July 16, 2019

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Cheesy Eggplant Stacks on pla

Cheesy Eggplant StacksThese are like an eggplant Parmesan casserole, but they're individual eggplant stacks, that you can make as many or little as you want. They're so delicious, plus they're easy and fun to make.


Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Ring - child's hand wearing the ring

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly RingWith just a couple pipe cleaners you can make this beautiful butterfly ring. This could even make great gift favors for a little girl's birthday party.


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Temporary Crate for My New Cat ConnerI ordered my new cat a stroller. But it's low cost which also means a long wait. So I made something to allow him to get outside while we wait. He took to it in about 20 seconds, as soon as he saw he could watch the squirrels!



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Name Ideas for a Homemade Dessert Business?I am starting a new homemade food business which is a fusion of gujarati desserts and modern desserts. In gujarati desserts there will be ghari, puran podi, and malpuda. In modern desserts there will be cakes, cup cakes and icing with different flavours. Kindly suggest a name for my business.


Age and Value of an Antique Pie Safe - pie safe with punched tin door panels

Age and Value of an Antique Pie Safe?I have this antique pie safe that I bought from a garage sale. The lady had no idea when it was exactly made, but she said it was probably earlier 1900s or late 1800s. There isn't anything wrong or broken with it and it's very sturdy minus a few chips in the wood.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls  - curly haired doll wearing a pink dress with white lace

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I bought four different dolls I would like to know about. I don't care about how much they would be worth now, but would like to know names, by whom they were created, year they were created, and how much they were sold for when they were created. I have only two names for the dolls because they came with a tag that had their names.


Identifying a Vintage Chair Style - half oval back, vinyl covered armless chair with brass studs across the front

Identifying a Vintage Chair Style?What kind of chair is this and what era was this made in? I've looked and came up with either barrel chair or spider leg club chair.


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Repairing a Smith Corona Electric Typewriter?I was typing a letter to my friend and I pressed the enter key and the typewriter stopped! I could only fix it if I took the paper out and put it back in again, but it is devastatingly hard to put it in the exact line! My typewriter is an Electra XT Smith Corona typewriter. It is old.


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Getting Rid of Little Black and Gray Biting Bugs?I have little black and gray bugs with clear wings that get in your hair and on your scalp and bite til you have deep severe sores. What kind of bug is it? How do you kill them and there eggs? I've had them for months and months. They have cleared up, but never completely went away from very first time.


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Dashboard Lights Keep Coming On and Going Off?I am in the process of replacing the car radio of my 2014 Subaru Forester. At one point I started the ignition on second position (acc) then off again, the display was on then off immediately and all features and buttons were not working. I restarted the ignition it happened again. I checked all the possible fuses, but could not find any broken fuses.


Value of a Vintage Universal Turntable Recorder - microphone company recording device with turntable

Value of a Vintage Universal Turntable Recorder?Has anyone seen one of these? I can't seem to find much info on it. I am wondering what it's value is. I have not plugged it in, I assume it's non-functional.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know what this is worth? I says Albert Marque. Diane Harvey 1982 and also says SAM with a copyright symbol. The dress says it was from Nadine's doll clothes, antique and modern, San Francisco.


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Value of Danbury Mint Dolls?I need to determine the value of Kenny (Clowning Around) doll.


Slogan for a Cleaning Business - logo

Slogan for a Cleaning Business?Need a catchy slogan for my business. The name of my business is "Classic Touch Cleaning Services LLC". I just can't come up with one.


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Can Pine Sol Kill Your Lawn ?My grass was pretty and green, until I sprayed Pine Sol on it for the fleas. Now it looks like my yard is dying.


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Sunbeam Electric Blanket Not Heating?I have a Sunbeam electric blanket, exceptional care; it is only a year old. There is no way any damage occurred to it. It has never been laundered by anyone, nor put in the clothes dryer. I am exceptionally careful about the power cord. I live alone and I know to care for things. The FF code appeared and it does not heat up.


Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull? - tan dog closeup

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I got her from a Humane Society and they said she's a Pit Bull mix, but I'm not sure. She's 4 yrs old.


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Value of Doubleday Encyclopedias?I have a set if Doubleday Encyclopedias copyright 1943. They are in pretty good condition. Are they worth anything?


Value of the Oxford Junior Encyclopedia  - cover page

Value of the Oxford Junior Encyclopedia?I have a set of Oxford junior encyclopedia from 1956. Are they worth anything other than decorative?


Identifying a Night Stand - possible vintage nightstand

Identifying a Night Stand?What does the number 1827 14 877 stand for on the back of a piece of wood furniture that I believe to be a night stand? I bought this item at a thrift store 10 years ago.


Identifying Insect Eggs - tiny eggs on clothesline

Identifying Insect Eggs?I found these eggs on my clotheslines and I was curious what they are. I live in Michigan if that helps. Does anyone recognize them?


Removing a Discoloration on My Bathtub - pink tub

Removing a Discoloration on My Bathtub?I moved into a rental house and the bathtub color is pink not white. I noticed that a discoloration started to form on the sides, like a grayish white. I tried the Magic Eraser, Clorox beach for bathrooms, baking soda, and dish soap.


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John Deere L110 Mower Won't Start?I used my mower last week and today there is nothing, no clicking no turning to start, total quiet! The light does come on. I took the seat apart to get to the kill switch and manually depressed the button, while depressing clutch to activate and still nothing. I am not much of a mechanic so I think I am close to trying to load it into my truck and taking it to local repair shop!


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Sulfur Smell Coming from Well Water?I recently shocked my well and instead of smelling bleach as I ran it through the pipes I started to smell sulfur, is this normal?


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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen with Oak Cabinets?I have a open plan kitchen dining room. My cabinets are golden oak from the 90s. I am getting new flooring and paint. I am looking at hardwood for my living room in an oak color and a travertine tile for the kitchen, but I am stumped with a wall color. I don't want green, blue, or gray. I want a neutral color. Everything I read points me to grey or green.


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Cat Using the Couch as a Litter Box?This question has been covered thoroughly, but I have a new idea and want to know if anyone has made this association. Our kitty is 2 years old and never did this until we got a brand new couch. No UTI, he's on anxiety meds. I use pheromone plugins and have clean and plentiful litter boxes. The only change is that we threw out the old couch and got a new one from IKEA. I was thinking...


Value of Conant Ball End Tables - two tables

Value of Conant Ball End Tables?I have two Conant Ball end tables that I inherited from my grandmother. Can anyone give me more information on them, and possibly an idea of value?


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