go without getting out a pot of spaghetti, chili or whatever.


A prescription lid that is the same size as a gallon jug lid.

Replacing a Lost Plastic CapWhen I find good gallon jugs in recycling, I often keep them to put water ahead, or mix weed killer or plant food. But sometimes, the caps are missing. Foil is a great stop gap but not a permanent solution.


A tea bag in a bowl with some salt.

Salt Water Tea Bag for Inflamed GumsI grind my teeth while I sleep so I wear a night guard. This helps a lot but I still chew on the guard all night. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my gums are inflamed from doing so. Swishing with warm salt water is helpful but does not have as much as a lasting effect as using both salt water and a tea bag compress.


Making a Bottle Cap Glitter Pendant Necklace - finished pendant being worn

Making a Bottle Cap Glitter Pendant NecklaceYou can make this cute pendant necklace using a plastic bottle cap, glitter, glue, and a paperclip. Working with layers of glue and glitter gives it nice depth. It makes me so happy to make new things out of random stuff around the house!


Fruit slices on parchment paper to be frozen individually.

How to Freeze Fruit Without StickingTo get your frozen fruit to not stick together, chop your fruit and lay it out on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Pop it in the freezer until frozen, then transfer to airtight freezer bags. I like to chop my fruit in same sized portions so I can count how many is a serving if I don't have time to weigh it.


Infused Water for Glowing Skin and Weight Loss

Infused Water for Glowing Skin and Weight LossI used to had horrible horrible acne. And after help from a dermatologist, I became mostly clear, but there was still discoloration and a dullness in my skin that wasn't worth the money to fix. That's when I started making detox water. This CHANGED my skin.


Mosquito Swatter Racket

Mosquito Swatter RacketIf you are going camping or have a lot of skeeters where you live, you have to get one of these mosquito rackets! We used to get them inside our house where I used to live and this device ended up being the best thing to take care of them. When you press the button, electricity runs through the racket. All you do is swing at the skeeters and they get electrocuted and die. I know it's a bit harsh but, with mosquitos rap sheet on carrying infectious diseases, I don't feel so bad. ;)


A peeled onion with the peels in a mesh produce bag.

Easy Onion PeelingI have both a severe sensitivity to onions and a real dislike of the papery mess they leave on my counters and in vegetable bins and drawers. I have found that if I place one in one of the netted bags they come in and act like I'm scrubbing it (dry), they will shed their outer paper layer easily!



Value of a Connoisseur Collection Doll - doll wearing a red dress with lace trimmed floral bodice, sleeves, and overskirt

Value of a Connoisseur Collection Doll?What is this doll worth? I had gotten it from my great grandmother a long time ago and can not seem to find it anywhere. I am not looking to sell it as it had been passed down by family.


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Effects of Medications on a Perm?I have cancer and am on a lot of pain medicine. Will that affect a perm?


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Caring for a Pregnant Platy?I'm freaking out my platy is pregnant and might have babies soon. I don't know if I should put her in a fish trap thing, but I want all the babies to survive.


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Repairing a Smith Corona Typewriter?I have a Smith Corona Mark XXV. When I turn the power on the carrier moves to the right and won't stop.


Determining the Value of My Antique Dresser - walnut dresser with tall mirror and marble surfaces

Determining the Value of My Antique Dresser?This antique dresser has been in my family (and most recently in my garage) for as long as I can remember. There are no manufacturer's markings on it. My dad remembers that it was handmade, but unsure by whom. But he does remember it came from my great grandparent's home. It is walnut and the surface pieces are marble. I'm interested in selling it.


Value of Dinnerware Made in Japan - white dinnerware with a pink, green, and blue floral design around the edge

Value of Dinnerware Made in Japan?What is the difference between Sterling fine china from Japan in Spring Time pattern and Taihei China registered fine china made in Japan (also Spring Time pattern)? Are they worth the same? I bought a mostly complete set (I think -maybe 60 pieces) for $8, but the larger plates say Sterling and the rest say Taihei.


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Repairing a Troy-Bilt Riding Mower?I have a Troybilt zero turn mower. When I back up and then go forward again my blades have now just started this where they either take a very long time to engage or not at all. They engage just fine if I am only going forward. Any ideas?


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John Deere D150 Riding Mower Won't Start?I just cut 2 acres with my JD D150 and the mower ran great. I decided to cut a patch through the waist high grass and the mower just stopped. It will not start? The headlights work, but it will not turn over.


What Breed Is My Dog? - brown puppy with white on chest, dark muzzle, and dark hair on ears and face

What Breed Is My Dog?What breed do you guys think my dog is?


Is My Dog a Purebred Pit Bull? - brindle coated dog that looks mixed breed

Is My Dog a Purebred Pit Bull?Is my dog a pure Pit Bull?


Identifying a Potted Plant

Identifying a Potted Plant?My mom loves this plant, but we have no idea what it is and I cannot find anything online. Can you please help? We have been looking for ages and would be eternally grateful for any assistance.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing colonial dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this doll at a thrift store and I've been trying to research her value. The signature on her back is etched in the porcelain. It looks like it saysPatrica Rose?


Identifying the Style of an Antique Chair - red upholstered wood trimmed chair

Identifying the Style of an Antique Chair?This chair has been in my family for over 80 years and is in very good condition. I was wondering if it is Queen Anne, Louis XV, or French Country style? I've heard it called all three. Also, what is something like this worth?


