July 31, 2019

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Toy Helicopter/Airplane Landing Pad  - helicopter on top of the water bottle landing pad

Toy Helicopter/Airplane Landing PadUsing a recycled box, empty plastic bottle, paper, glue, and markers you and your child can make a landing pad for their planes and helicopters.


A pile of colorful cardboard puzzle pieces.

Making a Replacement Puzzle PiecePuzzle pieces can easily get lost or you might find a great puzzle at a yard sale that is missing a piece. This page offers an idea for making a replacement puzzle piece.


Heart Shaped Caterpillar Name Puzzle

Heart Shaped Caterpillar Name PuzzleUse paper hearts to make this fun and educational caterpillar name puzzle. Your child will love learning to spell their name with this cute game.


Decorative Outdoor Solar Sconces - lights on as twlight begins

Decorative Outdoor Solar SconcesAdd inexpensive solar path lights to wall candleholders to make decorative outdoor solar sconces. Learn how on this page.


DIY Gnome Dolls - close up of 4 gnomes

DIY Sock Gnome DollsReuse socks, old shirts, and shoulder pads to make these extra cute DIY sock gnome dolls. This is an excellent way to repurpose lost mate socks and other old or dated clothing.


Christmas Candy Egg Carton Gift Box - finished gift

Christmas Candy Egg Carton Gift BoxDecorate a plastic egg crate with holiday colors to create a fun Christmas candy egg carton gift box. Your friends and family will definitely enjoy receiving this thoughtful, homemade gift.


Popsicle Stick and Straw Compass - drawing compass

How to Make a Popsicle Stick and Straw CompassIf you need a compass for a project quickly and don't have one, make your own with things you probably do have lying about. This page has instructions and photos showing how to make a Popsicle stick and straw compass.



Yellow Sticky Traps for Flying Insects - insects stuck to yellow sticky paper

Yellow Sticky Traps for Flying InsectsI have many household plants throughout my home. I used indoor soil for these plants and didn't think there would be any flying insects. My friend introduced me to these yellow sticky traps (she actually gave me a handful). They are rather large double sided sticky traps so I cut them down in smaller pieces and placed them into my potted plants. A few hours later, the traps are already working!


Tape placed on a mosquito bite.

Put Tape on Mosquito BitesNo matter how hard you try to stay away from them, pesky mosquitos will somehow make their way to your skin. If one manages to bite you, you can banish the itchy feeling quickly by placing a piece of tape right on the bite.


Salt stored in a plastic bag with rice.

Keep Salt FlowingWe downsized and moved into a camper (which we love). One of my biggest complaints was because of the humidity, the salt would get clumpy up both in the shaker and also the salt container.


A photo of mountains in Yosemite National Park.

Glacier Point (Yosemite National Park)These pictures were taken from an altitude of about 6,000 feet; from an area in the park known as Glacier Point. It was exhilarating to look out over the mountains, giant Sequoias, Pines and natural waterfalls to see them in their natural beauty and realize what a blessing it is to live in the United States of America.


Creative Clotheslines - clothes hanging on a bungy cord between the fence sides

Creative ClotheslinesI like to take advantage of warm weather to dry clothing outdoors. Even though I have a couple of drying racks, sometimes it was not enough. I did not want to invest in an outdoor clothesline that would have to be removed every time the lawn was mowed and when the winter came. I solved my problem in several ways.


A jar of jam that is moldy.

Contact Company Directly About Food IssuesHave you ever purchased a food item whether it may be fresh, canned, frozen and you are not satisfied? Sometimes the item is spoiled or in my case moldy even before the expiration date, you could contact the company and provide your feedback.


Making Tissue Paper Puffy Flowers - one puffy tissue paper flower

Making Tissue Paper Puffy FlowersI love using tissue paper to make flowers. They make fabulous decorations, and are great for sprucing up gift bags and presents. For these flowers, we will use a small Styrofoam ball or ping pong ball to puff the flower petals to give them a beautiful round dimension. The flower pistils are made by simply twisting some tissue paper into thin strips.


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Be Careful Using Vending Machines and Debit CardsRecently, I was stuck for over an hour in a clinic, waiting for my neighbor to be done with her appointment. I had my phone, magazines, and chats with those who came and went.



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Re-dyeing My Hair?So two months ago I dyed my hair red, but my edges are still black and a little of my hair is still black. Can I re-dye using the same hair dye I used the first time to re-dye my hair?


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Bleaching Pillow Cases White?My pillows cases have a lite color brown. I want to dye them white, but am not sure how do it. Can you suggest a dye that's easy to use, but does the job?


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Rights of Person Holding Durable Power of Attorney?Can a landlord evict a tenant from the residence of their fiancé? He's incarcerated and he named me durable power of attorney.


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My Beagle puppy who is 80 days of age got the parvo virus. I took her to the vet the next day and she was diagnosed. I started IV fluids the same day. It's been 4 days and she is sometimes better and sometimes low. How many days before she will start recovery?


Identifying Insect Eggs on Tomato Leaf - cluster of tan eggs on underside of leaf

Identifying Insect Eggs on Tomato Leaf?What are these on my tomato plant leaves?


Identifying Insect Eggs - tiny white eggs on side of makeup palette

Identifying Insect Eggs?They look like they have dust on them which means this is my first time noticing it - kinda gross. But they're perfectly round and kind of orangish. They were on the side of a makeup palette. I rinsed it off and cleaned my palette, makeup bag, and the rest of my bathroom. Anyone help?


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Getting Rid of No-see-ums?I live in Philadelphia and these little monsters (midges or no-see-ums) are driving me crazy. I went to the psych ward for 10 days. I know the property management sent in an exterminator. So everything was good when I came back home. Now they seem to be starting to come back again. Please tell me what to do to kill them once and for all. I'm desperate!


Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Animal - funky stuffed animal

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Animal?I've just recently come across this interesting (to me) stuffed animal. I was wondering if anyone might have information about it. I can't tell if it's hand made or not. There are no tags. I'm not really sure what type of animal it is either? Thinking maybe a mouse? Any information or guesses as to what it is would help.


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Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend's 19th Birthday?My boyfriend's birthday is in two months. This is his first birthday that I'm going to celebrate with him. I'm actually confused right now because he's from a very wealthy family and I'm not like him. He's into fashion. He dresses a lot. He likes music too. He plays a lot of musical instruments like the piano and the flute. He likes going out a lot too.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I have been cleaning for over a year and recently it's gone from one day of cleaning to 5 full days and a few hours on a weekend. I can't find a name I like as now I would like to have a name to go by. I'm not a fan of any of the maid sayings or home sweet home. Any suggestions? I like sparkle, reflection, and magic, those words.


Making a Crown Royal Bag Sleeping Bag - various colored Crown Royal bags

Making a Crown Royal Bag Sleeping Bag?Where can I purchase a gold drawstring for a king size sleeping bag being made from Crown Royal bags? I want continuous rope and not to have to piece the originals together? Any help would be appreciated.


Repairing an Electric Typewriter

Repairing an Electric Typewriter?What is causing my platen to not automatically roll my paper up when I use the return?


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