Identifying Bugs or Larvae - unclear photo of a long bug on a piece of paper

Identifying Bugs or Larvae?Someone please help me on identifying these bugs/larvae.They're really tiny, black on inside like white clear coloring outline. I have been finding them on fabrics. They seem to hate bright lights. I have been working on a green mold problem also, have house dog as well. I don't know if either might be related.


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Remedy for Pain from New Dentures?My top dentures are curved to fit my gums. We are slowly getting a fit, but when I put them in or take them out the pain is so severe. I try different angles, but it's not working because my gums are still tender. What can I do until they are tough enough? Is there a local pain reliever to rub on the area. Is there a way to make the edges less sharp without losing the fit?


Value of a Vintage DuMont Stereo Console

Value of a Vintage DuMont Stereo Console?Does anyone know the value of this unit?


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Coleman Camper Not Cranking Up Completely?I have a 2003 Coleman Santa Fe pop up. It cranks manually. I have never had a problem with it. This season when I cranked it up it seems it is not up enough. It is about an inch and a half short; the door only fits if I lift it up a little. Any ideas on what's wrong and how to fix?


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Bath Salts and Herbal Products Business Name?I am looking for suggestions for a business name for bath salts and herbal products.


Identifying Insect Eggs - cluster of round white insect eggs on glass

Identifying Insect Eggs?Any idea what these are? They are on a glass door. Not mine so I can't provide more info.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in pink dress with a lace cap

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I bought this doll at a thrift store and I've been trying to research her value. The signature on her back is etched in the porcelain. It looks like it says SFBJ 247 Paris?


Value of a 1909 Webster's Dictionary - cover

Value of a 1909 Webster's Dictionary?I am trying to find a good selling value for a 1909 Webster's Dictionary of the English Language.


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Yard Machine Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Yard Machine riding lawnmower that won't start. It has good gas and the oil is good. So id the battery. It turns over strong. The only way to get it to fire off is to either pour gas in the intake or cover the intake to restrict the air from intake, but it will die as soon it it fires off. Fuel is in carb bowl and it's been cleaned.


Value of Brinn Porcelain Clown Dolls - doll per month

Value of Brinn Porcelain Clown Dolls?I have 12 Brinn Calendar Clown Collection Dolls. I am just trying to see if they are worth anything or even worth the time to sell. They are from 1986. I have all 12 for the year, each month, without original boxes, but in excellent condition. They are cute dolls, not sure whether to keep or sell.


Value of a Cathay Collection Doll - fancy doll wearing a purple lace trimmed dress and matching hat

Value of a Cathay Collection Doll?I want to find out how much this Cathay Collection doll, 1-5000, is worth and her name. She's in perfect condition and she has the stamp on the back of her neck. She has red curly hair and eyelashes.


Agencies That Help With Rebuilding After a House Fire

Agencies That Help With Rebuilding After a House Fire?What are some agencies that can help me rebuild/restore after a house fire? Unfortunately we did not have homeowner's insurance. And now we no longer can move forward without financial assistance. I am disabled and my family and I have done as much as we can. The fire occurred on December 22, 2018.


Drooping Prickly Pear - flopping pads on cactus

Drooping Prickly Pear?Our cactus was growing normally until a week ago. One pad on the back, the one with the most fruit, dropped almost to the ground overnight. A friend thought we were overwatering (a once a week - we live in El Paso, TX). We stopped watering. About 3-4 days ago we had some heavy wind. The next morning the other pads were bent in the direction of the wind. Another friend says we are under-watering.


Value of Mersman Tables - coffee table

Value of Mersman Tables?I have a matching set of 2 Mersman end tables 7505 with lower level slats and a coffee table with lower level slats # 7506. They've been painted, but are in terrific shape, any help would be appreciated.


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Value of an Old Encyclopedia Set?I have an old encyclopedia copyright 1901. It's New Century George M. Hill Company. I need to know the value on it.


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Value of 1976 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a set of 1976 Encyclopedia Britannica which were published red, white, and blue for the bicentennial. The 7 yearbooks I have which are the normal black and brown I figured are worthless. They are all in pretty good shape. Is the special bicentennial publication worth anything?


Identifying a MBI Porcelain Doll

Identifying a MBI Porcelain Doll?I got this 1990 MBI doll. I believe it's porcelain. The antique shop didn't have any information about her and I can't find it online to. I kinda think that it's not the original outfit and probably she had a face repaint. I will be happy to find any information about her.


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What Is Eating My Hibiscus Plant's Leaves?What can I use to eliminate what is eating the hibiscus leaves? They are new bare root plants, that are not blooming yet.


Value of a Vintage Table Floor Lamp - colonial styling

Value of a Vintage Table Floor Lamp?I also inherited this lamp. I was wondering what it was and if it was worth anything.


Value of a 1996 Thomas Kinkade Print "Skaters Pond"

Value of a 1996 Thomas Kinkade Print "Skaters Pond"?I recently purchased this framed accent print and would like to know it's value. There's writing underneath the Thomas Kinkade signature that I can't read, but I do see a '3' by itself. As you can see by the picture, it includes the sketch and the color print. I've also included a picture of the COA on the back of the frame. I would appreciate any information you can give me.


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